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The subconscious mind

Updated on July 3, 2017

The subconscious mind is the vast depository that stores all our memories from the past and the present and the mind that hypnotists resort to for answers and solutions during hypnosis. It is also the mind that is most utilized by ascetics and mystics and it is the mind that rewards them with the ability to foretell the future and bestows upon them the powers of clairvoyance and precognition. The full potential of the subconscious mind remains unknown and in most instances, it’s never fully realized or utilized.

We are all born with our subconscious faculties intact but a majority of us choose not to use it and we are more reliant on the conscious mind because it works towards fulfilling the needs of the senses especially given the fact that we live in a day and age where we are all prone to giving in to our cravings and desires. In fact, we are driven by our ambitions and aspirations and that coupled with the rational thinking process or logic driven thought leaves almost no room for the subconscious mind to maneuver. It remains a hidden unexplored facet of the mind that is rarely or never used.

In addition to that our habits, for example, excessive indulgence in alcohol or smoking alters the composition of the chemicals in our mind, sometimes so drastically that we may never realize the full potential of our mind which at the end of the day is a waste because having lived, it is only fitting that we try to attain the higher truths before we die and our soul passes on to another body.

It is not only cigarettes and alcohol that impede the workings of the subconscious mind. The environment that we live in also plays an important role especially with regards to the food that we consume. Food that is grown with the use of chemicals or animals that are raised with steroids retain the chemicals and steroids and when the meat and vegetables are cut, cleaned, cooked and consumed, the chemicals that are retained in the meat and vegetables make their way into our bodies and in addition to causing illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes, to name a few, they also disrupt the chemical balance in our bodies and that makes it all the more difficult for us to utilize the subconscious mind.

Ideally if we want to go on the path of self-realization and explore our inner selves it is best to consume only organic food or food that is grown or cultivated organically. Cow urine and dung make ideal manure for food cultivation.

Having said that, some people are born with the nexus to the subconscious mind stronger than others and these are the people that display the highest propensity to be either clairvoyant or precognitive. In addition to that they also tend to excel in other facets of life.

Because no one really knows the extent of the knowledge that is stored in the subconscious mind, when someone with his or her link to the subconscious mind intact starts exploring their subconscious mind, there is no telling what the person will uncover.

There are also schools of thought that suggest that the subconscious minds of all persons, past and present, are linked and when one taps the subconscious mind, one is able to draw on the memories of someone else, Einstein perhaps, or some little known mathematical genius that no one has ever heard of and therefore the knowledge that one gains when one builds the nexus with the subconscious mind can’t be defined or quantified.

Initially however like all things related to the subconscious mind, this knowledge appears in random flashes or images and it often happens when the conscious mind is relaxed, tired or just too exhausted.

The conscious mind when it is active keeps the subconscious mind at bay and leaves it with almost no room or scope to maneuver and the only time that the subconscious mind can make any sort of an impression is when the conscious mind is asleep or too tired to react and this is when people receive images or flashes from the subconscious mind or in other words when they least expect it because the conscious mind is just too relaxed, tired or exhausted to be bothered.

We have all experienced these random flashes of images at some time or other and that just tells us that our subconscious faculties are working perfectly well but in order to harness its full potential we need to put the conscious mind to sleep, so to speak, or keep it in a relaxed state or a state where one doesn’t have to think and the best way to do that is through meditation, using the techniques prescribed by yoga. There is no telling what one will uncover when one successfully builds that bridge between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind but whatever it is, rest assured it will be rewarding.

© 2017 Kathiresan Ramachanderam and Dyarne Jessica Ward


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