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Thoughts harm more than deeds!

Updated on October 30, 2013

Mind pollutes more than actions. Chanting to disinfect.

Thoughts are more powerful and they can pollute the atmosphere severely!

How the pigs relish filthy gutters? How they relish eating excreta? Yes, they are really doing a favor to the ecology. We consider pigs as nasty creatures. In foreign countries, ‘pork’ is a favorable dish to many. But those pigs, the white one were bred in most hygienic conditions. Their main food is grains, cereals and rich food. They are meant for their rich meat content. In the forests, certain animals are termed as ‘scavengers’ since they clean the ground of left over skins, meat and other parts by eating them. Even some insects participate in the cleaning process. Hence the ecology of the forest is kept spick and clean until man intruded into their legitimate territory. Hence the intruder is the real culprit.

Long ago, during the Stone Age people lived in far off places like the deep forests. Their life was full of struggles and adventure. They learned many things by actual experience. There were none to guide them. Everything was learned by trial and error methods only. It was a question of ‘survival” among the various beasts that shared the forest. As the populations have increased, there was a constant search for greener pastures for the milch animals. Fodder was essential to breed the animals like cow and buffalo as well as the goats. The search continued. They started migrating and settled along the river beds which provided them copious supply of water. Thus the river valley civilization started. Ultimately man started settling in villages, towns which boasted more facilities. After millions of years of existence, today much of the population settled in major cities which offered them ample employment opportunities in various vocations.

Today, the modern man, not only pollute the towns and cities but started his expedition in forests and hills, rivers and oceans. He has become the sole culprit to endanger ecology. By inventing aero planes, ships and trains, he travelled throughout the world to spoil the ecology of those places too. In fact, had he remained static in a place, his contribution to pollution might have been far less. Primarily his deep desire to discover new places, his eagerness to study the oceans and his ventures in space, thought laudable initially as ‘knowledge expansion’, has really resulted in many misadventures, which is the main cause of all we see today in the world.

Today, we praise man for his innovating intelligence which resulted in modern day inventions like the computer, internet, mobile phones, to aid information technology. But he has not kept quiet in other disciplines of life. The discovery of dynamite, the atom bombs, and many such destructive arsenals are being used as toys by the war mongers of modern world. Man has lit the fire of hatred everywhere and today he is unable to douse the fire which has engulfed the entire globe. Now a vital question is “How man can be termed as a most intelligence animal in the world. No animal species has contributed to the pollution of the world than man. They lead their lives without any perceptible change in the behavior since their lives are based on instincts. Man alone has the capacity to choose and unfortunately, he has chosen a wrong way to lead his life, endangering the entire globe. He has polluted the earth, ocean and air physically by his foolish inventions. Mentally, he is doing more harm by banal thoughts which hover around the space which is the cause of most of the natural calamities. Yes, more than the physical acts, the negative thought pattern of many in the world contributed to major disasters on earth and ocean.

Many consider thoughts as harmless be it good or bad. Thoughts have more power than deeds. Many scientists have proved this by many facts like hypnotism, and mesmerism and other techniques. This comes under extra sensory perceptions under metaphysics. In several magic shows, the magicians have shown their power of thoughts. By merely concentrating on a particular thought, they were able to bend the steel spoons, and they make the paper to catch fire or some of the objects to move even. Thoughts are very powerful. In ancient days, sages were able to view the happenings in distant lands. They were able to repeat the conversations that took place between two people in far off places. No modern gadgets were in place those times. We read from the epics that the great Ravana has kept his chariot airborne by mere repetition of certain potent formulae. Even during wars, arrows were aimed at the enemy to cause havoc with certain utterings. They turned into huge balls of fire like the modern day rockets. Today, the atmosphere has been polluted by the evil thoughts of man. They remain in the atmosphere. They cannot be destroyed by ordinary means.

In many religions of the world, the chanting of Divine names has been prescribed as a sure way to contain the negative effects of space. Hence in Hindu scriptures, Veda chanting has been undertaken to cleanse the atmosphere of evil vibrations. These holy vibrations do contain the evil vibrations. Hence those who are intending to live a peaceful and serene life should practice chanting any of the myriads names of God.


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