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Thinking On God

Updated on August 20, 2013

I'm Not a Prophet, Nor Do I Play One on TV

Friend, I do not profess to be an expert on theology or vastly learned in the ways of religion; however the Lord has placed it on my heart to pen a few tidbits that might help you grow and mature in your relationship with Him. What follows is stuff you always wanted to know about how to grow in a relationship with God, but felt too stupid to ask Him.

Been Saved, What's Next?

Trust In the Lord With All Your Heart

What Do I Do After Publicly Professing My Sins?

Grow by reading your Bible and pray everyday. Also avoid the temptation to sin doing God’s work by loving and helping your fellow man. A relationship with God is just like any other relationship that you may have with a family member, marriage or in a friendship. In order to build an intimate and satisfying relationship, you must show you appreciate being a part of it by actively committing yourself daily using these methods to increase the love and trust you both share for one another. This means listening when He speaks, complementing and thanking Him for when you are given gifts, never acting in a way to displease Him and trusting in Him to guide you on a fruitful path even when you cannot see the forest before the trees. Proverbs 3: 5-6

What is the Purpose of Praying and Reading My Bible Every Day?

These are your weapons to combat the demons that attack you in an attempt to make you lose your faith. A new soul for God is one less in hell. These demons would rather go all out trying to bring you down then spend even a second with the most veracious prostitute. Without the reassurance of God’s word and regularly speaking to Him for guidance, they might succeed. Think of it this way, you can take years of a foreign language in school and become almost fluent in it; however, if you do not speak or read it every day you will lose the ability to use it. 2 Timothy: Chapters 16-17

Why Should I Submit Totally to God?

I heard a parable in Sunday school once. It was about a father and son who were traveling through a dense jungle, and suddenly without explanation the father yelled at the son to run away. The son did as his father told him without questioning why. To his great benefit, he narrowly missed being bitten by a poisonous snake. God knows all and has a prescribed plan for you. He knows what is best and you can’t profit unless you trust his judgment. You must willfully rely on His methods, and in the end you will be extremely satisfied with the results. James 4: 13-15, Ecclesiastes 3: 11

Do Prayers Have an Expiration Date?

No. God hears every word and keeps record of your personal requests for comfort, support and desire for growth. This doesn't mean that you may obtain an immediate response. God wants us to mature by learning patience and self-sufficiency. If you meet him halfway and quietly wait, he’ll be sure to meet your needs in due time. It is by His will that you are saved and by His will you will prosper. It may not be done in the way you wanted, but He will be sure to satisfy all your needs. I Thessalonians 2: 13

Why Does God Seem to Sometimes Turn a Deaf Ear?

As previously mentioned, it just may not be the right time to answer your call, but God always listens, so be patient. Also, your behavior may be hindering your blessing. Ask yourself, have I sinned and is it causing the lines to God to clog up? You can’t hold God to your expectations, if you aren't willing to be held to His. Don’t miss out by giving into temptation. 1 Chronicles 28:9, 2 Timothy 2:15

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What Does It Mean to “Speak in Tongues”?

This is when the Holy Spirit becomes a part of you and you allow it to take over your mind and ability to speak. Sometimes the Spirit has a message He wants to send through you to be interpreted by someone else, other times it is a way for you to speak directly to the Lord in a more intimate manner. When this happens is entirely up to the Holy Spirit. When He feels that you are spiritually ready, you will receive this gift. It could take years of growing and maturing in your relationship with God, or it could happen the first time you fully submit yourself totally to God. But rest assured, the feeling is of pure joy! Once you experience it, you will always crave to have it again and again. Let go and let God! 1 Corinthians 14: 1-40

Why is My Life So Bad, When I Am So Good?

Okay, let’s say you are reading your bible and praying daily. You consistently attend church service. You are actively refraining from sin and living for the benefit of others. Sounds like you are the perfect Christian, right? Maybe, which is why you will have a bulls-eye on your forehead. Every nasty demon out there will be out to get you with the determination to make you fall from grace. I realize this may seem counter-intuitive, but God allows these attacks to test your faith and to help you grow stronger after you have shown that you can endure through these battles. There will be times in your life when it seems everyone around you seems out to get you. Recognize the demon’s influence in them and keep the will to stay strong in God. Job 23: 10

What's Your IQ on God?

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Tell Me What Do You Think?

If you have a testimony to share about your first-time experience becoming saved, please share it with us. I also welcome any insight any mature Christians in Christ may have regarding how to establish a lasting relationship in God.

If none of the above applies, please take the poll below to say whether this information has been helpful to you. Be blessed.

Saved By Grace


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