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Full-Force Faith & Karma

Updated on December 6, 2017


Young Black Millennials (YBM), some Generation Xers, as well as some post-modern Babyboomers do not believe in the Biblical concept of retribution. They believe in Karma. Though many of them were raised in Christian homes; they themselves have chosen to identify with the Eastern philosophical concept of Karma. For the most part, YBM find it difficult to balance real-world conditions with the principles espoused in the New Testament and by the Christian church. Many of them have seen relatives and friends receive what is so commonly defined as "their just deserts." On the other hand, many of them have seen murderers murdered; rapist defiled, and thieves robbed. They have also witnessed agents of the government carry out injustices against people of color. Since these YBM do not believe in Yahweh nor do they identify with Yahweh's earthly representative, Yeshua, they are compelled to believe in the legitimacy of Karma. For them, the doctrine of Karma explicates the workings of their external worlds. It allows them to identify with a universal belief that is independent of any form of organized religion. YBM are free to utilize the principal of Karma without having any doctrinal or religious association with the Christian Bible or with Western religious beliefs. As such, there is no inward compunction among YBM to seek out the originator of the principal of Karma. Instead, YBM are content in believing that there is no need to believe in the retributional powers of an all-powerful God. In their opinion, to harvest universal good, all one needs to do is to live a good life. When these good things do not come, YBM believe that the recipient has covertly done something deserving of his or her retribution. As for as those individuals who are set aside to execute the evil; YBM believe that Karma employs them to inflict evil upon the proponents of evil.


Unfortunately, YBM assume that wisdom and understanding is obtained from the acceptance of a single philosophical doctrine. They concede that the doctrine of Karma did not produce itself. They understand that Karma had to have a beginning point; however, they fail to realize that all truths are derived from one single source. Those of us who consider ourselves to be Christians attribute that single source as being Yahweh. We understand that Yahweh's truths are temporally identified by various philosophical and theological names; yet, these truths are an extension of the originator of the first truth, Yahweh Himself. However, there are theologians who prefer to label Yahweh’s universal truths as the First Principal rather than Yahweh. Nevertheless, no universal truth exists that did not originate in Yahweh. All truths that originate in Yahweh are universally applied. That is, what is true in Texas is also true in Bangladesh. And likewise, what is true for a European woman in Paris is also true for a Middle Eastern woman in Iraq.


Sadly, the hearts and minds of many 21st century young Southern Blacks have been poisoned to the point that they not only reject a Western interpretation of the Christian Bible; they also reject the existence of Yahweh. It is difficult for YBM to rationalize how Yahweh, Yeshua, and Ruach Hakodesh, the Triune Godhead, could stand afar off and merely observe as their ancestors were captured, shackled, murdered, enslaved, and relegated to years of servitude. In their opinion, no loving and all powerful Triune Godhead would have subjected an innocent people to such brutality. The cost of that interpretation is that 21st century YBM do not believe in Yahweh. They have hooked themselves onto the circular philosophical principal of Karma. As such, they believe that the good get the good and the bad get the bad. Yet, when they themselves become initiators of the bad and are subsequently mandated through Karma to receive the bad; they are not able to adhere to the full tenets of Karma. In that moment, they find themselves wanting a way out of receiving their just deserts.


And so, we come back to the theological concept of Godly retribution. Yes, it exists and yes, Karma is a proponent of retribution; but it is not an adjudicator of mercy. Yahweh is the initiator and the adjudicator of mercy. He, in conjunction with His earthly son, and His Holy Spirit have instituted spiritual laws, physical laws, civil laws, and criminal laws that operate independently of the Triune Godhead’s day-to-day supervision. Yet, the institution of those laws does not negate the Triune Godhead's supervisory functions. That is, as the Godhead, the Godhead can intercede and change the course of a physical, spiritual, civil, or criminal law whenever the Godhead so desires. That overriding reality is what YBM do not understand. The realization of the existence of the Triune Godhead cannot be comprehended through intellect or the acceptance of a single philosophical idea. It can only be ascertained through the application of full-force faith. And full-force-faith comes incrementally and it comes from a personal relationship with the Godhead. Until a relationship with the Triune Godhead becomes a living reality in the hearts and in the minds of YBM; Karma is the best that any of them can hope to achieve.


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