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There is no such thing as Better

Updated on July 14, 2012

When we are infants we are like sponges ready to soak up knowledge from the world around us. As we grow older we are taught what objects, animals, and other people are called. At first everyone is the same, we have no idea what upper, middle, or lower class is but as we grow older and experience life we hear the word Better. Such as “so and so is better at basketball than I am” or “they are a better artist than I am”. I have a statement to share though that goes against what we learn and believe while growing up…There is no better.

This word is added to our vocabulary at some point in our childhood. I can’t remember the first time I heard or used this word to compare myself and others but it was there. This comparison is carried into our adult life also. Even though we may not say it verbally a lot of us think it a lot and may not even realize it. When we compare ourselves to others we are not being fair to ourselves for various reasons. You may be comparing yourself to someone with years of experience in the art and career you are in and that is not being fair to yourself.

I say there is no better because there isn’t if you think about it. There is more experience, more practice, or knowledge about a subject but there is no such thing as being better than someone else. We all come from the same universe, planet, and collection of matter when we come into existence. We are all born and we all die but we are all human beings. Once you begin to compare yourself to others it will stop you from living your life. You start to second guess yourself and may not even try something new because you will find someone who is “better” than you are.

As your children are growing up explain to them when they try something new and compare themselves to someone else that there is no such thing as better. Explain how someone can only have more knowledge and experience which gives the illusion of being better. With this new found knowledge they can choose to develop their own skills and will continue to grow and not lose their self-confidence.

When you have a child who is well experienced in a sport or other activity, encourage them to share what they know with others. In our current society the focus is turned more and more on the self instead of on others. Sharing knowledge and helping each other is how humans can progress but if we remain focused on ourselves we will fall behind. Children are referred to as “the future” so what sort of future do we want to help build? Do we want our children to progress and move humans forward as they grow or do we want them to fall backwards?

There is no better there is only knowledge.


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    • NicholasA profile image

      NicholasA 5 years ago from Midwest

      Thank you for the comment Starmom. I know as humans it is hard not to compare ourselves to others.

    • profile image

      Starmom41 5 years ago

      this is a very good viewpoint!!!

    • NicholasA profile image

      NicholasA 5 years ago from Midwest

      Thank you for the kind words sharing my hub dghbrh. I haven't written a new hub for too long and I thought this would be a good topic.

    • dghbrh profile image

      deergha 5 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

      Very practical and nice hub

      Thanks for sharing ChristinS

      Thanks NicholasA for great work and putting up this wonderful hub.

      We should really value Knowledge and wisdom and in turn we will show our children to be best in their chosen path.

      voted up and shared :-)

    • ChristinS profile image

      Christin Sander 5 years ago from Midwest

      :) I really love this and it's a very empowering way to view ourselves and others. When we are too busy giving our attention to what others do we lose the ability to reach our own fullest potential. Great hub voted up and shared.