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Thus Spake Lord Sai - 1 (with students on the great good fortune)

Updated on October 8, 2015

17th August 1991

This was a time when Swami (Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba) seemed angry with the students. All were pleading to Him on a daily basis to speak to them and forgive them. The 17th day in the month of August turned to be an ice-breaker. That was the day when Swami poured His heart out for more than an hour. The recordings of that day are sadly not available in audio or video. But thank God, they are available in text. They give us a peep into the heart of God.

It appears like Swami spoke to the students. But we now know who is an actual Sai Student. So, it is right to assume that Swami was speaking to all - in the past, in the present and the future generations to come. Here goes the unedited recording of that day -

All the boys surrounded Swami after the interview. They pleaded and cried for His love and pardon.

Swami: I am not angry. See! I am always happy. I am not Vishwamitra ( a great sage). I am Vishwa’s mitra. (translates as friend to the entire world.)

The students continued to plead and pray to Swami. They moved towards the sides and made a path in between them so that He could walk amidst them.

Swami: What is the use of giving me a place here? You can only touch me. Give me a place in your heart, so that I will not only walk but also reside there. That is the real contact which you should develop.

( Swami nevertheless walked in the space created by the boys and then returned to the portico.)

Swami: It is only in an empty vessel into which anything can be poured. If your hearts and heads are devoid of impure thoughts and feelings, Swami cam put something inside them. But what to do? You try to fill the ocean into a small mud pot. That is foolishness. Get rid of all the dirt in the mind.

When you wash a cloth, it is repeatedly hit on a rock. The cloth of the mind should be hit on the stone of Vairagya (detachment) while washing with the water of bhakti (devotion) and the soap of shraddha (faith). Devotion is not endless crying or endless meditation. It is a heart to heart connection with God.

(After a while, Swami continued)

You should not ‘like’ Swami. You should love Swami. Liking indicates desire, a vesture of the senses. Love fis from the bottom of the heart - pure and selfless. Real bhakti is pure love without any expectation. It means that there are two bodies but only one heart. If you really love Swami, you will have such fine feelings. For such people Swami can do anything. But what to do? You all have buffalo-hearts ( this is a bad translation. Nothing can match the meaning and magic of Swami’s “Dunnapotha”.) which are totally immune to love.

Swami speaks to you with such love. But you do not understand. That is alright if you do not understand, but you misunderstand! Nobody understands my love. But why do you misunderstand? You fill your hearts with events of the past, present and needless worries of the future. What is the use? You have no feelings, no love, no understanding at all!

Though Swami is here with you, He is also in many other places with so many people. Swami gives such joy to all but you are not able to give your heart to such a person.

The seniors boys spoil the others. The newcomers are all good. The older people who have been with Swami spoil them. You see some write the name “Sairam Sairam” ( likhita japa as the sadhana). In the beginning, the letters are round and neat. With the passage of time, the writing on the pages become illegible. Our boys’ attitude is also like that. In the first few days they show a lot of care and meticulousness. Gradually it gives way to ashraddha (callousness). Daily I think of your welfare . Whether it is with vice-chancellor, registrar or controller, I talk nothing but your welfare. But many think that Swami does not care for me. They think that Swami only listens to complaints against them and sees their negatives.

Your mind is like that and so your actions also follow the same route. You cannot understand me with a narrow mind. As is the food, so is the belch. I am always giving. I can give my body, life and myself too. But, thinking in your perverted way, you never want me. Only money, money, money. What is the use of knowledge if it is used to earn wealth alone? A manager with good educational qualifications may get just 10,000 Rs. What is the use of getting and gathering more money like a thief?

Many foriegn devotees land at Bangalore at night and still wait to start for Prasanthi Nilayam right away, though late. They know that it will not be comfortable at Puttaparthi. yet, they rush to come to Swami. But for youth nowadays, comforts come first and God is next. Remember that mind is the horse and body is the chariot. The mind must be placed ahead of the body. But you put the chariot first and then the horse. You always tend to keep painting and repainting the same cart. Feed the horse instead. Get mental comfort first, not bodily one. Be at ease in your mind. That is the comfort you must aspire for.

