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10 Things I learned from going to Catholic school!

Updated on June 7, 2016

I did it all. The uniforms, going to church each week, religion class, you name it. I did that all through elementary school. I enjoyed my school (although not so much for the religion parts). Before I get into what I learned from being in catholic school, I would just like to say that while I do believe in God I would not consider myself catholic anymore and perhaps some of the reasons down below will clarify why. DISCLAIMER: Just because these are my opinions doesn't mean they are yours. I understand if some of the things I say offend you, but in no way am I intending to. Just sharing my thoughts based on my experience.

1. Just because they're a priest, doesn't mean they should be. I grew up thinking that priests were these people essentially called from God (not literally but in a spiritual sort of way) to teach people about Jesus' story. Teach people to be kind. I expected them to be similar to a saint basically. But in reality, a lot of priests are assholes. I mean obviously there have been a numerous amount of catholic priests that have gotten busted for molesting children (especially young boys) but I have also experienced an asshole priest first-hand. Lets just say, he is the opposite of empathetic and kind.

2. Follow up to #1: It made me confused: So to go along with the whole child molesting thing, why is there such a large amount of priests that are doing it? Is it because they're gay which would then also go against their religion or do they all just happen to be sadistic little freaks? Either way, it just really made me question why so many people would want to be involved with a religion in which the teachers of it (priests) are sexual predators. Just saying.

3. Singing is not for me: Every week on Wednesday we would have liturgical music where we would practice the songs we were going to sing for mass the following day. Also, we would take turns singing on the stage with microphones (usually a group of 6 of us or something around that). I hated it because I'm sort of tone deaf and can't carry a tune therefore I didn't try to sing too loud. I also thing the whole thing where you sing multiple songs in church together is weird. But maybe that's just me?

4. Church can get pretty boring: With all those weird silence moments where we are supposed to be bowing our head and praying, or while the priest delivers a long boring sermon sometimes in which he tries to make it funny (I almost never find it funny) it can make one's eyes feel droopy. Although now when I attend church aka holidays or anytime I'm forced to, I am able to stay awake but back in the day was a different story.

5. It pisses me off that women can't be priests: I will not stand with a religion that doesn't believe in equality. Frankly, I don't care what the reasoning is for why they think men have this reserved power. It's not right, and nothing will be able to justify that in my opinion.

6. They bring God into literally anything they can: After pledge of allegiance, there was always prayers. Before lunch, we'd have to say a prayer. Then, we would head to the chapel for religion class. There was a cross in almost every hallway and a poster of the 10 commandments pasted several places. It kind of made me scared, because every time I sinned I probably thought I was going to hell. Now all I can think is, what the hell?

7. Churches are selfish and money hungry: Oh come on, you know it's true. There are even times when they'll have two different money collections during one mass. Unbelievable! And I don't know about you but my church then went on to buy a organ over 200k and I'm guessing the money for that didn't just fall out of the sky. There were so many other uses or even charity type things the money could have gone towards, but instead it goes toward a big music organ. Ugh.

8. Not everyone who goes to a Catholic school is automatically weird and super religious:I'm not exactly sure how I thought people at my school would be since I was only 5 at the time, but I think I at least thought they would be weirder than they actually were. Looking back, it would be hard to believe nearly most of those kids even went to any type of religious school. After all, it's not like they chose to go there in the first place. But based on my experience, I'm glad they did.

9. Uniforms aren't all that bad: Not that I would've wanted to have worn a uniform past elementary school, but for the time I did it really wasn't all that bad. After all, you didn't have to stress out about picking out the perfect outfit since you wore nearly the same thing everyday. Gotta love those white shirts and khaki's with the occasional red and blue sweaters/sweatshirts. We also did get an out of dress code day once a month.

10. Catholic school seems like a whole different world compared to public school: For me, not a lot of kids went to my school. By the time I was in fifth grade, there was only about 13 students left in my class (There used to be around 20). We all got to be pretty close and obviously all knew each other. Middle school was a far different story. Being in public school for the first time was very different. I could finally wear the clothes I wanted and anything that involved religion was gone. The kids seemed far more crazy though, like a bunch of savages. Middle school was the first time I got picked on and bullied and for some reason my locker always seemed to get jammed.

Those are some of the things I learned from going to catholic school! My mom also works at the school I went to so I kind of got an inside look at all the drama that some of the other kids wouldn't have known or gotten to see. I hope that if you went to catholic school you can relate to at least one of these things!


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    • Mercedesmedlin profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Thanks! Yes I agree some of the things are ok, but yes there are many reasons why I don't like this religion also.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I think you treated this very well. I am in my third year of catechism online. Very interesting. No I am not Catholic for many of the reasons included here. But I find their rituals and doctrines worthy of study.


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