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Thinking about Y'shua and Ascension Factors

Updated on November 10, 2009
Christianity is unrelated to Y'shua
Christianity is unrelated to Y'shua
Having Trouble effectively Dying?
Having Trouble effectively Dying?

I'm after you. No! I'm after You! Hold Still While I Retrieve you!

There is one here, by here, I mean the entire scope of the internet world, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who is severely confused about ACIM foundational premises and what they are for. ACIM=A Course In Miracles, HS=either higher self or Holy Spirit, (wholly) One with God, indivisible, and amen and so be it. My word is good insofar as 6 hours to write it can make it good.

He has declared himself, quite right to the ego, ironically in poetic terms that he is “just a victim of ACIM” and also that he upholds the value of suffering as a necessary? component of human evolvement on this planet. Exactly so suffering and death is what we see, and so we say to ourselves, yaay--ah Jehova, yaay-ah oh mighty forces of godlikeness..then bring on the rain while I stand here gritting my teeth. I am not the type to sympathize with those who declare themselves victims of whatever. I have compassion, but not sympathy.

I have seen this one as a baby soul on more than one occasion. It is not what I wished to see for it became clear I was a student of the special relationship as illustrated by ACIM. I have come, within my intentions to Earth, to be shown the holy relationship by HS, lo and behold, don’t we all want to see that something faintly resembling the truth??!!

Oh course, y’all know. at least ACIM students and teachers will realize this, ACIM says we cannot be a victim, except that we see that as false perception of the untrained in ACIM principles, ah, untrained to mean ego. To which his apt and swift reply when such as I speaks of what the ego is, he would reply “I do not believe in ACIM’s descriptions of the ego.” Sigh...

I have given up. My heart is heavy, though temporarily so, for once upon a time I grew terribly romantic about this person, even as I knew ACIM was my only true lover for eternity. I was upset momentarily to hear him exclaim love was only a four letter word and then it seemed he wished to prove what he said was true, and then again, he wishes to unprove what he implied to the rest of us.

When the ego falls out of love, watch out. It’s like a raging river and you’re drowning in it yet it’s all the ego’s rantings and nothing more.

Then it becomes, oh Lord, invisible rock, one pointed master of this hideous unhealthy world which believes in suffering as our due, and victimhood as a badge of courage, I wish you would let me pass. I was going to say, ok, HS, you gave me a mtn to climb, and once more, I beseech you and invoke how to forgive and show me what true forgiveness is again; I must have forgot and I do so hate being this lightbulb flickering on and off.

Perhaps it is to go to bed not angry, not frustrated with the effort to bring pure love to this person, or in terms of the whole world, we can say the same thing. ACIM taught me to monitor my thoughts and feelings every minute of the day and night, for thereby I create my perceptions and perceptions over a lifetime can yield up HS knowledge, if the perceptions can be made true through one's experience and they can. This one I speak of, I have compassion for, but I have no hidden message for him, nor bandaides for what ails him, as he gives me no authority to be healer or sage. I have no yearnings which have not already been fulfilled on other levels of being. He “thinks” I have the answer, or something for him. It’s my fault perhaps that he thinks I have something he does not possess.

I may be guilty of what I don’t know yet to cause him to think error thoughts, yet if I do possess this guilt, it is not a motivator for me to seek out his company, as he most likely would want me to seek him out using any ploy at hand.

He has asked me “what do you need?” Implying he can supply it. He has supplied it already. But knows it not, and then confessed I too have supplied it already. Scratch head, I've got a master double talker on my hands. I am way past needing his help and on my way out the door while not being able to be heard, that I do have gratitude, but not to the ego of him. My gratitude remains with J, and ACIM, and secondly to you whomever reads me. Your time is valuable to me. One additional thought to this one, I asked you to cross the bridge WITH me. You declined and said you would stay there where you were. That is your free will.

On another level, he must know life is like a game, when egos are playing it.
Life with HS is not a game of exchange at all. We do not compete for the winner to take all. It (ACIM) must be practiced to yield up the consequent confirmation of experience, which proves it’s truth base, yet ironically, only to the practioner is anything at all proven. He fights me every inch of the ground like a wildcat cornered, teeth sharpened, he would bite the hand that feeds it without thinking twice. I gain towards expressing outwardly through the pen, what is this heart path of ACIM. Indeed, I sought the cause of Love even before I had found ACIM which gave me EVERYTHING I needed on this Earth, and even the courage to Love and approach this person.

