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The ultimate aim of life!

Updated on August 6, 2013

Start early on the spiritual path!

In Indian Railways, the compartments attached to the engine have a distinct marking which actually represents when the above compartment has to be returned for evaluation after it has been utilized for a fixed time. But in the case of human beings, the creator affixes a particular date for the return of the individual soul! But no one can decipher the date. It depends on many factors. Once Sathya Saibaba has told a gathering that every child born in this world has an invisible garland tied around its neck, which is the effect of past deeds. The child has to undergo all the experiences it has earned due to its own past actions. If the child had accumulated considerable merit due to past good deeds, its life on earth will be peaceful. On the other hand, if it has committed wrong deeds in the past, it cannot have a peaceful life. For that reason, we cannot blame God since He is only a witness and He neither inflicts pain nor give happiness to any. While creating the human beings, he has laid out certain regulations since man alone has the capacity to think, reason out, and choose a particular way! God has ordained that every man has to undergo the results of actions performed on his own volition. This is the precondition for granting the mind, intellect and discriminating faculty. No other species has got these powers. All the other species acts as per their instincts which never changes. Hence, the animals never incur any sin as such. But in the case of man, he accumulates the effects of wrongs committed by him as well as the good deeds performed.

Some of us may question, ‘whether the effects of bad deeds get nullified by our good deeds? Sadly, this is not the case like Bank’s balance sheet. You will have to suffer separately for the bad deeds done, as well as enjoy good times due to past good deeds. This is the reason why even dreaded dictators enjoy during their life time and pious man suffers untold agony. All this can be attributed only to the past deeds. Like Newton’s law, every action begets equal reaction. This is fully applicable in the case of actions performed by the individuals on their own volition. Also, the human birth is the most coveted one since only human beings can work out for their own salvation. Even the demigods (Devas) have to come back on the earth after enjoying the fruits of their good deeds in paradise. Hence, this is one unique opportunity for the human beings. But, what we find on earth is really an unfortunate situation. Instead of evolving into higher regions, man surpasses even the animals by indulging in the sensual pleasures. Those who are wealthy and prosperous try to enjoy all the luxuries money can buy, eat tasty foods, wear the finest cloths and live in a grand style. They are unaware that one day death will snatch everything from his hold. At the time of death, he cannot contemplate on salvation. For that, he should have made efforts from the younger days!

Here, I will give some examples. Two brothers were given equal share of cultivable lands. The elder one was lazy and he simply wasted his time in food and drinks. The younger one was intelligent. From day one, he toiled on the land and made all efforts for a rich harvest. He tilled the land, watered it, planted the grain seeds, applied manure and watched the crop as though it is his own child. After a period of four months, the younger one harvested the grains and stacked them in his house. The elder one got jealous with the younger one for the sumptuous harvest. But who can be blamed? Likewise, majority of human beings waste their life in enjoying the sensual pleasures of the world. They never care that they will become old and senile one day, and at that time, the mind and limbs won’t co-operate, if he chooses to propitiate God! It is a futile attempt. From the child hood days, we should learn to pray God for all our needs. When we grow old, we will develop wisdom to pine only for God and not the worldly riches or acquisitions which won’t accompany us. Only the Lord is our permanent friend and accomplish. Hence choose wisely and have focus only on the aim of human life!

Sathya Saibaba (1926-2011)


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