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They are with us

Updated on July 8, 2014

The moon glows when full for everyone to see, but who goes out of their way for the special event?

The darkness rewards us at times to see in the dark, but we take it for granted.

Have you wondered or seen what the darkness entails?

The feeling of being watched by something or someone we can't explain with our eyes.

I have slept and dreamed, but to awake at moments for no reason sometimes.

Something had to awaken me without human explanation, and I accept not knowing from my understanding.

I have been more and more interested in the supernatural, and look for more insight.

Does anyone have any experiences or input on the supernatural?

Lets do an open investigation, share and explore what we know, and expose what people need to know.

Whether we want to believe or not it is a part of our world, and it is happening.

© 2013 Along with the wind


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