For if it is not a heart path we seek to stay on, then there is no hope for world peace and understanding and all those terms new agers slather on each other like it was manufactured from the mere word.
Let’s look at suffering and death of the body for a bit. I know you are brave and can handle it, otherwise you never would have found ACIM. It is radical. Sometimes radical sets your soul free. Even Mr Wolf would probably not find fault with the idea we need something radical now and again to set us free.

Free from what? Why, suffering of course. If you don’t feel the joy of ACIM after practicing it’s premises, then you simply don’t have the true perception yet. Don’t give up. Suffering can also be construed as the gain of the concentrative ability to even read ACIM. Other books can be similar to ACIM premises, yet ACIM stands out above the rest and you can see this from it’s popularity gains. Yet I will not say that other paths are not true. ACIM does not want me to gossip in that way. Truth can come in many ways.

You cannot read it as if some rather commonplace brother wrote it, so that you would say, all my brothers have contradictive natures and none are knowing perfection and so I may read this book in a most skeptical manner and be done with it, keeping all my perceptions, true or false and separating myself from what it says.

I find you must approach ACIM “as if” it were Y’shua himself, who does hold a superior understanding of the whole of humanity or you will be withholding a part of your mind, (ego) from whatever does not set well with your former premises of what this world is for, with all it’s suffering, sham and drudgery, and broken dreams, and yes, last but not least, romantic illusions of everlasting blissful matrimony with “the one and only.”

You must at some time, as you develop greater insight, begin to see our equality, our oneness, and that there simply is no one and only, but we wish that this were the case, and so we suffer a heart ache, or get the blues. In essence, we will come to love each and every grain of sand with the same love, a maximal expression of that love, the love that was in Y’shua, it shall abide within yourself, and this is freedom from false perception. And, if the heart is right, you will not walk all alone and there will be companionship.

Gang, we will DIE no more! We will simply vacate the premises when we so choose.
The hospitals will go out of business! Think of it. Medical expenses, hospital stays, funeral costs, it’s a way of life for us. It is acceptable suffering to the ego, to be suffering the temporary lifespan, with death always at our heels, chasing us down. It’s so funny, this world, that we now have to sign papers declaring the right to die and be unplugged from that grotesque machine!!!

And so we all believe in the same thing and if so and so is doing it, well, that’s makes it ok to do it and you may be trying to be like the crowd around you, to faithfully pay your high medical premium monthly.

I’m speaking of another time and place, but remember, if you can imagine anything, that image that you create can and will come true, sooner or later, and if we ever took a notion to want total peace in the world, there is nothing that could prevent our combined power to do just what we say we’re gonna do.

First it must be imagined; nothing “just happens.” It’s us that make it happen by focusing on what we want. Of course, in alignment with the highest good.

Who can say the highest good is death and ill health for mankind? This is like saying there is something wonderful about being a martyr, or having a savior complex. Remember, ACIM has told you salvation has already been accomplished for mankind? In essence, ACIM says you need do nothing for salvation to accomplish it’s purpose.

Be glad then. This is way good news! Although I need do nothing, yet I am also told each must play their part, their role, as salvation cannot be complete without you playing your role. This statement should bring you joy also, for we all wish to play our role, to express ourselves in that.

This is to show we are One, effecting of one another on all levels. If you are suffering from any ego contrived reason which forever justifies that you should feel pain, disease, hunger, the blues, you must examine why you accept this as your lot and even proceed to build your life around said status.

I have suffered various situations, illnesses, heart aches yet I cannot say my suffering is greater than any other brother going here, or if I did say my dog was bigger than yours, it would surely be an ego ploy I’d have to recognize.
At the least juncture of pain and suffering there is a place within, you must go to, there you constantly decide, in the moment, to continue suffering or to be done with it by turning it over to HS, forgiving self, and other if necessary, becomes the same action, to say, that giving and receiving are the same action. I find forgiving myself in general, causes me to automatically be at peace and forgiveness with what is appearing as the other. It is taking responsibility for your personal, internal reality, in that case.

The mirror of your brother’s eyes will reflect back to you the love you feel for him.
Not speaking of gender here. The playground of gender is designed for the propagation of more bodies. It had to be fun, or we wouldn’t bother populating the world at all. Get over it, don’t find reasons to indulge in fantasies.

