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Thoughts and Feelings: One is Nothing Without the Other

Updated on August 7, 2013

Thoughts Originate From the Subconscious


First is Thought

Most people have never even pondered where a thought comes from or if they do, they think it originated in their brain. If that were the case then how do we come up with a totally new thought or idea? What about when we have a great revelation about something or an answer becomes obvious through our thoughts that we never could have imagined?

Thoughts are abundant. We have anywhere from 50,000 to 60,000 a day that run though our mind. They are brought to us by our subconscious to give us a constant source of stimulation. There isn't a single person who ever saw a thought enter the brain, yet we all know we have them and they are real. Without thought we would cease to live. Our brain would be as they say brain dead. Thought is first cause in life. If you had forgotten your name, where you came from, or what your past was, you would know one thing, and that is, that you ARE. Because you THINK, you know that you have presence, and that you can say I, acknowledging your being.

Thoughts are where we live and how we interpret reality for ourselves. If your thoughts tend to be heavy on the negative way of thinking your life is full of fear, anxiety, frustration, depression and all the other negative feelings that this type of thinking generates. If you are generally happy and content with life, then health, love and abundance will be a the greater part of your reality. Most of us think ourselves to be somewhere in-between but let's see if that actually is the case. At the end of the article I have a simple poll I'd like you to take part in and comments are always welcome.

Information Comes to Us in Many Ways


Imagine Your thoughts as the Internet

Think of your mind as the internet. When you pull the internet up there seems to be an infinite supply of information. If you don't choose what to look for, then Google or Yahoo or another search engine will choose for you by default. In this way the internet is the controller of what you focus on. However, if you pull up the internet and type something specific into the browser, now you have controlled the focus and the internet is at your command!

You think the same way. If you don't pull up thoughts on your own to focus on then your subconscious will pull one up for you. Over and over this goes on every second of the day, thoughts move through your mind. If you don't control the thought by choosing what YOU want to focus on, your mind will then focus on whatever random thought is rummaging through you mind and more often then not, we'll pick up a negative one to dwell on.

Put a Mental Sign on Your Mental Door!


Why do We Dwell on Negative Things?

It's a great question, and rather easy to answer. Take a typical work day (most of us get up differently on a work day then a weekend). Our job pays the bills but doesn't fulfill most of us. There can be stress, anxiety, resentment, jealousy even boredom, all of which make it tough to look forward to. Once you're up and running you plug into the news via TV, computer smartphone or newspaper and spend the next 15 minutes or so taking in all the latest scandals,swindles and murders. Then if you have children there is the stresses of getting them up, fed, dressed and to school on time. Once that task is done there is, in cities anyway, the fun commute to work. You then spend eight or more hours dealing with your workplace. Now, I'm not saying there isn't pleasant things that may have occurred thus far. You love your children and that trumps the stress of the chaotic morning. Some enjoy the commute and find it a way to relax with music, learn a language from a CD etc. and there usually is fun or happy moments in every workday. But, this example is to point out and get you think where your good versus negative thoughts dominate. So, to finish your day, you crawl through your commute home, tired, you prepare dinner while trying to get your children to focus on their homework. After dinner and its clean up, you glimpse a chance of relaxing and watching a TV show or reading a good book, however first you have to get the kids to bed.

This may or may not be your typical day, and, in fact I hope you find much more happiness and enjoyment then the example above, but we have, for the most part, forgotten how to see and focus on the positive and happy thoughts in our day. This is where first we have to become aware of what we actually think of and then start exchanging the negative ones for positive ones.

Why Thoughts and Feelings Are so Intimately Related

Try pulling up a thought and hold it for a minute or longer. You can focus on a picture you have on your wall or something that happened earlier today. It doesn't matter what, just keep focus on that one thought. After the minute how are you feeling? If you are truly focused on anything for a very short time, feeling comes into the picture. For example if you focus on a picture of a beautiful beach, after just a short few moments or maybe instantly, you start to experience the feeling of what the picture means to you. It could be a good feeling or bad, but it will invoke feelings within you. Thought comes first, feeling follows right after as long as the thought is more then just a passing one.

It's never the other way around. You can't have a feeling without some thought preceding it. So, if you are feeling sad, why? It may be an obvious answer or not. If not, analyze the feeling by taking a step back and asking yourself, "Why am I feeling sad?" You WILL get an answer. It could be just one reason only, you will discover, or a sad thing you heard during the day brought back sad memories of your past you are still holding on to.

Happy or sad, content or anxious, joyful or angry, we live through our feelings. We can not be void of them no matter what we may think. Even if you feel empty, that is a feeling! Try to not feel anything for 10 minutes. It's quite impossible. Even in sleep we feel. Just because we're unconscious we may think we don't feel anything, but our mind is constantly processing thought. I'm sure you've awakened and found yourself laughing, crying scared, annoyed etc., at least once before. Feeling never stops, it's the real reason for having thoughts.

Find Where You are on the Feeling Wheel


Why Does Feeling Matter?

Feeling is ALL that matters actually. There would be no motivation to live if there was nothing to feel. We live however, to feel good, to have joy, happiness and know love. When you have been in the depths of despair you know how horrible the feeling is and how badly you want to feel better. We all came here to experience life on Earth, but no one came here with the intent or goal to live a negative, miserable life. What purpose would that be? We enter the world all the same way, with a purpose of fulfillment and expansion of our spirit.

We aren't the sum total of our thoughts, we are a sum total of our feelings. Our feelings are what is translated through our spirit and with the law of attraction, the universe gives us what we dwell on, what we feel. It's so very important to always strive for a better thought, a happier thought until you feel positive thoughts dominating your life. Only then will you live a life of happiness and true abundance.

If you need some good ideas on how to find ways to relax and move to a better way of feeling, check out my article on Stress and how your senses can help you.

When you dwell on a particular thought

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