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Things we forget to be thankful for

Updated on November 26, 2009

 There are many things we have to be thankful for at this time of year. We give thanks for family, children, our homes , our jobs and maybe the many things we have have been able to obtain during the past year.

But while many of us sit at dinner laden tables there are many more who have nothing. The collapse of the economy has increased homeless rates. In Dallas there are many families living under bridges, one with small children. the father lost his job, the mother was laid off. It only took missing two pay checks to take them from their homes and put them under a bridge in a card board box. The 3 small children huddle on a mattress under blankets against the cold. Many others join them. It was not their own choice that they wound up here. I wonder what they will have for Thanksgiving dinner. The news reel showing their plight showing their plight showed the faces of innocence, not understanding. Smiling and playing atop the mattress they seemed unconcerned, but it broke my heart knowing that I could be in the same place.

My mind returns to the families of those slain at Fort Hood Military base who will not be celebrating at Thanksgiving, or if they are it is bitter sweet. Many of us, myself included, forget the priviledges that many in other countries do not have. The freedom to pray before a meal, the freedom to worship no matter what religion we choose, the freedom to be what we aspire to be, and the freedom to have an opinion and express it without fear of retaliation. These freedoms are not FREE, they are the gift of the many men and women who risk, and the ones who lose their lives to provide us with these rights. I AM THANKFUL TODAY LORD FOR THEM. GOD BLESS THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES. My heartfelt thanks go out to the thousands of husbands, wives, son's , daughters, fathers and mothers who allow me to enjoy the opportunity to be safe with my family today. I want you to know I appreciate your sacrifice and that odf your family, being so far away and not sharing the togetherness you have allow me to have. My prayers are with you as you serve so bravely. GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE . And even though THOUGH AT TIMES WE MAY FORGET TO THANK YOU, OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS AND ARE WITH YOU.




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