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Thoughts of Wisdom to guide our Life!

Updated on June 26, 2017

Dependency leads to slavery!

Dependency is slavery!

Dependency is slavery! If one wants freedom, he should not depend on anything, any person or any situation! But if we examine our own conduct, we miserably depend on many things in this world. Everyone likes to accumulate wealth and this shows that we are dependent on money. Some depend on their girl or boy friend for time passing. Some people depend on fame and fortune. Yet, some others depend on position, power and status in society. These attractions make us, slaves to many things as above! How to become free from the above shackles which bind us tightly to this mundane life is a big challenge to us nowadays!
Now, it is very clear that we are bound to several aspects of life and these bonds are the attachment we develop for this body. We want happiness and comforts to the body. We wrongly assume that we can get comfort through wealth, relationships, power and pelf. Sadly, we never get any happiness in the worldly achievements. The mind of man is the most unstable instrument in this world. First, the mind desires for something and when this is achieved, it is calm for few moments or few days. Again it rises with some other demand. Mind can be better compared to the waves that arise in the sea. Have you ever noticed a calm surface of a sea? No, it is impossible. We may observe calm sea in the middle but not near the shore. The shore is attracting many tourists and visitors because of the rising waves and receding ones. Children would like to stand near the sea shore since they enjoy the pleasant experience of onslaught of waves from the sea which recedes soon. It is a scintillating experience. Not only children, people of all age group visit the sea shore in the evening and some elders would like to sit watching the waves and enjoying the sea breeze! We can sit for even two or three hours but we won’t be bored watching the dance of the waves!

Modern slavery!

The mind is similar to the Pendulum of Wall Clock!

Similar to the surface of the sea, the mind too oscillates from one end to the other end. When the pendulum in old wall clocks are made to swing by the winding of keys, the mind too gets its oscillations due to desires. One moment, it reaches one end and the other moment, it goes to other extremes. We all might have watched the crazy mind several times. Observe it from outside, how it jumps from topic to topic? The day dreams are activities of mind similar to the dreams during sleep. In both the cases, the mind creates its own world, hopping from one thought to other. But peculiarly, all thoughts are centered on the body only. Fear, grief and pain agitate the mind much. The mind becomes frantic to escape from the present situation and hence it starts planning new strategies to keep the body in comfort and safety. Fear is the perception of threat to the body. Though the mind wants to remain at peace, the same mind creates unrest due to thoughts of trouble and loss. When we browse through the news around the world, we observe many negative news but we are not the least affected. When we hear some problem to our kith and kin, the mind imagines many catastrophes. Hence fear, grief and distress are in the imaginations of the mind and they are not real. Every day leads to night. The night becomes a day after several hours. This has been the routine ever since the world existed. Do we bother about the passage of hours which leads to day and night? The entire humanity undergoes these changes as a routine and hence none is worried about the dawn or dusk! But we are perturbed when our happiness turns into misery! This is also a routine affair only but we never contemplate on such truths! A healthy man today may become ill the next day and he may become alright after taking medicines and rest soon. These are all normal events of life. Likewise birth, growth and death are normal as far as the world is concerned. There is creation which is sustained for a period and it is annihilated after sometime. We observe great Empires are no more now except some artifacts about their existence several hundred or thousands years. We read about the history of Egypt, Rome and Greek. The great pyramids and some pillars and domes are the leftover of the past history! Hence archeologists all over the globe are researching on the past history of the world Countries and their civilization after studying the monuments left behind in the annals of time.

Ancients towns unearthed!

Ancient civilizations revealed through excavations!

Similarly, Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are mentioned in history books after excavations revealed those civilizations, their way of life, arrangement of streets, houses and bathing places, the drainage system etc. We are hearing about Dinosaurs from the fossils that are found in several parts of the deserts and jungles of erstwhile African territories another places. All the above are indications of ephemeral nature of human existence. Only the History books contain the stories of great Empires and some of the photographs. From the ancient epics we learn about Rama, Krishna and other great persons. Bible reveals the stories of Jesus. They were real persons who lived during the above mentioned eras. Because of the various books and recordings of disciples, we could perceive about the illustrious life of Jesus, His crucifixion and his miraculous ascension. The miracles performed by Jesus are mentioned in Bible including the revival of dead. If Jesus merely preached the Gospel, none would have listened. But his love and compassion to the poor, blind, handicapped and insane persons revealed to the world the magnanimity of Jesus! He was innocent and straight forward throughout his Life. He followed the commands of the ancient scriptures and exhorted people to follow the cardinal principles of life. Attracted by the many miracles he performed, people started gathering wherever he wandered. He told them stories to illumine the mind of illiterate people about the Kingdom of God and Heaven! Ultimately he told the gathering of people “I and My Father are One” He started his life as a servant of God, evolved as the Son of God and finally he could proclaim the above supreme unity!

I and My Father are ONE! - Jesus Christ.

He emphasized that even the lowest life could enter the Kingdom of God by following the Ten Commandments of Life! He told them, “All are One, Be alike to everyone; Love your neighbor as you love yourself; when someone slaps you on the left cheek, show him the right cheek. Forgive seventy times seven! It is very difficult for the rich to reach heaven while it is not hard for the camel to pass through the needle hole! In conclusion, “All religions teach Love, brotherhood and non-violence and hence there is no difference in the fundamental teachings of any religions scriptures. God alone can bring Peace and Harmony in mankind in the present circumstances!

I Love You Jesus!


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