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Thoughtless state is Bliss supreme!

Updated on August 14, 2013

Thoughts disturb us and we lose the precious Peace!

First, the thoughts arise; some thoughts become desires; desires lead to actions and finally actions bring results. This is the cycle which starts from thoughts and ends up as results or effects. These effects whether favorable or unfavorable to the individual triggers further actions. If it is a favorable one, we desire for more such results. If it is unfavorable, we would like to make it favorable and this again entails more thoughts and plans. Either way, thoughts triggers more and more actions which binds us miserably in a never ending conundrum. This is a vicious cycle from which we have to get away. There is only one way to avoid all the troubles. Quell the thoughts! Many of the readers may start wondering ‘how is it possible since thoughts seems to come from nowhere and involuntary. Without any efforts on our parts, thoughts arise and we could never slow down or eradicate them since they are subtler than the sky!

Can you hold the sky in your palm? Impossible! Likewise, to control the thoughts that arise endlessly in our mind seems a gigantic mission. Yes, many of our ancestors and sages tried many methods to quell the thoughts. In the end, they came to the conclusion “Ignore the thoughts; they won’t pester you anymore! Seems easy, is it not? Try for yourself whether you can ignore it? For instance, many yoga masters teach their students to try meditation to quell the thought process. Well, let us try. In the predawn hours sit in a secluded room without any outside interference. Switch off your mobile and all gadgets. Sit preferably over a plank at least 3” above the floor level. Sit comfortably, relax yourselves; repeat silently in the mind some chants like “OM” or the name of any form of god like Jesus or Allah or Sai or any other name which you like! Now watch your mind. Thoughts start rushing into your mind from all the directions. There is a mad rush of thoughts. You are wondering; “Oh! I try to sit in meditation to quell the thoughts but they come in dozens attacking me from all sides”. Yes Sir, this is how the process of meditation itself starts. You have to do only a simple thing! KEEP QUIET! Do not do anything to fight with the thoughts. Instead, observe them as a mute witness. Let any kind of thought arise; Let it be discouraging, disturbing or threatening. Simply watch them. Do not do anything to follow them. Simply BE! Try this process every time you sit for meditation. Do not be dampened by the wavering mind. Sit quietly, silently. Not only the external silence. Be silent inside. Do not start any conversation inside you. Just be like a rock unconcerned about the typhoon! This is the first step in the lesson of Meditation!

Every time, be watching the stratagems of the mind disinterestedly. Be indifferent to the thought process. See what happens! The thoughts start slowing down! Yes, you have not even started meditation. Just you started chanting some potent chants. You start observing the mind from outside! Yes, the first step requires you to come out of the thought process and witness it as a mute one. Many a times, we used to observe the outside world from the windows of our rooms. We just watch the scenes. We do not involve ourselves in the scenes but simply watch them. Likewise we have to watch the thoughts that arise in the mind. If you start practicing the witness state, in due course, the rush of thoughts would subside greatly and you will be experiencing a subtle peace in yourself. Yes, the thoughts disrupt our peace. Hence the sages and saints recommend us to quell the thoughts. When you reach a thoughtless state, you will be one with the SELF!

Shirdi Saibaba fully absorbed in the Self!


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