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Things I Leaned From Baron Samedi

Updated on January 21, 2016
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

Handsome and Loyal

Not a bad combo, right? Lately he has been getting some attention (like this photo shoot) but I knew he was due some undivided attention when he made appearances in my dreams.
Not a bad combo, right? Lately he has been getting some attention (like this photo shoot) but I knew he was due some undivided attention when he made appearances in my dreams.

My Forever Friend

I know, I know, it’s been forever and a day since he had his own article. And it wasn’t from lack of trying on my part either, but he has been showing up in dreams lately, so cleverly disguised that I didn’t know it was him, and his appearance made me think of some things. Like, other than moving to the back of the line during Saturday services and a distracted peck on the cheek, when’s the last time my best friend got any serious one on one time?

Yes, I’d been doing photo shoots here and there, but the Skulduggery fanfic, which he considers his special domain had stopped, and I would sit down to write about him and draw an utter blank, his way of showing annoyance. And do you know something? I don’t blame him a bit. He loves me and deserves more of my time. And I should have realized that when he stopped showing up in tarot readings. I couldn't have pulled the Death card (renewal, good fortune) if I'd tried. And I had, repeatedly.

Baron Samedi after all, had taken a back seat while Loki and company were fussed over. OK, mainly Loki was fussed over. And although he got a little snarky he was infinitely patient. And he let me learn by letting me do the wrong thing at times. As mine puts it “If you keep walking into the same wall you’ll eventually get some sense knocked into you and walk around it. And in the meantime I can laugh at you.”

Then he opens his jaws because he is being playful and we both laugh. Or I swat him on the arm and he whines. But as always all writing and photography are my original work. I had to borrow back from my DA account as my old computer died, which Baron claims to know nothing about. Then he snickers.

All videos are shared for educational and informational purposes only. If you own the copyright and want something removed or credit and a link, please let me know.

The Days When He Was King

It's been forever since we had one on one time and we both miss it.
It's been forever since we had one on one time and we both miss it.

We Are What We Are

Every so often I get it into my head tha I am going to revamp myself. Now, I may not be the worst person in the world, but I can flip from sweet to coffee-guzzling terminal grouch in an instant. And the thing is, I’m happy that way, that’s who I actually am. Trying to be sweet all the time, especially when people deserve both verbal guns only leads to an inevitable explosion.

And I think we all do it, we try to be what we think people want us to be so we fit in. Well, I’m a grouch. I’m especially grouchy if anything changes or my coffee supply is interrupted. And the Baron, while watching my attempts to change myself will just shake his head and tell me there is nothing wrong with me.

We, after all, like to fight. Not in a mean way, but he insults me, then I insult him, then he fires back and I swat him a good one. Then we both laugh hysterically while everyone else looks on in horror. It’s loud, it sounds like the beginning of World War III, but it’s actually play fighting and how we show love. We have sweet moments to be sure, but we love the verbal sparring too.

Who is The Lwa Baron Samedi?

We All Need Our Downtime

Writing online is my passion. The problem is, it can easily take over all of my free time as well, leaving me no time to work on fan fiction, which I do for fun, not profit. And the problem is, when I let anything get in the way, trolls, work, fear of what others may think, worry that a story is not getting enough reviews, I stop cold. And that is a problem as I then start getting restless and angry for no good reason.

We all need a hobby as Skulduggery would say, and the fan fiction is mine. And although I initially blamed Loki for my computer crash, it’s something I’ve mentioned Baron specializes in. And when it crashed, I lost a whole lot of writing I didn’t think deserved the fee of trying to be rescued from my hard drive.

Had I ever listened to him, the stories would have stayed up for my pleasure, and it wouldn’t have mattered if other people liked or even read them. Yes, I’m always telling readers to write the stories they want to read and not to worry about having a readership, but I don’t always follow my own advice.

Now I’ll be poorer by the price of an optical drive and Baron Samedi looks suspiciously smug and pleased with himself. Most likely because he has it in his head that all Skulduggery Pleasant fanfics are about him, and he’s most likely right. More attention! Which leads to...

