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This is brutal young friends in Faith.

Updated on January 22, 2014

I do not know of a more noble mountain

I have vomited at reaching the top of this great mountain, call it a summit. Only about 1300 feet.
I have vomited at reaching the top of this great mountain, call it a summit. Only about 1300 feet. | Source

Let them mock us

Do not come here to seek solace. And evil ones are welcome here. For the evil take what I write and use it to shame those who try to know God. For you are welcome and shall be shown for your lack of love and righteousness born of hatred and ill will. You shall be justified in your ill will toward man and contempt of love. So come and glorify your selves in our redemption, and repentance. For you are already made perfect by yourselves. And how sad that is.

Now let us repent. This is a place of loss of what we were. A place of great sorrow for we are lost to ourselves and found anew. Oh all this talk of glory is wonderful and so uplifting and I know it well as do you. But do not come here for that. Come here for loss. Come here to lose what you loved and held dear to your own heart.

Come here to die. Come here to lose your life. Come here in sorrow. Come here with hat in hand and begging for some justice though it means that you be put to death. Be ready and willing to die. And then die some more and then die some more. Suffer the slings and arrows of your life as though they were all pointed back at you and accept your passion. You have failed miserably. You have not born your burden you have passed it off to others. You have not fought your disease but have given it to another to bear.

I do not come here for peace and justification of your soul, I come to condemn it. I come to hold you accountable for your wrongs. Do you think you can be a hypocrite and not pay a price? I come for you now and will persecute you. I shall pull you down into depths of hell that you deserve.

That is my job. I am the redeemer and not your savior. But there is something that you can do to avoid my wrath. You can jump up and do a ditty dance and repent. And then I cannot touch you.

If you truly turn from hate and anger to love and understanding I cannot touch you. I am evil and can reach into your throat and rip your heart out and hand it to you before it stops beating. But I cannot touch you if you repent and turn from my evil to love. I have all power if you stay in wrong and evil. But I cannot touch you unless you leave that backdoor open.

My jail cells are full and I have a crunch on vacancy. So I ask you to stay away from my inn of hell. Please go elsewhere to check in for the life. I am so busy I got no time for your crap. So just do as I suggest and turn around and go over there. Just walk the line and understand I would love to have you but your brother and your sister are already here. So just go check in next door to the inn of right against wrong.

Sometimes a sunset is just a sunset.

What will the darkness hold for us?
What will the darkness hold for us? | Source

So sometimes we have to face what we do and do something different.

Is that really so bad?

Facing demons is always better than living with them or running from them. Bullies do not bully people who stand up to them.

So maybe we should just try and change for the better, if we can figure out what that is.


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