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31 Partially Unconventional Things I Am Grateful For

Updated on November 24, 2014
Ya know, I could've taken this picture myself, if I didn't loose half of my Scrabble letters. Or the will to get up & look for them.
Ya know, I could've taken this picture myself, if I didn't loose half of my Scrabble letters. Or the will to get up & look for them.

I thank the Heavens for...

1) Life

Well, because I can breathe, walk, talk, see, hear, touch & feel. I can learn new things, cultivate knowledge, & make myself a better person. & because I have a loving family, a positive outlook on life, and a life-long dream to fulfil.

2) GOD

Does He need a reason? What many may see as stubbornness, is what my parents call 'being relentless'. & God has moulded me in ways I cannot always see, but is enough to keep me going, regardless of discouraging words thrown at me. I vow to fulfil what He asks of me, & give thanks every day! ^_^

3) The 10 Commandments

Or chaos would befall us! :O Plus, as a child I was told to follow these, or I will end up in Hell, as slaves to Satan's little demons, who'd chase you around with tridents and burn you with hot coal if you don't do as they say. Talk about exaggeration.

The first 3 commandments channels a closer relationship to God, while the other 7 deal with our neighbours. In a way, it reminds you that you CANNOT put strong laxatives into your colleague's morning cuppa because they've been forwarding you endless annoying videos of cats all week.


The 10 Commandments
The 10 Commandments | Source
This too, I guess. HAHAHA!
This too, I guess. HAHAHA! | Source

4) An Amazing, Fun, Healthy & Loving Family

Quirky. But still amazing. ♥

My supply of love & support. :)
My supply of love & support. :)
Click thumbnail to view full-size
Super healthy chapattiChicken tikka masala (to go with the chapatti)Gulab jamun (diabetes swimming in a bowl of concentrated sugar)Urud dhal dumplings (my FAV)HalwaSpinach naan (also my FAV)Neii urunde (a must for high holidays)Paal kovaLadduKulfiBarfi (I LOVE THIS)Jelebi (LOVE THIS TOO)
Super healthy chapatti
Super healthy chapatti
Chicken tikka masala (to go with the chapatti)
Chicken tikka masala (to go with the chapatti)
Gulab jamun (diabetes swimming in a bowl of concentrated sugar)
Gulab jamun (diabetes swimming in a bowl of concentrated sugar)
Urud dhal dumplings (my FAV)
Urud dhal dumplings (my FAV)
Spinach naan (also my FAV)
Spinach naan (also my FAV)
Neii urunde (a must for high holidays)
Neii urunde (a must for high holidays)
Paal kova
Paal kova

5) GLORIOUS Indian Food by My People

Because fat Indian aunties who motivate you to maintain your figure don't just pop out from the grounds! Oh no, they don't! They come from gulab jamun, jelebi, halwa, paal kova, kulfi (omg I could use one), burfi, laddu, neii urunde (ghee balls) and all that.

I mean, Indian food IS healthy, if eaten in moderation. Instead of rice every bloody day, people should eat chapattis, chicken tikka, aaviri kudumu, naan, etc. Then maybe cardiovascular diseases will be less prevalent in India.

No, it's not racist when I say it.

6) 'Friends'

Because it's better words, then an actual blunt knife lodged through my back.

7) Malaysia

Because I can speak a few languages, understand them, & know how to handle 2 other racial stereotypes. The racial diversity, respect for one another, & tradition in this country really is the only reason why I'm proud to be a Malaysian. :)

8) Truly Shitty People I've Met

You showed me who I DON'T want to become later in life. To watch my actions & my words as to not hurt others. To be a better woman, not a bitter one. Thank you. :)

9) Random Acts Of Kindness

For showing me not all people are #8s. & for the recurring faith that humanity is not as screwed up as they paint it to be. :)

So THAT'S where it came from..
So THAT'S where it came from..

10) Noah's Ark

I don't think I can handle a lifetime of facing the human race alone. Sharing the planet may just be the 'control' we all need. Also, made maintaining the ecosystem intact much easier. What would we do without videos of adorable koalas, silly pets, or gorgeous butterflies when having a rough day?

11) Newman, Webber & Wilson

For creating Doctor Who & bringing new meaning & purpose to my life.

12) Timothy Carlton & Wanda Ventham

For the gorgeous & multi-talented Benedict Cumberbatch. ♥

13) Whoever Harvested Electricity

Because having to burn the midnight oil literally, or with a candle, oh my, I may not have gotten my degree. Plus, what a waste of candles.

Btw, no. It's not Ben Frank. Read this if you're achin' for some learnin'.

Fun Fact:

  • The Greeks were the first to use solar architecture, over 2,000 years ago. They learned to build their houses to take maximum advantage of the solar energy.
  • 25,000 fireflies = 1 – 60 watt incandescent light bulb.

14) Little Ones

First off, I'm not a pedo. Please. What I mean is that, children are the examples we must follow, not vice versa. The innocence & humility of a child is more than enough for the guarantee of a good life. They teach me constantly how to treat everyone the same, regardless of race, religion or age. They teach me that it's okay to demand for something when you really want it sometimes, & it's okay to go to the toys section of the mall and play with the displays, simply because you shouldn't care what the world thinks of you. ^_^

15) People Like Nick Vujicic

Who are the true definitions of being grateful. Watch: No Arms, No Legs, No Worries.

