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Three Reasons Why The Bible Is True And Christianity Isn't Just Made Up

Updated on April 4, 2013

Why Do People Doubt?

Why do people doubt Christianity? Do they find it to be a belief in unbelievable things? Or do they believe in the proof of things, and have no faith? Is it simply thought to be a way of depending on something that they aren't sure is even there?

Reason #1 - The Proof of the Red Sea Crossing

In the bible, there is the story of Moses, the escapee from Eqypt along with his other Hebrew followers. The story tells of the group reaching the Jordan River and not knowing what to do. They were trapped. That is until Moses was told by God to strike his staff upon a rock. The Red Sea, or Jordan River, was then parted and the group walked through. Imagine the sight of that!

Evidence today suggests that this DID in fact happen. In fact, according to many researchers, with video proof, there are thins such as: bones, chariot pieces, horse hooves and more at the bottom of the river.

Researchers started from the place in Egypt that the Hebrews left from and followed what would have been their trail. The researchers were taken through a narrow area which came out to an area of the River. This area though, was studied and found to be deeper and much more smooth than the rest of the River. The researchers scuba dived down to this area and found much evidence to prove that the Red Sea crossing happened here.

You can watch a short Documentary about this at: Red Sea Crossing

Reason #2 - Noah's Ark was Found!

The Bible tells of many events though life, but none as puzzling as Noah and his ark.
Noah was a simple man, right with God in a corrupt and vile world. God hated this world, and after warning the people again and again, was forced to abolish it. God told Noah to build an Ark. He built and ark that was gigantic, holding two of each kind of animal, and his own family.

God let it rain for 40 days and 40 nights. And then he let it stop.

Meanwhile, Noah's ark had been floating around aimlessly for that long. And was believed to have landed on a mountain.

Many people went searching for Noah's Ark, and many never found it. Until one day.. the ark was found. The ark, or as it is believed to be, is currently in the middle of nowhere. Its covered with grass, filled in, and rotting because it was made of wood. But it's there.

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Reason #3 - The Sun Burns, But There Isn't Any Oxygen in Space?

Let's take a moment to appreciate our devoted scientists.

Scientists have proven that the sun burns.
Scientists have proven things need two things to burn: Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen.
Scientists have proven there is no Oxygen in Space.

Then why does the sun burn. The sun burns because God put it there, God created it and it has a special job: to keep us warm and give us hope.


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  • profile image

    christ kid 5 years ago

    Okay athiest who do you have to live for?

  • 17Bree profile image

    17Bree 5 years ago from Southern Ontario

    Well, considering how large the Ark is, and the fact that bug spray and such hadn't been invented yet, I'd say it's safe to say that they boarded the ark along with all the other animals.

    Insects cling to other animals (And there were lots of those!) And spiders tend to climb everywhere.

  • harmony155 profile image

    harmony155 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

    What about insects and spiders? (I'm not trying to annoy you. I'm just curious what the Bible says about this matter.)

  • 17Bree profile image

    17Bree 5 years ago from Southern Ontario

    Have you ever heard of plants under the sea?

    A lot of plants can grow under the sea, and I'm sure he did.

    As well as I'm sure he had seeds. People in those days were almost all Farmers, making their own food, so they should have seeds with them anyhow.

  • harmony155 profile image

    harmony155 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

    Just curious: does the Bible mention Noah bringing in plants and flowers into the ark?

  • teacherjoe52 profile image

    teacherjoe52 5 years ago

    Hi Bree

    I find it interesting that the more science tries to disprove the Bible, the more it in fact proves it is true.

    God bless you.