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This Sinful Deed ~ "Temptations Alluring Charm(s)" poem

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 06/27/09 - Poem

This evil thats before me, It's close enough to touch.
It is there ahead of me, Temptation seems so much.

Whatever should I do, This answer I surely know.
What will my final action, Really true show.

Is my inner strength here, Do I have what it will take?
Or will I fail this, Will that promise I break?

It looks so alluring, Promising so much joy.
It'd make me so happy, Like a kid with a new toy.

But for all the evil pleasure, That it would bring to me.
Then would come the guilt, My failure all I'd see.

Weakness seems to overcome me, Yet I say a Prayer.
I lift up my request, Hoping God is there.

Truth be told I know He is, But will I see it that way?
Or cave to my desires, Writing off success this day.

Prayer and petition, Carnal drive be slain.
This burden ever haunts me, I'm filled with disdain.

God is there to rescue, I know this in my heart.
But yet to be delivered, I must do my part.

If here I faulter, Saying - here I go again.
I know hearts be broken, From my evil sin.

My temptation it resides, Being here all alone.
Upon my heart it weighs now, To pick-up the phone.

My fingers they do fumble, To call on another.
Family, neighbor, friend, A sister or a brother.

Now I hear a voice, On the other end of the line.
Thank You God in Christ, I Believe now that I'lll be fine.

Always be accountable, a chord of three strands is not easily broken!


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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