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This is Why God Gave Us an Objective Standard to Follow

Updated on June 17, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

The question will persist

It is highly doubtful that the debate over women preachers and women being able to preach will go away. I say this because evil likes to use the same strategies, especially when they are successful.

The issue of women preachers has been going on for some time. While it may not have been so debated as it is today, it is an issue where one side will not accept the answer God has already given.

The inspiration for this article comes from the one titled Beth Moore says 'hyper-complementarianism' taking attention away from SBC abuse scandal’ published this morning at The Christian Post.

Some people won’t take no for an answer

We see this all the time. Not just in those who fight hard to have women fill the pulpit but in other areas of life, including same-sex practices. Evil has so deceived these people that hearing they cannot abide by a negative ruling.

These people are very bent on having their own way that they use it to distract from other issues. One of the major issues is the sex abuse problem that has been revealed in the Southern Baptist Convention.

They also use the anti-women preaching stance to distort all the issues involved in both discussions.

Men are not afraid of women preaching

I know of no man that is afraid of a woman preaching. But what women do not realize is that men were made leaders and stewards of the church and these men must abide by God’s instructions and commands.

If there is an issue of fear, it is the fear of incurring God’s wrath for allowing his rules to be violated. Men have also been charged with teaching their women the ways of God. To teach that it is okay for women to preach would not be instructing those women correctly.

Those faulty instructions would have women living in sin, disobeying God on a weekly basis. That is not what men are to do. Sadly, too many women do not see the situation God’s way. They see it as an affront to their independence, their ability to serve God and their as making them oppressed or second class citizens.

This is a different world

Those are Ms. Moore’s words and she would be incorrect. The world has not changed. It still seeks sin over obedience to God. The modern world may express their practice of sin in different ways, but it is still sin, wrong and not of God

God has not changed either. He is the same no matter what age in earth’s history we are in. What God considers sin and disobedience in ancient times he still considers sin today. That includes designing the new testament Church like the Old Testament temple- women were not priests in the OT temple and they cannot be preachers/pastors, etc., in the NT Church.

If there are examples of women not following God’s rules and preach in the church throughout church history, that cannot be seen as God changing his mind. It is an example of women not listening to God.

Also, God’s rules have not changed. There is not one ancient manuscript recording any change to God’s or Jesus’ instructions on who can lead the church or preach in it. God’s word and instructions remain the same even if the secular world does not follow them.

God is not sexist either

We read throughout the Bible that God created men and women and gave them different roles. No matter where you turn in the Bible you will see that God’s roles for men in the church did not change. Nor did the roles of women, they are still created for men and are their helpmeet.

Women can be called disciples but that label does not mean that they were preaching in the church or leading it. It means that they followed the instructions of Jesus and his disciples. They obeyed God, sought to be holy and did not willfully disobey the instructions Jesus and his disciples gave.

Having different roles for both men and women is not a sexist act. It is indicating that men and women have different capabilities and that the two need to work together in spiritual harmony. To violate that function is saying that people think they can do a better job than God can in appointing leaders to his church.

It is God’s church and he sets the rules and he sets the roles. It is up to people to humble themselves and accept those roles, then perform them as Jesus would want.

The reason why God gave us an objective standard

One reason we have for God giving us an objective standard is so that we know right from wrong. God has outlined how his church is going to be run, who runs it and who gets to feed his sheep.

Like all of God’s commands and instructions, they are given so that we know how to live correctly. Without that instruction anything goes and the people of God would end up sinning in their attempts to get their way over someone else’s.

Another reason God gave us the objective standard is to know that those instructions came from him. They are not sourced in the human world but have divine origins. These instructions were not given to be sexist or oppress women but to show God’s creation that God takes his church seriously.

He has order and he makes that order known to all. Women need to learn to be content with their roles and obey God at all times if they want to make a spiritual impact on their families, friends and neighbors.

Some final words

The reason this debate will not go away is that those who support women preaching in the church refuse to follow God’s way of doing things. These people may get their ideas from the secular world as it continues to place women in positions they have no authority or right to hold.

The world does not lead the church, the church must lead the world in the right way to live and that includes not allowing their women to disobey God. Men are not afraid of women preachers, they just want to make sure that their women are in obedience to God and that they make it to heaven.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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