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Therein lays the Spirit. Goosebumps, Weeping, serenity and overwhelming Joy

Updated on March 1, 2013

Let not one day go by that I do not rejoice!

I wonder, is it possible to lose all fear?
I wonder, is it possible to lose all fear? | Source

Not all goose bumps are from the cold, not all crying is sad.

I hope who ever reads this has felt this.

So there I was in a pre-operation room with my wife and young child. The boy was being prepped for a surgery where they would use a general anesthesia. He was headed for a great unknown and for sure some heavy pain. We spent a nervous night before and were up before dawn to head to the surgery.

My wife is one of those that hides her nervousness and anxiety in a masking behavior of curtness, shortness and somewhat mean behavior. There is no fault for a trial, but someone is to blame. (sound familiar?) This was the case in this circumstance. That is cool, I can deal. Extra helpings of hugs. Extra kind words. And a few chores or errands to show some love. Always take it personal, but never react by instinct. Same goes for money problems or challenges to be faced.

Back to the hospital

Sometimes we can do no right – and then ………

Well we were doing just fine even though I was declared a complete idiot and incompetent at check in. Smiles and apologies were given freely. Although they seemed to just aggravate the situation. Then we went into the pre-op for gowns and triple checks things changed.

My wife began to weep. I noticed and hugged and kissed and she smiled a big smile. The boy caught the drift and smiled along and patted mommy’s hand. None of us had any feeling of sadness; we knew somehow the crying was a releasing of the love spirit within all of us. Her trembles fell away like autumn leaves in a wind. The nervousness was replaced by a serenity. Hope and anticipation of it being over was so thick in the air – the scalpel would have to cut through that first.

Giggles and laughter and pictures and blowing up the surgical gloves into balloons replaced the atmosphere with a acceptance kind of peace that was contagious. Every one near came by to see the happy commotion and to get a feel of the good. Through it all my wife’s tears of joy humidified the air in a sweet spring sprinkle kind of way, with a rainbow on all of us.

It was one of the most moving moments of my life.

What hallow does this child wear, Gabriel is the right name.

Angels are found, but we must see them for what they are.
Angels are found, but we must see them for what they are. | Source

For this hub the outcome is not important. The results of the mechanics of surgery are irrelevant.

Some would ask God why he put my family through such a trial.

For our family we have no doubts. In this case the hurdle in life and the tears that flowed were a miracle in and of themselves. I will of course ask again why such things happen, but I will know the answer before my breathe utters the prayer.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Love, love the magical thing, the more you share the more you bring. Thank you. I am getting a little upset by J. Edgar and the politicos holding back secrets.

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 5 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      Voted up. I admire how you can share your most intimate feelings and how you help us put our petty troubles in perspective. I hope you write many more such inspirational articles. Thankyou Eric.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Eddy, thank you for your kind words. My goal in this hub is to help others to focus on the love and not the problem. If it helps one, I am pleased.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      What a wonderful hub Eric ;what a moving moment for sure and thank you for sharing it with us on here. I look forward to reading so many more by you.I vote this one up,across and share.

      Here's wishing you a great weekend.