You study so much and empty it during exams, forgetting all about it after that. In the head, knowledge is like a picture taken from a polaroid camera. It cannot be reproduced! In the heart knowledge is like a negative. Any number of copies can be made and put to use.

(Just then the clock chimed)

See! Time is the witness to what I am saying. It is telling you all, “Yes boys. Yes Boys.”

Even His apparent anger was His love...
Even His apparent anger was His love... | Source

To kill malaria, a dose of quinine is given but the doctor is strict with the patient and puts him on a heavy dietary restriction. It is all done not with hate but with an intention of curing the patient. But just because the medicine is bitter, one cannot take sweets, toffees, dosas and other delicacies to cure malaria. The foolish patient gets angry with the doctor and the doctor becomes an enemy for imposing such a harsh treatment. At that moment, anyone who suggests that the patient take idlis, dosas, sweets etc. becomes a friend. The doctor is the true friend because he is thinking of your welfare. Your case is just like that.

Not even one person remains good always. Some are good for a day and the next day it is back to old routine. Consistency is the key. Persistence is necessary.

Once a rich man went to a sage to find a cure for his mental problems and obtain mental peace and prosperity. The sage advised him that constantly writing God’s name with a dedicated and devoted heart was a sure means to achieve it. The rich man, enthusiastically set to work and by the end of the first day, had written the Lord’s name a lakh times. The second day, he was slightly disinterested and hence put a carbon paper behind the sheet. In this way, he wrote 2 lakh times on the second day. (one lakh original and one lakh carbon copy) The third day, he lost all interest and hit upon an idea. Instead of writing one lakh times, he simply had them all photocopied to make one crore names!

People’s interest in this place and Swami is also like that. It starts off well and slowly becomes artificial. Of what use is aloo paratha (a pancake with potato) in the plate if it is not put on the tongue, swallowed and digested? Only when it is digested will you get the essence of it and can enjoy it. Similarly, you all must digest Swami’s words. That will give you everything you want.

Even if camphor were to be used as manure and rosewater or musk were used to water it daily, the onion will still continue to have its odor. Yours is a similar case. Of what use is all my talking and advising if you are not fit to receive it? What is the use of all your knowledge? Even a dacoit could have studied well and acquired the knowledge. Only that knowledge which can do good is really wanted. Hence, more than knowledge, character is important. We need good people today not people who misuse their knowledge to kidnap, loot, hijack and indulge in senseless violence. We do not want people who are selfish.

Remember that selfishness leads to total ruin. Love lead to an elevated status. Low aim is a crime. Always aim high. Only selfless love is such a lofty aim. I will be happy even if I get 4 people - one for the east, one for west, one for north and one for south. How much I am waiting for those four.

Actually parents are also responsible for this behaviour of their children. The habits and feelings of the parents get implanted in their children. Lakshmana could not identify any of the jewels that mother Sita wore in her ear or on her neck. This was because he always saw her feet and never at her face. When asked why he had never seen her face, he replied,

“The great Dasharatha is my father and the noble Sumitra is my mother. They have blemishless character. The blood flowing in my body is theirs. How can I do such a thing?”

As is the tree so is the seed. What the parents are, embodies itself in their children.

I am always wondering why inspite of repeated telling no one is improving. This is because you analyse Swami’s love with your limited understanding. Tell me how many of you are really good boys?

(None of the boys raised hands)

See! You cannot raise your hands because your conscience pricks. But whatever Swami says will have an impact only for a few hours or days at best. Like a fan which is put off slowly comes to a stop, all the good you have heard will slowly wear away.

Remember, Swami knows everything. I am always watching - not just from yesterday or the day before. I am watching from crores of years - all your lifetimes! Don’t think that you can get away with doing whatever you want. I work hard to push the dirt of delusion away through the door but you get it right back in from the window. This is due to your ego. The environment Swami has created for you is good for you. But you must also work in it. If you have devotion, Swami will be ready to give His life for you.

