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Things To Know About Pisces

Updated on December 13, 2011


Those who were born between the dates of February 19 and March 20 are considered to be the zodiac sign Pisces. There's so much to know about the zodiac signs, including their traits. However that's just the beginning. They also have a lucky number, a day that is considered to be their best day, and even trees that correspond with them.

In this hub you'll be learning all of the above. Whether you believe in the zodiac or not this hub may just prove to be interesting.


Pisces are the type of people who need others to keep them grounded. Sure they can be out on their own for a while. They even grow inspired by things they may encounter or experience however soon enough they will start to daydream, if you will and they'll need to be set back on the right track. That's why it is best for them to have a partner that can keep them on the right path.

As a friend, a Pisces will go out of their way to help a friend. They'll do anything they have to do in order to come to the help of a friend in need. They are sensitive and very loyal. They are the type of friend that will take their friends' problems and turn it into their own and so therefore they'll suffer along the side of their friends. What a Pisces really needs is a strong positive friend to make them strong. They like adventure, social events. They will always have something exciting in mind and will prove to be a long lasting friend.

In the career department a Pisces is great a writing, acting, poetry, or even being a musician. They don't do all that well in leader positions. Basically they do great at anything that does with the heart or anything that connects to the spirit even. They are very creative people and can in turn inspire others. However in order to inspire others they must stop doubting themselves, because they are indeed capable of being role models. People do look up to them, they just may not know it.

The personality of a Pisces can be mysterious at times. They tend to incorporate their surroundings into themselves. They are compassionate people, therefore they may feel the pain of others. If something goes wrong it touches them deeply. However when they are happy they can be real happy and the same goes for when they are sad.

A Pisces woman can be fascinating. She's able to make a man feel just like a man, a protector. This woman is not easy to fool, she can usually see right through a man, so beware if you are dating one if you are trying to fool one. It's most likely she is already aware of what you are doing. She needs to nurture therefore she will give the man orders when dating one, however it is not to be cruel. It is only for the man's own good. She is a very romantic woman and will lose herself in the relationship.

A Pisces man is like the ultimate romantic man there is. He is the type of man, when in a relationship, will feel with the woman. If you are a woman who often times complains that a man isn't ever sensitive enough then a Pisces man is for you. However a Pisces man will also fall out of love if he feels that what he wants is unrealistic and that there is no such thing as a perfect woman. He needs a woman that will dominate over him but ever so subtly. Not over doing it.


The element of a Pisces is Water. Herbs and plants that connect to them include Heliotrope, Carnation, Opium Poppy, Chicory, and Sage.

There are trees as well that connect to them and these trees include the elm and the willow tree. The metal that corresponds with them is tin.

Their star stone is Amethyst or Pearl but other stones that connect to them include Sapphire and Emerald. Colors for Pisces are purple and Crimson.

Their lucky numbers are three and six and their day is Thursday. Their season is considered Winter.

The tarot card for Pisces is The Moon.

Animals that correspond with Pisces include Seal, Sheep, Ox, Stork and the Swan. However symbolic creatures that connect with them include the fish and dolphin.

Oils that connect with them are Bithwort, Carnation, Cloves, Dock, Lilac, or Lilly. Incense for them is Ambergris.

The following deities connect with Pisces Anubis, Poseidon, and Neptune. The sign rules over the age group of 55-62 years old.

It's said when the moon is in the sign of Pisces that rituals of magic that involve clairvoyance and creative arts may be done. When it comes to health rituals anything to do with the feet may be done.


Now I bet there's some information here that you didn't know prior to reading this hub. Interesting information as well. If you know someone who is a pisces and this doesn't sound quite like them something you may want to take into account is when they were born. If they were born closer to Feb. 19 it may be possible that they have taken on some traits of another sign and same if they were born closer to March 20. I've seen it happen before.


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