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They're Trying to Rob God

Updated on December 16, 2012

They're Trying To Rob God

They are trying hard to rule it as unconstitutional,

Those things that God has always been a part.

Perhaps they can bar Him from the judicial system,

But they can't take Him from the depth of our heart.

They are trying so hard to chase The Lord out

From a land that with His Love He brought us to .

They are trying to rob God of His Rightful place

There must be something even now we can do.

The Love for God this country once did share,

Is now so very rare it is seldom seen anymore.

This great land that once God did smile upon,

Now it's like a bad apple,it's rotten to the core.

We see sin everywhere and results of it today,

No matter where we may go or wherever we look

It seems this nation is making such a mockery

Of God's Words and Laws written in the Holy Book..

What will it take to get to those sin filled hearts,

Once tender hearts ,that now are hard and cold,

We can not just say to tell them all about Jesus,

We know for years they have already been told !

After many years of hearing they refuse the Lord.

What more is there now that we can do and say?

Would not you hate to be in the shoes of the rebels

As they stand there before God on Judgment Day?


We have always heard about God's Judgment

Day but I guess after all of these years of

hearing that people have begun to think it

is just a fable like in the fairy tales in the

children's books but this is real life,not

just something we can read about and

then forget about it ,They must wake up

before it is too late, they may still have

time but they must hurry!


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    • clara kish@yahoo. profile image

      Clara Kish 6 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio

      Hi Tessie , yes ,they seem to think the name of Jesus would offend somebody, What about offending Christians? No one seems to care about us anymore, most people want to do their own thing and it certainly isn't what Jesus would have us do .Too late, they will wake up if they aren't following Christ when He returns.There is only Heaven or Hell and if they refuse Jesus they will never get to Heaven.Love,cherry

    • profile image

      Tessie Payne 6 years ago

      EXACTLY RIGHT! It seems they are trying harder than ever before to eliminate our DEAR SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST from this world and life itself. They try to take HIM out of CHRISTMAS, OUR SCHOOLS AND EVERY WORTH WHILE FUNCTION OF OUR LIFE. Some don't want HIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE OR EVEN ON THE LITTLE TOWN SQUARE AS A BABE IN A

      MANGER AT CHRISTMAS TIME. They claim THE NAME OF JESUS MIGHT OFFEND SOMEBODY! They try to deny our ONLY HOPE for this world. Love, Tessie