16) People Like Nandita Das

For showing you that dark ≠ ugly. I may not be SO dark, but I have been ridiculed for being 'too dark' by so many stupid aunties, & although I know it doesn't matter what they say, it still hurt. Very much, in fact. To a point that I believed I was 'ugly'. I hated taking photographs, I hated going out & inflicting my 'ugly' dark face to the world, I couldn't buy clothes I liked because I thought the colours would look horrible against my dark skin, & I would deny outings with my friends because I didn't want them to be embarrassed by a walking chocolate finger. Fortunately, all that's behind me!

You ask 'Is this really an issue?" You may be surprised brah. But the Dark Is Bias community has restored my faith that there are numerous people out there who still believe that a person's value is not based on his/her skin tone. Yay for them! :)

Also, studies done show that the melanin in dark skin can fight bacterial infections & diseases. Wheeeeeeee~

17) The Internet

For making the nerdy things I love suddenly cool & acceptable.

18) Social Networking Sites

For the ability to speak to a person without the obligations of an actual face-to-face conversation. Like, I can pretend my internet is down while I'm trying to figure out the perfect reason to blow someone off.

You do it too, I know. *snickers*

19) Libraries

Because reading 'Green Eggs & Ham' on an electronic drive is NOT as fun.

20) Online Bookstores

So I don't have to carry heavy books from the store to my car.


21) Time

There are many instances we take time for granted. We're always saying "Ehhhhh, still got time lah.."

Do we really? I mean, REALLY have time? Why not do it now? Want to travel? Do it now! Want to learn a new instrument? Do it now! The longer you put it off, the older you'll get, & the harder it would be to get back up that horse.

It's never too late, yes, but time & tide waits for no man. You can't manipulate time, neither can you get back the seconds lost. Each day comes with 84,600 seconds.

Tick Tock, my friend.

22) The Number 0

Well, because my people apparently invented it, & that's kinda cool.

23) Lingerie

Only the best for my breast friends. *winks*

24) The RM 52.20 I Found While Cleaning My Room

Because that's always nice when it happens. :)

25) Colour

Can you imagine a world in black & white? How dull it would be? Colours also bring out different emotions in people, some even make them happier. So without colour in our lives, we'd live in a world ridden with suicides, depression & anxiety.


26) Spell Check

Because tpypos. That's why

Click thumbnail to view full-size
I'll admit, the only thing that caught me eye was 'weight-loss'! Now THAT I didn't know.
I'll admit, the only thing that caught me eye was 'weight-loss'! Now THAT I didn't know.
I'll admit, the only thing that caught me eye was 'weight-loss'! Now THAT I didn't know. | Source

27) Coconuts

I'm an Indian. & we love our coconuts man. That's cause it has COUNTLESS beneficial uses. I myself use it for thicker & darker hair (despite the HORRIBLE lingering smell). That's why you see our hair doesn't grey until we're really old. True story. :)

Read: 101 Uses For Coconut Oil

28) Laughter

I love laughing, do you? Because it's the expression when the heart is overflowing with happiness & joy! I love how laughter is contagious, & how it makes everyone feel much better! A hearty laugh a day keeps the bluesss far far away! ;)

29) Clean Public Loos

Because my GOD, is it difficult to find one decent toilet at restaurants here! Also, I don't have to hold it in & drive all the way home (in that agony!) just so I can relieve myself! Any shop that takes the effort to keep a loo clean, I respect.

30) That One Aunty Who Says "Hellooo Miss Malaysia, you look beautiful today!" Every time She Sees Me

Even when I look like crap. She's the sweetest person I know, & she may not know it, but every time she says that, I feel like my heart & self-worth grow 10x more! :) The world needs more people like her.

31) Dogs Who Jump Onto The Sofa To Cuddle When It's Cold

At least someone wouldn't mind some from of physical contact with me.

That's always good to know.

I could go on, but really, it's late, & I really don't think you made it to the end of the list.

Meaning, me typing this, really is a waste of time, isn't it?

I've seen people taking the "20 Days Grateful Challenge". But let me tell you, you don't need 20 days to be grateful. You've got till the day you DIE to do it!

Always be thankful!

Choosing to be positive & having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you're going to turn out in life.

So what are YOU grateful for?


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    • fetchmeaunicorn profile imageAUTHOR

      Imelda Shari Ann 

      3 years ago from Ipoh, Perak

      Lucky you! I have a terrible memory. :( Well, at least you made it to the end! Thank you, there are so many more things to be thankful than the conventional things we all know EVERYONE is grateful for!

    • Aaron Seitler profile image

      Aaron Seitler 

      3 years ago from Manchester, United Kingdom

      Lovely post! And you manage to keep it real too so you don't sound like some poncy tree-hugger.I'd say I'm grateful for my memory.I sometimes find it difficult to grasp things but my memory is excellent so I do alright in exams and to date have never forgotten someone's name.So yeah,like you, I'm appreciative :)


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