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Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes

Updated on July 26, 2011

Looking at yourself

A person lives with them self daily but do not truly know they really are, and therefore they operate under a false delusion of themselves.

Can you accurately tell me who you are through your eyes?

This is a very hard question for most people to answer when you are not in tune with who you are. When they attempt to answer this question they will most likely tell you the opposite of who they really are because they see themselves from the wrong viewpoint. You have to have a healthy dose of realism and confidence in your identity to be able to properly formulate your words to accurately tell of who you are. A true understanding of yourself can be found in God.

To know who you are you have to do an analysis of yourself, this analysis has to be one of complete honesty with yourself even if you do not like what is being revealed. This will reveal your true character, strength, and weakness which will in turn help you to begin to see yourself as a person and understand the things you do. With this insight it will allow you to gain a better and clearer perspective of yourself, and this will help build your confidence in who you are and allow you to begin to express yourself more concisely.

Self evaluation is the first step, but to truly know who you are you must take a deeper look at yourself which only can be reflected through the eyes of your creator - the Lord God Almighty. Through God's eyes are discoveries to be made, things that you would not ordinarily discover on your own through your natural eyes. Through his eyes you will see clearly your value as a person, and you will discover a love and appreciation of yourself as you have never known before.

If I were to ask myself who am I at this point in my life, I can honestly say I could answer this question truthfully because I am now looking at myself through the eyes of God and not through my blurred vision. Through my natural eyes my perception was completely blurred therefore producing a false perception of myself.

My definition of myself was based on what I thought of myself, and at that time I was very insecure and suffered from a severe case of low self esteem, so I could not see anything positive in me at all. The only thing I could think of when asked who am I or tell me about yourself? was to say... I am a woman, a mother, and a nurse; that was my definition of who I was based on obvious facts that could not be disputed. After that statement I was stumped because I could not elaborate any further with depth, I truly didn't have a clue as to who I was outside of these three areas because I had never really given it any thought.

Who am I?

Today it's a whole different story, I can tell you emphatically who I am. First and foremost I am a child of God, the King of glory, through His grace and the blood of Jesus I was redeemed and saved from sin. I am an ambassador of God, a royal priestess, a peculiar (unique) person because it is God that gave me my looks, strength, personality, and potential, and there is not another me anywhere in this world. I am a servant of the Most High and Living God, I am a confident independent woman because God told me that I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen me, and I am secure in God's love.

I am beautiful because I was wonderfully and fearfully made (Psalm 139:14) in God's image (Genesis 1:27) . I am a virtuous woman (Proverbs 31:10-31) although I am still growing in this area, and I am blessed and fruitful (Genesis 1:28). Altogether it is because of God's grace that I am what and who I am (1Corithians 15:10).

I am a woman of passion, integrity, morals and I will not compromise my belief in God for no one. I am a strong, confident independent middle age black woman with a lot to offer, and I will not allow myself to settle for anything less than what I know I want or deserve. I treasure love, honesty, humility, loyalty, and dependability in people because these are all characteristic of myself.

Relationship with God

In order to learn more about the truth of who you are,and gain a deeper understanding, you need to develop a relationship with God. He will reveal even more of who you are, your purpose, and your destiny as you seek him through his holy word through. He will give you revelatory knowledge (mystery of God that only He can tell you) of who you were created to be before the foundation of this world. Who better to ask to reveal the person you are than the person who created you.

God loves us and He desires for us to have a relationship with Him, not any and any type of relationship but a close and intimate one. There is only one way to have this type of relationship and that's through salvation, being born again through the blood of Jesus Christ, and being filled with His Holy Spirit. It is through the Holy Spirit God will reveal himself and everything you desire to know (John 14:26) God will send the comforter which is the Holy Ghost to teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

You cannot develop a relationship with a person without you interact with them frequently. In order to get to know a person character and personality you have to be have quality time set aside to share with that person; so it is with God. The flesh cannot understand the things of the spirit, it has to be spirit to spirit ( your spirit to God's Holy Spirit) you cannot enter into God holy presence without the anointing and power of God-the Holy Spirit. (1Corinth 2:12-13)

As I stated earlier it's only one way for you to get to God and that is through his son Jesus Christ, when you enter in that covenant relationship that's when your eyes of understanding will begin to open. (Jeremiah 33:3) "Call upon me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, that you know not of." God is true to His word, test Him and see, you will be utterly amazed.

If you are willing to take the blinders off and truly see yourself as you were created to be, I invite you to take the time and look at yourself through the eyes of God. His eyes are truly the window to your soul.


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