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Oh, Precious Love!

Updated on July 23, 2017
Tamara Moore profile image

Inspirational writings about hope, healing, joy, Christianity, inner-strength, perseverance, and love. Dedicated to my sons!

Bright Landscape

Ask Him!

It is a matter of my asking Him for what I need, or want, and not just simply taking it for granted that because 'He already knows all of my desires', that He will do 'this or that' for me automatically, even without my asking Him. He wants me to take the initiative to actually converse with Him about these things.

His Faithfulness

He breathes, daily,

His precious love

into my soul;

My "cup

is overflowing",

and so is my bowl!

Protecting me tenderly

through the darkest

of every night,

He keeps

my spirit unflinching,

(yet, my ego simple and contrite).

His blessings

of peace and joy

I continue to find within,

In accordance

with the faith He bestows,

that I daily ask from Him!

Tamara Yancosky Moore

His Voice

He converses back, and forth, with us. We only need listen! His Words will always correspond with the Truths in The Bible, (in case we ever question if The Voice is truly His, or merely our own thoughts).



Prayer Music

Daily Interaction with God

Do you go to The Lord, daily, with your thoughts, and concerns?

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© 2017 Tamara Yancosky


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    • Tamara Moore profile image

      Tamara Yancosky 4 months ago from No Idea Where

      You are welcome, MsDora :-) I am very blessed to have found you, and your site, as well!

      Love and blessings,


    • Tamara Moore profile image

      Tamara Yancosky 4 months ago from No Idea Where

      Always Exploring,

      Thank you so much, my dear friend. The Lord is always....ALWAYS... near you!

      I was just replying to your other beautiful comment, and lost it. Trying to find it :-)

      Hugs, Tamara

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 months ago from Southern Illinois

      This is so beautiful, and yes, I go to the Lord daily, event though he knows our thought's I still feel the need to convey my love and thankfulness for all my blessings. Thank you for this. I needed to read your words....

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 4 months ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for sharing your tools of meditation--poetry and music. These exercises bring about a peace and joy that we would not otherwise know.

    • Tamara Moore profile image

      Tamara Yancosky 4 months ago from No Idea Where

      Manatita, thank you so much. I do desire to get much more involved in this process of meditation, and a closer, deeper communion with The Lord.


    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 4 months ago from london

      Noble effort and sweetly devotional.

      "Be still, and know that I am God." Stillness comes with what we call Meditation, or the christian mystic 'silent prayer.' In the depth of Silence, Love reveals itself through contemplation, in the Core of our being.

      Continue to look at the mystical aspect of your inner shrine, the Abode of God.