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Desires lead one to astray!

Updated on August 5, 2013

Try to curb the desires!

I have read a very beautiful and thought provoking poem in Tamil written by one saint named Thayumanavar. The gist of the translation, I share with the readers.

“There is no limit to the desires even if one rules the entire world!

He would like to reign on the Oceans.

The one who hoards wealth and gold like the God of wealth,

He would love to learn the trade of alchemist converting the base metals to Gold.

Even the one, who lives long, eats and sleeps at his choice.

Enough is what I have; affected by attachments I always seek one thing after another,

Let me not drown in the ocean of earthly attachments!

Grant me oh God, a pure life bereft of the mind.

Wherever I look, you are there, the Bliss Supreme (God)

Though I tried to retain the original message of the poem, I am still unsatisfied since the poem written by the saint was enthralling. The main theme is ‘unbridled desires of man which drives him to seek more power and more wealth including longevity. But after gaining all this, he simply eats and sleeps as per his choice! Is this the aim of life? Let me be content with what I have and I desire only a ‘desire less mind’. In that desire less state, God can be seen as bliss supreme!

After reading such poems, I am wonderstruck at the vast wisdom of our ancient saints and sages. In every land, some prophet or messiah is born at the appropriate time to guide the people who are sunk in pure selfishness and worldliness. The aim of all religions seems to instruct mankind to avoid attachments and desires, since ultimately they plunge us in sure grief. For instance, you love someone as the apple of the eye. Due to some strange events, one day he goes away from you. You feel the pain of separation. What caused this pain? It is only attachment to the person. Hence we should learn to live in this world in a ‘detached manner’. None accompanies us all through the life. Every one departs at some time. If you have developed philosophical outlook about life, you would not have grieved. It is very normal for people to stay together and depart after some time due to several reasons. God is the sole accomplish of every individual. Our bond with God will never be snapped under any circumstances. Life after life, the same God protects us. He is the soul in us. The soul is immortal while the bodies take birth and die.

Jesus Christ is one example! He was crucified but He rose on the third day from the tomb, showed his person to some close devotees and finally ascended to Heaven! All religions accept that there is Eternal life in God! We all have parted from God and hence we have to join back in Him. As the rivers which parted from the Ocean ultimately reaches and merges in the Ocean, individual souls ultimately reach God, the Supreme Soul!


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