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There will be Light at the end of the tunnel.

Updated on June 20, 2017

In the Kali yuga or Dark Age..

We are bound by chains of attachments!

When we are bound by shackles of iron chains, how can we call ourselves as free? The shackles referred here is attachment to kith and kin, attachment to wealth and properties and attachment to the fleeting pleasures of the senses! We have to unwind the chains that bind us. Hence, we need to develop detachment and discrimination; detachment from the so called affections to family and children, detachment from the cravings for accumulation of trash and tinsel in the form of wealth and properties! The mind is enslaved by the senses into submission to their whims and fancies. We have become slaves to taste buds that we try different varieties of food which attract the tongue! Joy or pleasure has no meaning if it is instantaneous and fleeting like the lightening we perceive during rainy days. The momentary flash of lightening vanishes in a moment bringing thunders that shake us. Similarly when the mind is attracted to various pleasures offered by different senses, it has to wait for the thunders of troubles that surely follow the lightening. The basic flaw in human personality is his ego and possessing mentality which always assert ‘mine’. This “I” (ego) and ‘mine, the possessiveness causes innumerable troubles to the individual self. Though the ‘self’ is free and unattached, it is hoodwinked by the mind to believe that it is bound. The three basic human qualities like serenity, active disposition and laziness are the three qualities which hides the self from reality! The self assumes that it is one with the body and always hankers for comforts for the body! The mind involves itself with the outside world in order to derive pleasures through the senses!

Atrocities multiply during Kali Age!

All men seek permanent Joy!

All men seek permanent joy. Disillusioned with fleeting pleasures, he seeks to gain trough varieties of ways. In spite of eating varieties of tasty dishes, his tongue is never satisfied and seeks more and more tastes. Similar is the craving of each of the senses of hearing, smelling and touching. Even after listening to melodious music, he seeks to hear more. Even smelling the best perfumes, he wants to smell some more varieties. The touching sensation enslaves everyone and he wants to embrace all that looks beautiful. But the foolish mind never realizes that the pleasures offered by the senses are tricky and treacherous. The craving won’t leave us once we are through that experience. Every evening, the drunkard seeks liquors which keep him in dizzy state! Likewise every addiction like gambling and horse races make him a pauper soon! Why should we seek pleasures which enslave us forever? We lose the precious health indulging in harmful pastimes like drinking, gambling and visiting brothels. No escape for those who are slaves to their senses! Hence wise people often exhort people to avoid the company of crooks who lead us to such harmful pastimes! It is easy to fall down to depths of despair. To ascend step by step in the ladder of discipline is the hardest task!

Mark of Dark Age Kali!

Senses enslave man!

Relinquishing the bad habits, though difficult in the beginning ensure victory with perseverance and focus. When we are aware that some habits harm our health and happiness, it is wiser to relinquish the habits then and there! Some snakes looks beautiful yet they are highly poisonous. What you are holding on your grip is a poisonous snake. Will you not throw it on the ground once you notice that it is a deadly reptile? Bad habits are poisonous like the snake! Never play with them thinking that they are harmless! Most of the denizens of earth during this Dark Age are habituated to bad deeds and thinking. Thoughts are highly powerful. Not a single thought goes waste. Most of the banal thoughts of human beings occupy the atmosphere without our knowledge. They are like cloud formations. The accumulated evil of many people cause greatest havoc through natural calamities like earthquakes and floods. The affected people simply blames god for their sufferings. Actually it is the evil thoughts indulged by them resulted in such calamities. God is not responsible either for our good or bad. Our own acts boomerang on our head. If we are aware that evil attracts turbulence and trials, we won’t indulge in evils. Ignorance of righteous ways of living and thinking is the cause for all these calamities. Nowadays, not a day passes without some accidents or bomb blasts by terrorists or some calamities of nature! They become more frequent since the atrocities of evil doers are on the rise more than ever. This age is aptly named as “Dark Age of Kali” when evil manifests three times more than the previous ages. Most people will be greedy and they are not ashamed to indulge in evil and forbidden deeds. The leaders of countries themselves will indulge in grave crimes. Instead of looking after the welfare of the people under their territory, they will loot public money with impunity. Honest people will be punished while evil doers will be praised as good people. Corruption will increase manifold and ordinary citizens will find it difficult to lead their life amid such circumstances.

Saints appear during Kaliyuga!

Indications of Dark Age!

Sages and saints will be looked with contempt and respects will be given to the rich and powerful. These are all clear indications of the Dark Age! When evil peaks up to great height, the power of God will manifest to the fullest glory. There will be fierce battle between evil doers and godly powers. At the end, the demonic forces will be driven out of the earth. Peace and harmony will reign over the earth which ensures paradise on earth. The time is nearing quickly and none need to despair anymore! These are the revelations mentioned in various scriptures of the world!

Each eon has specific characteristics!

Do you believe in the Dark Age when evil will be more rampant?

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