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This is Where I am (section 2)

Updated on October 1, 2014


People are complex, and so are their issues.
People are complex, and so are their issues. | Source


I suppose this section is more of an epiphany than a major leap in where i am as a person, or spiritually. So many time’s i have let good conversation topics slide down the drain, and most of the time i chased mind numbing topics that required little to no thought. Just a few sentences, and then wala! you have a conversation complete. It is good for us to have those conversations that do not require much thought, it keeps you involved with low stress or anxiety. It is also important to dive into a topic you find sincerely interesting, or you just wish to show someone a different side of.

The topic was Life Could Be Worse! (LCBW). Just a saying to most, but to the person that was iterating to the public Life Could Be Worse, it took on a meaning that i was unfamiliar with. It took on a feeling of shallow, emotionless, and unneeded retort to someones complaints. Now I am a firm believer that those who complain on the Internet, especially social media are somewhat asking for it. Occasionally those who complain just need support. Let’s face it some people get hit with the crap end of the unlucky stick sometimes. Some individuals fight through extreme situations, harsh diseases, and just unfortunate events.

So it struck me when an individual, with whom i went to school with commented on social media bashing a phrase I had always took as a helpful reminder. This individual had such luck at times of being hit with the unlucky stick, and had suffered from a terribly painful disease. This person was also one intelligent individual, but one who always had seemed to fight contemplations of worth in life and trials. ( No not suicidal, just depressing inner fights.) I only think this and i am not for certain, but this person had expressed themselves in this fashion.

So why when this person struggled so often was a source of inspiration more of a source of unneeded shallow attitude. Why was this simple phrase life could be worse a bad thing, and not a realization. This question is what began my epiphany. I understand individuals are all different, but sometimes it is hard to understand individuals see the world differently. Yes it’s a detail that is hard for me to grasp. Why? Well think about it we travel through this life with a set of values, and emotional triggers based on events that happen through our life. We also only travel through life seeing events in our own eyes. We may ask for rain, because we are a farmer and feel grateful when it rains, and yet when it rains a woman who is homeless feels depressed because its raining and she has no shelter. Well our inner battles are much like this.

Put It together

Put it together in a way that helps you.
Put it together in a way that helps you. | Source


People are constantly receiving rain, and depending on the state of our emotional self, inner self determines rather we are that homeless lady, or the farmer. So telling someone a simple phrase such as It could be worse could result in a multiple forms of acknowledgment. I discovered this person had this view of the phrase.

“ Why tell me things could be worse, of course things could get worse always, but that doesnt change the fact it sucks!”

I slowly started getting the feeling that the phrase put a certain lightheartedness on the situation they were going through, and they did not want that lighthearted response. To this person the situation they were going through should not have been taken lightheartedly. I agree any situation you are going through should not be taken lightheartedly, and it is no ones place to say your situation is not serious.

The phrase needed refreshing with this person. I wanted to show the person that this phrase even when used incorrectly could be used in a way that was good, and i want any of you to look at this phrase in such a way.

It could be worse is something to make you think, not that your situation is light, but that you are alive, and while you are alive you are blessed. Being alive grants you the ability to change. To change the world. To change yourself. To change someone elses life for the better. It could be worse is also a persons way to refocus you to thinking on the positive, and not dwelling on the negative. It is that persons way of saying have hope because you aren't in the worse place you could be. Have hope because you are able to change your situation, or your situation has the potential to change.

Next time a phrase is thrown at you, think about it before letting it unnerves you. Next time you are in a situation think about the positive. Many of the things we go through can be turned into blessing depending on the outlook we have on the situation.


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      Glenn 3 years ago

      Hmmm mind provoking. I like your positivity.