Let us go beyond the appearance of the flesh and it’s appetites. Let us go for the freedom from birth and death instead of the eternal suffering of the sins of the parents idea. Remember, we will not be born here, nor will we die here, in the future to come, which is already here, just a slight shift away from your now perspective.

If we want a body to use, we simply will find that possible also, yet we will come and go as we please, having gained this ability through many eons of self study and exploration of the Earth and the life force within the Earth.

Life is real. Death and suffering that goes with it is unreal, not our true home.

You want life, and in abundance. That you shall have, for you have suffered enough. You will decide when enough is enough. Many will help you, for we are One.

If there’s one thing we can agree upon no matter what part of the staircase step you stand on, it is to notice this physical world is composed of a temporary sojourn, a series of holy or unholy instants called a lifetime of so called “living.”

For not a few, they can’t wait until it’s over! My heart goes out to them, I don’t care one way or the other when my time comes.

I’ve been told I can leave or stay. It’s up to me. I believe it. This is what I hear when I go within, while you will hear what you need when you go within. It does not mean I am right, and you are wrong. It means there is no right or wrong; there is only true or false perception. Concentrate on the chapters of ACIM on this perception business. It greatly aided my growth.

Perception is not knowledge. It is just perception which does not see the whole picture of humanity acting as it were, in chorus. It is like living as a small critter in a ravine and having never seen the sky or the ocean; it only perceives what is right in front of it, so that it can live it’s life also, and survive as long as possible.

Knowing I need not stay here, if I be suffering in that circumstance is quite freeing and makes suffering look quite different! It does not seem like suffering at all when I do not get what it is I think I want.

If I don’t get whatever it is I think I want because I am thinking or doing the same thing and producing this kind of reality, I can simply look within and see what changes in perception are needed to see that I already HAVE what it is I thought I didn’t. And why is this? Because we all share the same love Y’shua had for all. It’s there, underneath yesterday’s false perceptions.
I don’t like bringing bad news to he whom I have loved, but I need to tell it like I see it. The bible must be read like ACIM is read. Both can be misinterpreted.

ACIM is much easier to understand than the bible as ACIM is talking about YOU personally. It tells you about the ego of mankind, that it is like a small measure of impatience holds back all the rage of the centuries, it’s like the ego holds it’s finger in the dike, but it can’t survive forever, thinking it alone is real and true, and all others are untrue, have no love, are with falseness, etc and so on, the game of the ego is to keep separate always, from God and from our brothers.
Sadly, the bible tells us that J came here and suffered for your sake. I am telling you he was ABOVE suffering in every sense of the word. He was overjoyed to help the world and still is. Forget your, and my, criminal activities. J is simply teaching forgiveness and release from all this world offers.

Few know how to forgive. We need each other to learn of it.

You can breath life into a new day, because you want to feel alive and vibrant with this love that is at the basis of your being. All you want is Yourself! And you will feel alive and bypass the thoughts of the ego which keeps you bound to suffering and your lot, for it is promised. Look within ACIM, believe, it is Him. As usual, few can hear Him, few will go that narrow way. ACIM is a path, not a book. He did return. Why would he go away? He didn’t. He laid the rotting flesh aside. Yes we are dying and rotting every day, and resurrecting every day.

Yet here’s another marvelous thought after I’ve thoroughly grossed you out perhaps..sorry, my pen has poison in it, but I will explain perhaps this wondrous thought that came to me, that J’s body was made of Light! There at the end I mean. Of course he was human and studied in his early years, just as you and I do the same. I do believe he was given the power to transpose his cells into Light, thereby, as I told you, leaving this world by appearance only. For it is only that body that is seen by the body’s own eye. You must begin to see with a spiritual, not a materialistic eye. The body is not really there, as an eternal circumstance.

A side thought: don’t we love to adorn the body, with clothing, jewels, stuff it with fine foods and wines, make it do untold feats of endurance, other times making it suffer just to see if we can master it’s properties...

I go nowhere with that thought! lol! Enjoy it while you have it. You wanted to be here.

Back to this we are the light thing. All is energy. Energy is light. Darkness is the absence of the light. Darkness has no properties other than those we ourselves assign to it. Therefore consider darkness and light as properties of a duality world.

