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Why did President Thomas Jefferson write a new bible with the miracles of Jesus left out?

Updated on January 13, 2012

Jefferson take on Jesus

I love to write on things that inspire me to think. When I was in a history class in college I was fascinated with Thomas Jefferson. He was a brilliant man who was almost self taught and spoke many languages. I read some of his writings and was amazed at what a brilliant man he was. Then when I read the he was the one who pinned the Declaration of Independence of American I was hooked and for months read just about everything I could on this great man.

In my research I discovered that he had wrote his own version of the Bible and that it was in fact the bible that they use maybe even to this day in our Congress. I was very curious of what his take was on Jesus and why he took his miracles out of what was to be later called the Jefferson Bible. Then I ran across this letter that he wrote to Benjamin Rush in 1803,

Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush, April 21, 1803, with Syllabus of an Estimate of the Merit of the Doctrines of Jesus, with Copies; Partial Transcription Available

And if you do not want to take a look for yourself. It gets a letter from Dr. Benjamin Rush on what his thoughts were on Jesus verses the other great philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle to name a few and after some time had gone by he answered this request in a letter to Benjamin Rush in 1803.


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    • shortymagee profile image

      shortymagee 5 years ago

      I read from the Hub pages e-mail to try to clean up your hubs to make them more appealing and to make more sense. I was floored at all of the things I missed last month when I first started Hub Pages.