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This Is Your Life, are you who you want to be?

Updated on July 6, 2012

are you who you want to be?

“This is your life, are you who you want to be?” That was a line in one of the songs Switchfoot sang at this year’s Celebrate Freedom concert, and it got me to thinking… Am I? Really? And then I decided, No, I don’t really believe I am, at least not fully, yet!

I thought about how the day had gone as a whole. There were artists, like Anthony Evans, who really brought the worship to the stage and that was great to be part of, and there were artists who had more fun and commanded the audience. Artist KJ5-2 came out and had lots of fun with the crowd, he had them all doing these cheesy 80’s dances, had them eating out of the palm of his hands and following his lead like puppets. It was really quite a sight to see just how much influence he had on the majority of the crowd. I realize it was all in fun, and clean fun at that, but I thought about that too, and it made me think about life in general, would I want to be someone’s puppet? And just like those beautiful dogs you see on the competitions shows, their only claim to fame is to do tricks at someone else’s commands. So though it was all in fun and quite amusing to watch, it was really an eye opening experience. I realize now just what powerful influence music has on the world. They say jump the crowd jumped, they say scream the crowd scream, they say do those crazy 80’s dance the crowd did those silly dances. And that poses a question, where are you in your faith walk? Are you one of those go to church on Sunday stand up, sit down, bow your head, shake hands and go home kind of “puppet” Christians? Or do you step out of tradition and “religion” and seek a more personal relationship with the Father? When you have a bad day, do you turn on some worship music, get your bible or just sit in a quiet moment and talk to your Abba Father, who loves you and wants to make a better way for you?

A young gentleman won a contest for an original song he performed at the concert and it was quite thought provoking as well. Two lines stood out most for me in his song: “I want to be the difference” and “I want to be a man on fire”. My goodness, that got me to thinking. What would it take to make the difference? Even Michael Jackson said if you want to make a change you have to “start with the man in the mirror.” My Pastor has a great line he tells us often, about if you want to start a revival, you need to draw a circle around yourself, and start within the circle. That is like people who complain about the government and politics, but when you ask them about voting, they proclaim that they do not vote. People tend to say, one person cannot change the world. I beg to differ, just ask Jesus, ask Eve, ask Peter, better yet ask Paul, just one man who stepped out in faith and brought the Gospel to the Gentiles, whereby we are captured by grace. If you are looking for a change, or want to make a difference, then in borrowing another line from a Switchfoot song, “I DARE YOU TO MOVE!” Be that man on fire!

Speaking of Switchfoot though, I did happen to witness something that ultimately was very profound for me during their show. They had been playing several songs into their set and the crowd was understandably excited. I realize the popularity these guys have is rather large. They are a “big ticket” mainstream band with fans all over the world. But something began to happen during one of the songs, their lead singer, came off the stage and began to walk through the crowd and up into the stands. At first I didn’t realize what was going on, but I couldn’t help but notice how the masses were all shifting to that one area of the building. When I finally did grasp what was taking place, I just stood and watched for a while, dumbfounded on weight of it. The crowd was flocking to him and clinging to his every word. And it came to me; I wondered was that how it was like for Jesus? In all the stories we here of him walking down the streets and how the crowds flocked to him just to be near him and hear his teachings, especially the ones that stand out like the lady who pushed through to but touch the hem of his garment or Blind Bartimaeus, when he learned Jesus was coming through wanted to get to him for a healing, but the crowds were so big, he had to call out to Jesus with a voice that kept getting louder and louder, he had to be heard. And then in thinking about that, a great sadness fell on me. They had been preceded by two very powerful worship bands that never put the focus on themselves, but rather kept the focus on Jesus and worshipping the King of Kings. But now, it was like suddenly the focuses was not on worship for Jesus the Christ any longer but rather worship for John Foreman (lead singer for the band). Although the band has songs with positive messages in their lyrics especially in songs like “Dare you to move” and “Meant to live”, one cannot lose focus on the fact that they are just five men from California, and who are they to be worshipped?

So while it’s understandable to realize the impact music has on the world, one has to think about the impact you let it have on your life. Music can uplift you when you are down, music can make you angry and depressed, and music can set the mood for many different activities. But be careful little ears what you hear, music can make you a pawn in someone else’s game. Don’t be a puppet or trick dog for someone else. “Let them praise His name with the dance” Psalm 149:3. Know who you are worshipping. I don’t even know John Foreman personally, or anything about him.

So again, in closing, I ask~~ This is your life, are you who you want to be?

Switchfoot said it best…

My thoughts and reflections of Celebrate Freedom 2010


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