Christ ascended the duality world by transposing his cells into a lighter and lighter frequency, which we simply call the Light. He was in cohoots with his Father, whom is your Father and if J was not our brother, the family of mankind, there could be no possible reason for Him to descend into flesh and aide mankind in their spiritual evolvement. I mean think about it; ACIM says mankind forgot to laugh. Ok, then I see J as being a mirthful sort of fellow, for he could not be otherwise if he remembered who he was in his fullness, and that his fullness was indeed all others. If you are mirthful, filled with life abundant, it’s impossible to suffer at the same time.

Think about it. Think you J came here to suffer your sins, or errors? How can one suffer being one with God? I look at myself, and ask myself do I suffer because that one over there is suffering? No, I just see their suffering as an illusion, not true, I don’t buy their product. Their thought does not leave it’s originating head. I am fully protected from lies or illusions, because I believe what J is saying I can see with true perception.

Being one with all that is? Imagine J. Being so in love that every footfall makes a flower, oh, heaven has come because of his footfall, a flower talking to itself might say this: I shall be more beauteous and large because he passed this way, a pure, undistorted by ego Love. Big enough to feel only Love, only life in abundance. All we want is to be NOT sick!

So I ponder on the transformation of cellular tissue into this Light property. I begin to see I know nothing really, but one thing I do know that I’d like to pass on.

Suffering is not what you think it is. Neither are relationships what you think they should be. Only the voice for God can tell you what a relationship is for; make sure you keep one ear open to HS while the mouth is babbling as I do here. Make a joyful sound. Fake it until you make it. Soon you will see this is your destiny. The love inside you cannot suffer a death.
Love is all that remains when we ascend into our rightful places, and without this heavy body of flesh that constantly needs attendance to keep it fit and well. Or it shall turn itself back into minerals and water into the Earth from which it was taken. Perhaps you can begin to transform your cells by your thought, into light? Try to see a cell as energy, which takes your mind’s direction.
Whom else would the body take direction from if not your mind and will to be healthy?
Do not praise the body or adorn it up too much, but consider you are not that body, it is borrowed for your use. Take care of it but be not afraid to go to your true home where the matter is of a much finer nature that we shall call Light and energy.

You will see, it was worth it, and you were not suffering at all, for you won’t be able to remember the pain, there will be so much joy, it was like nothing really painful happened! J knew the end result was that some of us would remember what he said, and we would do the miracles he said we would, and even greater miracles, and we believed. We believed and because we believed, we are making it come true. There is no evil I would say to this man that I know, yet there is something we may say is similar to that concept..the ego. It is misinformed, assumptive, believes in all sorts of illusions, it preens and blusters, brags that it can produce another body, usually it will brag about anything at all, it even starts silly wars over nothing at all, like being able to drive a car cheaply with the fuel. That’s a silly war, when driving a car is not really necessary for our survival on this planet and certainly is nothing to start a war over and take human life.

Blessings and I feel a great peace starting to come over me for having written these things. I hope you feel the peace that is coming in greater measure for us if we but check for signs of it’s advancing reality.
I love the storm and the calm after the storm, and the rain that brings the flowers, I love thinking about J, what he was like, what he still is like and making him very personally mine while knowing he is yours also, we share this way the glory that will be ours when the truth sets us free from bondage to the darkness that does not really exist! Ah, if we all could just understand, we are making it all up and pretending it’s real. Only love is real and we are now free and totally alive. Peace my brother, I allow you your victimhood and your blues if that is how you define your uniqueness. I will go down with my ship also. Swing low sweet chariot! Peace.


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    • LaughingRain profile imageAUTHOR

      Alysia McAlister 

      9 years ago from Arizona

      thanks for responses mike and bill. mike, I didn't know for 3 weeks you'd responded. sorry.

      I will try to be a better writer Bill.

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 

      9 years ago from sourcewall

      I can honestly say that I have read this hub but don't really understand what was written I think I might have to come back and read it again.

    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 

      9 years ago

      Another wonderful hub, LR. Yeah, there be lots of soul ages here on terra. Baby souls, oldies but goodies, and all in between. The Michael books channeled through Chelsea Yarbro go into detail on the qualities of the various soul ages. Love ACIM what I have been able to read. Never finished it. How many times you read it?

      Love the GANDHI quote. He's one of my all time favorite people. Keep the hubs coming. You need to WRITE A BOOK...


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