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There Is No Such Thing as a Progressive Christian

Updated on April 24, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

With one exception

Of course, there may be Christians among those who call themselves progressive Christians . Just like there are some Roman Catholics who are Christian. This small group of people may be part of the progressive Christian movement because they do not know any better.

Or they have been misinformed and so on. There are reasons why, I can use the title above and not be wrong.

They make God say things he did not say

Progressive Christians are great at changing biblical passages to fit their personal agendas or preferences. They ignore God;s rules in the Old Testament, overlook God’s consistency and so on.

Then they take bits and pieces of the New testament and make God say things that he never said. One example that comes to mind is that women can be preachers, pastors,priests and church authorities.

Another example, is where they overlook key passages that condemn homosexuality, same sex marriage and declare that those practicing these and other sins are okay in God’s eyes. Plus, they are welcome in the church.

They silence God on things he did say

There are many key passages in the Bible that progressive Christians dismiss and take secular man’s words over the god they claim they follow and believe. The progressive Christian adopts many different ideas about creation, the flood,

Joshua’s long day and even key passages in the New Testament are also included in this dismissal and say that God did not mean those things and that secular science has it right.

They use interpretation over the Spirit of Truth

Instead of following Solomon’s words in Proverbs 3 where he says to not lean to our own understanding, progressive Christians often use their own interpretations. They then read into passages ideas and instructions that were never originally included in those biblical words.

They ignore Jesus’ words in John where he said, the spirit of truth will guide you to the truth. Instead, they go their own way and rearrange the Bible as they see fit. This causes a lot of confusion in the church and many unsuspecting believers are ushered away from the truth and given false teaching instead.

They are not like Christ

The word Christian means ‘like Christ’ yet the progressive Christian is far from being like Christ. We never heard Jesus say his father was wrong for having men only as priests in his temple. We never read where Jesus said genesis was wrong.

Also, we do not hear Jesus criticize Moses and say that his words were not from God and were far from the truth. In addition, Jesus never taught that the Old Testament was written by elites, priests, and those wanting to control the population. Or that the OT was written in the 5th to 7th centuries BC.

Nor do we hear much of what progressive Christians teach coming from Jesus’ lips. Jesus taught that Moses wrote the books that he wrote, that his father was correct, and not one word of the Bible was from human sources meant to abuse, control, or have power over the masses.

He used the OT scriptures to ward off the temptations from evil. He read from the OT in local synagogues and he taught using wisdom that made learned teachers and priests marvel at his words.

Jesus also, did not promote his own agenda, preferences and so on. He came to do the will of the father.

Progressive Christians do not bring the Gospel of Jesus & his disciples

No, they bring their own version of the gospel. One that they like and one that makes them feel good. When progressive Christians do this they then are not bringing anything from what the Bible says nor represent God correctly.

They are not calling people to the god of the Bible and his ways. Instead, the progressive Christian are calling people to a god of their own making and to a life that reflects their opinions not God’s ways.

They misrepresent God and his word telling people stories that cannot be true as they adopt and adapt teachings from those who do not believe in God or accept his son as their savior.

Some final words

These people use the term Christian to deceive others. Instead of describing themselves as who they are- false teachers- they try to feel good about their departure from the Christian faith by still identifying as a Christian.

They are not Christian as they do not believe the God they claim to believe and follow. The follow another god, one that does not exist but is lenient enough to let them do and say as they please.

What is unfortunate is that they have made great inroads into the Christian faith and occupy too many pulpits and Christian academic positions. There is nothing Christian about them as they ruin the faith of so many young people and new believers, not to mention those who have been in the faith for many years.

The only thing I can say here is be wary and if someone tries to teach yo something Jesus and his disciples did not teach, ignore them and walk away.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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