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There Is No Time Like The Present To Pray

Updated on November 6, 2011

There's No Time Like The Present To Pray

Midst all the hurry of the day

Did you ever stop to think

If life just ends here on earth

Or is there a missing link

That connects you to the ages?

Did you ever give it thought

Of a better world, someday, someplace?

Or have you ever been taught

Of Jesus Christ the Son of God

Who came to fulfill His Father's Plan

Of a Heavenly Home,sometime ,somewhere

For the low and the humble man?

Not the man with his head held up high

Who knows not of brotherly love.

For the low the humble the meek at heart

There's a mansion awaits up Above.

You say you've heard but never believed

The story that I tell you  today.

There's no time like the present 

To kneel right down and pray.

If you will just put your trust in Him

He'll make every fear depart,

So there's no time like the present

To kneel and to give to Him your heart !


It seems so strange in this day and age

There are still some people who know

nothing about Jesus  and about His 

dying on the Cross that we might be

saved.The government  won't allow

the children to be taught of God in 

the schools and the parents are not

allowed to spank their child if they  

disobey .The Bible says to spare the

rod and spoil the child,it does not say

beat the child but just a spanking  is 

not allowed  No wonder we have the

children with the attitude they can do 

whatever they want and no one can 

touch them.courts ,judges,and many 

other high officials  will have to stand

before God someday and answer  to  

all that they have done to raise the 

the children with no sense of God or 

morality,They will Pay!


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