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Thirst for Fame!

Updated on February 9, 2013

Love All, Serve All.

Why should one seek Fame?

Every one breeds different kinds of desires. One such pertains to "Fame". People generally seek wealth, happiness and prosperity. But many people who are affluent seeks fame and recognition. But fame is related to talent. Unless one is talented in some field, he can not desire for fame. There are many who excel others in many disciplines. It may be academic, research oriented or sports. It may also be business acumen. Competition to get recognition in business ventures and to earn a brand name is also related to fame! Not only in mundane life, but in spiritual field also many people seek fame by showcasing their knowledge and building a trust. Today we have come across many such Ashrams where a spiritual Guru along with his retinue of disciples undertake many activities like conducting Yoga classes, teaching philosophy and scriptures, publishing books and audio video CDs, Some of them undertake many philanthropic activities like building huge hospitals where every thing is Free! They establish educational institutions of repute and providing Free education to all from KG to PG.

Here, i have to clarify two things. An ashram founded on the sole aim to get fame and recognition and an Ashram founded on the principles of 'selfless service to poor and downtrodden in society. The second category is rarest of rare. It is not founded for getting name and fame but solely on the aim of welfare of the society. One such Ashram was established by Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi in South India. It had very humble surroundings and later became an Universal Pilgrim place. It took more than fifty years to start some collages which offer free education to one and all purely based on merit. No consideration of caste, community, religion or region whatsoever. All the students are admitted based on their performance in the entrance test. All the students need to stay in hostel and nourishing food at minimal cost was provided to the students. The discipline expected from the students is high. The students were taught both secular and spiritual subjects. It is an integral program and the students have to pass both in secular and spiritual subjects. They are taught about all the major religions of the world, the philosophy and about the sages and saints who took birth around the globe. It is a value based education which teaches the students to take care of the needs of the society. Saibaba used to say that "Degrees are not begging bowls for jobs! Students who pass out of the portals of the Institute should become responsible citizens caring for the society above their own interest.

They are groomed into ideal citizens who cares for others. They no doubt become talented in their own disciplines of study and are employed in many reputed Institutions world wide. They show their mettle in their profession. They consider Truth and integrity as the back bone of their life. Naturally Sai Students are most sought after in many multi- national companies. Wherever they are, they engage themselves in community development program in their own places with like minded alumni of Sathya Sai University. Even while they were studying, Saibaba has engaged them in village service program every year for fifteen days. The students get to know the living conditions of poor villagers around and make an inventory of their needs. They organize the requisite help and deliver them at the villages. Many health camps, veterinary camps and other health related workshops are undertaken with the participation of villagers. Saibaba has established two big Super speciality Hospitals one at Puttaparthi and other at Whitefield, Bangalore wherein even costly cardiac surgeries are conducted Free and food is provided free of cost to the patients and attendants along with medicines during their stay in the hospitals. In world level, nowhere such a free super speciality hospital is functioning which offer absolutely free care. The wonder is that there is NO billing department in those Hospitals! In addition, Saibaba has provided free drinking water to more than 800 villages from the Trust. Those villagers were without any potable water supply during the past many decades. Now each village is provided with potable water supply very near to their huts. Previously they used to tread many miles to fetch a pot of water. In addition, Saibaba has provided water supply to a huge city Chennai in Tamilnadu. No government agency has so far provided the same out of the tax collected from the public. But Saibaba has provided this from his own trust without seeking the help of Government!

He cares for the people and not for name and fame. Even when such gigantic projects are initiated, there is no fanfare. Every thing is done quietly. When some body asked Baba why he is not advertising such services, he said, when the child is fed or clothed, do the father advertise those things? All are my own. I am happy when they are satisfied and when their basic needs of health, education and drinking water is fulfilled! But nowadays people advertise in the media through TV and Newspapers even if some small service using government money is inaugurated!


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