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This can happen to anyone

Updated on August 22, 2011

This can happen to any one, well it happened to me and it is not a very nice thing what happened.

Well we all know that there are many in this world who like to do things that are not correct, and by dong them others suffer a lot, some may suffer so much it may make them feel so sick about it.

Didn't Jesus say that as the end times come closer there will be hard times for all, well I can say those words are so true.

What has happened to me I would not like it to come on anyone ever, well when it happened yes I felt very annoyed about it, but it was done, so not much I could do about it, except to notify all of my friends about what happened to say be VERY carefull in not taking any notice of what they may receive via email.

So these things are happening now what will it be like say in 10 to 20 years time, who will be controlling the world, but as we know being a christian we know who will be there to help us in all things, the Word of God we are to stand up to this sort of thing which happened to me.

Some one some how hacked into my computer and stole nearly everything, all my eml. address were taken and now these people are sending emls to my friends to say that I'm in a hotel and I have a large account to pay and I'm asking for help of money to get me out of trouble.

Well I can say that many of my friends knew it was not me as I always sign off in a special way and this was not done by those scum.

So what I'm saying here be careful to how you manage your emls. I do have very good protection on my computer but some how they got thru.

Jesus spoke in Matthew 24: 4. "Jesus answered,"Watch out that no-one deceives you." He also said that many will deceive us.

So watch out, be careful, check everything out before you do things.

God Loves All


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