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Thomas, the one they called The Twin

Updated on May 23, 2012

Doubting Thomas, how many of us have been there having doubts just about for everything, we go through this at some stage of our life.

I can recall way back I would have doubts about if it work work or not, in things I would try to make when at school, there was one time some mates and myself we built this tin sail boat big enough for one persion to get in, we lived up in the country and there was a lake there so we took this tin boat to the lake, the joins we put black tar the sort that was used to make raods with.

Well we put the boat in the water it did not leak so one of us got in it and it still floated, we had good times with the boat.

I was doubting all for nothing.

As we all move away from our childhood, many more things come into our lives, and we do have many doubts about them.

Thomas was one of the twelve apostles, and the others were telling him that they had seen Jesus alive, Thomas said, "I will never believe it, unless I see the marks of the nails in his hands, unless I put my finger into the marks of the nails, unless I put my hand into his side!"

About a week later Jesus appeared in the room where they all were, Thomas said, "My Lord and me God"!

Jesus said to Thomas "You believed, because you have seen me, the happy ones are those who have not seen me and yet who believe."

Have you ever wondered that when we pray for those who are ill that many times they do not receive healing, what do you think the reason could be? is it that they are not ready to receive the healing, do you think that God has other plans for them? or is it because they or even you the one who is praying that you may have a little thing about the healing will it be given or not be given.

You know this is having a doubt it does not matter if it is a little or big doubt its still doubting.

When you ask in prayer there is not room for any kind of doubt.

Read in James chap. 1 v 2-8 "My brothers and sisters, you should be very happy when you experience many kinds of troubles, because you know that the testing of your faith will develop more endurance. Endure, so that your actions will be truly complete, then you will be mature,you will have everything; you will need nothing. But if any one of you does need wisdom, just ask God. It will be given to you, God is the One who gives freely to all people and He does this without complaining, So, when you ask God, ask with confidence, without doubting, because a person who doubts God is as unstable as a wave of the sea during a storm. A person who wavers like this must not think that his prayer will be honored by the Lord.His heart is divided into two parts, and no one can depend on anything he does."

So this is why many healings do not come as well expect them to come, we must never have any doubts at all this is why we pray to God for healing so how can anyone doubt when they have just ask for total healing, if you have any doubts don't pray, let another pray for that person, when we pray our hearts desires will be given when we don't have any doubts.

Four friends of mine have had their prayers answered, because there were no doubting at all, one needed finance and it was given, another needed a car as theirs was in a traffic accident, they have been offered 2 cars, another had a tumor large as a lemon, she prayed with her hands on where the tumor was yes was now the tumor all gone, another has diabetics she prayed for it to go now she does not have to take medication and her blood count normal, this is all because they never had any doubts at all.

So all doubting Thomas's put away your thinking and believe what you can't see and believe what you can see.


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    • profile image

      Raymond Tremain 

      6 years ago

      Thank you Ps. yes we all need to believe in what we cant see well for now anyway, but one day we will see all. and that day is coming closer,

    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 

      6 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      Hello Raymond Tremain and Blessings!!! It's always GREAT to read your Hubs! God is really using you! Jesus said to Thomas "You believed, because you have seen me, the happy ones are those who have not seen me and yet who believe." I am so blessed to know that I fall into the category of believing and have not seen, and I know you do too Raymond. AMEN! Come see me when you have a chance. Voted-Up! Much love....


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