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Strange beliefs

Updated on June 21, 2019

When I was young

For as long as I can remember I have played around with tarot cards, angel cards, oracle cards and once I even had a pack of fairy cards. I was a huge believer in the paranormal, I even witnessed a few scary things in my younger days (I'll make another post about those experiences). So cards like that gave me comfort that I had some guardian angel watching out for me. I believed that the fairies would play in the garden at night and I'd leave little trinkets for them. I thought crystals had healing and protective energies which is why I would always place them near me at night. There were so many things I believed in but as I got older I lost that part of me that believed. The world does that to children, it's actually kind of sad. I miss believing in fairies and Santa, it felt so magical that it made me think I could do anything in a world where things like that existed.

Tarot cards

When I turned 20 I got really into tarot cards. I learned how to read them and I would give readings to friends and family. They answered peoples questions accurately sometimes, not 100% of the time but at least 70%. Some of the time it just didn't make sense to the person I was reading for.

Now at 26 I still use the same tarot deck I bought all those years ago. I even have a shop on Etsy where I sell tarot readings for a few bucks.

There are times I believe that it's all real. I mean the cards predicted my breakup before there was even a hint of failure, but my ex and I just laughed it off. Mostly it just feels like I'm pulling a card randomly and hoping the meaning will have some message for me that makes sense.

Do I believe in anything anymore?

I want to believe in God, fairies, angels. I want to know that I can astral project, or that there are beings living in other dimensions. I want to believe in all the weird cool things that I thought were real.

There are days when I do believe in some of those things, especially tarot cards. But on the days where I ask the universe for a sign or I ask the cards for advice and they don't make sense, I roll my eyes and feel silly for believing. So I guess you could say I'm on the fence about it all.

I won't stop using tarot cards because at times they give me hope, and some of their meanings can be inspiring, especially with work endeavors. They have great advice, and what harm could using tarot cards do, right? It's all just a bit of fun.

Sometimes being an adult sucks

Being an adult can strip you of that childlike imagination, that innocence which makes you a believer of magical things. Getting that back is something I want to do, so I don't see what could be so bad about believing in the paranormal. There are so many things we don't know about this world, this universe, so who's to say that fairies aren't real, or that angels don't exist? I mean I'd prefer Santa to be real because I love Christmas, but even I know I'm too old to believe in that.

Finding something to believe in just to give yourself a bit of creative inspiration or hope can be fun, just don't become a crazy preaching person that talks about the devil and doomsday or whatever. let people believe whatever they want as long as it isn't hurting anyone.

So maybe I will believe in tarot cards, and maybe I will believe that dragons are flying around in some alternate universe. It makes life just a little more fun.


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