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There Was Knocking on Doors by Unseen Hands - Diary Of A Paranormal Investigator - Part 5

Updated on February 10, 2019

JFK Prep July 28, 2015 3rd Investigation

The Legend:

Father Oschwald (1801-1873) was the founder of the Seminary at St. Nazianz back in 1854. He started as a Catholic priest in Germany, but he was considered by the Catholic Church leaders as a trouble-maker, because he had his own radical ideas about spiritualism. He was a faith healer, curing people, miraculously it seemed, of their ailments. He was the author of four books of Prophecy, foretelling things like: WWI, airplanes, and automobiles. The Catholic Church, seeing him as a rebel, and wanting to get rid of him, told him that he could stay a priest, and not be excommunicated, only if he would go to America to start a parish.

He came to America, with his devout followers following him, and bought a large tract of isolated land, sight unseen, in the wilderness that is now St. Nazianz. Some say that he and his followers were somewhat of a cult. When Father Oschwald died in 1873, it is in documents that on the night of his death, there was knocking on doors by unseen hands, and other strange happenings. After his death, his aging, celibate followers needed help keeping the community going. The land and buildings, therefore, were sold to the Salvatorian Brothers. Later, the Salvatorians started what was known as the JFK Prep School (1968-1982), with male and female student dorms on the property.

In the 1970’s, a female student hung herself in one of the buildings, for unknown reasons. There were a lot of financial problems keeping up the property and many buildings, and the Salvatorians abandoned the buildings in the mid 1980’s. In 1994, the Salvatorians finally sold the property to private investors, and the buildings fell into further disrepair. Stories of sightings of Father Oschwald, and Salvatorian Brothers abound. Strange sounds, ghostly figures, etc., have contributed to the labeling of St. Nazianz Seminary as being haunted.

A few members of our group reported hearing a returning knock,

The Investigation:

PRI investigators on the investigation were Eddie R., Tim S., and Diane W. This was our third investigation of the Seminary. We arrived at 7:30 p.m., and were greeted by Jerry, the owner. Also joining us was Bob D., a local historian, as well as Nan Gorecki, Terri Barrie, Krystal Straub and her friend other people who had an interest in the Seminary grounds, for a total party of ten people. We began our investigation at about 8:30 p.m. in the church. A few days prior to our investigation, Jerry had taken some interesting pictures of many orbs in the church.

On the night of our investigation, we also found a few orbs in the church. From there we entered the dorm area where the Salvatorian Brothers had lived. The EMF meter started to go crazy in an inner hallway, but we discounted it, because there was a live electrical cord running through that hallway, which we thought was causing the EMF meter to react, but amazingly this area has the most activity whenevr we are there.

We then went to the building which had served as the library for the Seminary. This building is also the only remaining remnant of the buildings from Father Oschwald's day. We decided to do a little experiment of knocking on one of the walls, in an area that we had witnessed orbs on a previous investigation. A few members of our group reported hearing a returning knock, and one member reported hearing what sounded to him like an echo of a knock as well as someone groaning. We spent the next couple of hours touring the grounds and buildings, without much to report other then an occasional orb photographed.

They suddenly heard a loud crash, coming from an area near that inner hallway...

At about 10:30, we were standing on the outside of buildings, when Eddie said he saw a shadow figure in the upstairs window of a back building that we had not been in. We went to investigate the second floor, and Tim caught a moving orb on the night shot camera in one of the rooms, but nothing else was found. At about midnight, we were again taking a break, standing in front of the church.

Eddie and Tim went inside to check on a tape recorder that had been left running inside the church. They suddenly heard a loud crash, coming from an area near that inner hallway where the EMF had gone crazy earlier in the night. They summoned the group to join them in investigating the noise. We searched, but could not determine where the noise had come from. One strange thing that we did notice, though, was that the EMF meter was acting differently in that inner hallway with that live electrical cord. The EMF meter, at this time, was not registering EMF fields in the same areas, even though the live electrical wire had not been moved in any way.

Shortly after this, at about 12:30 or 1 a.m., seven people in the group left the investigation, and headed for home. At about 1:30 a.m., Diane was inside the vestibule of the church, when she heard another loud noise coming from the area of that same inner hallway. Eddie, Tim and Diane went to again investigate the noise. Again, the source of the noise could not be determined.

These three investigators decided to just sit quietly in that inner hallway, and see if anything developed. Nothing else was discovered, We wrapped things up and went home to analyze the evidence, Although the church has alot of debris and dust which we discounted in many of our pictures, we did get some photos that were interesting as well as picking up voices in the church on our EVP Recorder.


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