His Day of the Dead Statue

He loves it and doesn't care it isn't from his culture, this and several other statues of him reside on his living room altar.
He loves it and doesn't care it isn't from his culture, this and several other statues of him reside on his living room altar.

Baron Samedi Needs Love Too

Yes, the same lwa or spirit that terrifies some people spitless does need his share of love and attention. Around here so many years ago, he was the undisputed king. There were no other lwa and he was waited on hand and foot. Then came the other lwa. Still, he was a preening prince among spirits and beloved spouse and knew it.

Then came La Santa and they co-reigned for a bit, then Loki, ever the ambitious and relentless God showed up and suddenly Baron was watching this God he used to take an active dislike to and chase away because I let him, get fawned over.

They have since learned to get along because I know how much Baron Samedi adores those he chooses and he needs his time and attention too. Hence resurrecting the fanfic and steeling myself for trolls, giving him undivided attention, and a Hub are the least I can do. There are certainly times I wish it were just the two of us, we both do, but truth be told we’d miss our blended family.

But he does indeed need his own time, no matter how patient being death makes him. Yes, we all go to Baron Samedi eventually, but it is much nicer to bask in his love and attention in the here and now, and once I started giving him more attention he acted like I’d never stopped. He’s a keeper.

My Baron Adores This Song

What Other People Think Doesn’t Matter

Baron would be, in my experience, the last one to care what people think of him. He certainly has feelings if he cares about you and can be insulted or angered, but he’s never really understood why I get more upset than Freda over things as he would put it. Because he doesn’t care. He cares that those he cares about are upset, but other than that? Nope.

And I’ll admit it has been a serious hurdle to me as I used to use reader feedback as drug, reward, and incentive all rolled into one. The problem is, readers very rarely give feedback anymore, and if they do it tends to be to get free advce. Very rarely, if ever does a reader get a praiseful comment.

And to me that was a hard adjustment. When I started writing fan fiction sseveral years ago to cope with my mom’s death, I got instant praise, lots of followers and friends. And it seemed that on Squidoo I could rarely make the front page, but I got my share of comments. And so I got a bit unbalanced and instead of relying on Baron and company, I started to rely on my readers, which is fatal for any writer.

Yes, we writers love each and every one of you, you are our audience after all. But as Baron pointed out, reviews and comments are not all life is made of. Had I never started writing for them I’d likely have never been bothered by the trolls or the times when something just sits there.

I’m still far from perfect, I still check Hub Pages daily for comments and check my e-mail to see if there is an activity on my various fan fiction accounts. But I write the stories for us now, and post at our pleasure. And, when the optical drive arrives and we’ve all fussed over the installation I’ll likely be reposting a lot of old stories then walking away, content to have my work saved where I can easily read it.

Most of all I’ve learned patience. Baron Samedi was patiently waiting for me to be able to face him after Mom’s death, which is actually how we got hooked on Skulduggery Pleasant fanfic, and then the novels. And I still remember many a Saturday curled up with a bag of junk food and the latest novel, enjoying the adventures of the Skeleton Detective.

I also remember days of happily writing just because it made me happy, no stress, no pressure and I want and need that.

Baron has taught me about love and loyalty as well. Never once did he object to anyone else getting more attention or taking his place at times. He's only shown me love and welcomed me back with open arms and we should all be more like him, I think.

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    • Nightcat profile image

      Nightcat 2 years ago

      Hello, Eilya! Comments are always welcome and I'm happy to have been of help. I'm glad you enjoyed the Hub. You're welcome to visit any time!

    • profile image

      Eilya 2 years ago

      It saddens me to know that heart-felt and relatable words like this aren't met by more feedback from people. Thankyou for writing this article, not only have you helped me along my journey to developing a relationship with this wonderful and loving being, but these words find me at a time where they and their lessons are so very important for me. Even though I know you don't need any validation to do what you do and even if this is the only comment on here, I want to let you know your words and knowledge matter to this person. Keep doing what you're doing. :)