I am never angry with you. If God gets angry, you will be reduced to ashes! (smile) You only cause me worry and not anger. And that worry is from my heart, not my mind. Have faith and devotion in Swami. I am in your heart. Be convinced of it and act with that knowledge that Swami knows everything.

(The boys prayed to Swami to be with them always)

Swami: First follow all that I have said. Automatically Swami will always be with you.

Swami then went into the interview room.

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© 2012 Aravind Balasubramanya


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Sai Ram Aravind, when my son was 7 yrs old I asked Swami during an interview if my son could come to His school and Swami said yes. I was so overjoyed but after a few hours I started worrying how I was going to work it out. I lived overseas, didn't know the local language, didn't know much of my mother's tongue and I also had a job from which I couldn't just take time off to bring him back to India to get him admitted. I was due to leave in about a week so I thought, forget the worries, go home and sort it out then. Well a month after I got home I wrote to the school saying that Swami had said he could come to the school and the answer I got was that Swami hadn't told them so he couldn't be admitted. They also said that Swami says that to a lot of people. I was so disappointed but Swami knows best was my attitude. It took me many years (I am a slow learner) to realise that the world is His School and we His children are His students and whether we know it or not we are all in his school. That after all, Swami had kept His word. Your article is very enlightening. See? I'm still learning. Jai Sai Ram.

    • poornimasrinath profile image


      9 years ago from Midrand, Johannesburg, RSA

      Good share! You have proved "My boys are my voice"! :)

    • God is dead profile image

      God is dead 

      9 years ago

      The title is pretty amazing, Reminds me of the book by "Friedrich Nietzsche-Thus spake Zarathustra" ", Nice post bhai.

      Keep up the good work.

      Regards (:

    • profile image

      Shaurya Gohil 

      9 years ago

      Amazing! Remember the Day.. and many like them. We would literally Block HIM from all sides and not allow him to move till he talked to us. Can you imagine a thousand irritating kids pestering you saying 'please Swami, Please Swami' (I have One kid and am often Edgy on account of him!). But he would be kind, and drive home his point with such Words. Then we would pester him to come to Hostel (Just so we know you Forgive us!!!) One such Occasion he tried to side Step the Issue and said 'I am there every day in the Hostel, every Minute..' and the bratty kid that I was, I said 'then Come every Second Swami!' He laughed it off and again we went 'Please Swami, Please Swami'.... And he would agree!!! and Come to the Hostel and give Bliss....Now the Words register better...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      life transforming words,not only for Sai Students but for all of us- how much of the expectations that Swami has of us are we really fulfilling??? Calls for some deep self analysis. Thank you so much for recording these words of Swami and sharing it with all of us.


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Best report ever, I can make correlation for myself and thinking from this example. Thanks

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      "SAIRAM" gud one

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      What an assurance!!! Simply means, you take one step towards Him and He would take not just hundred but thousand steps towards you. Just loved the Vishwamitra and Vishwa's Mitra part. Swami and His wits! :D

      Looking forward to more.....thank you and jaisairam anna

    • profile image

      Sai Aravind 

      9 years ago

      Sairam Brother,

      Thanks for the wonderful article presented to all of us. It is indeed an amazing experience to read through these articles, they really connect to Swami So much and we feel that every moment He is present with us guiding and guarding us.

      Thank you so much for the wonderful joy you have given to all of us Swami.

      Waiting for more such articles from you brother. Sairam

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Sairam Arvind. Although there is no video or audio, you have narrated the interaction very well. Many Thanks..Waiting for the next one..

      Jai Sairam

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Sairam brother...lovely share....HIs words are like many ever articles we read..still feel so new,fresh,guiding through messages.........when we start reading any swami's articles or if we hear on radiosai ...some how he gives direct message about what is going on in mind.....Actually 2 years back swami told me to write likhitha japam in my dream..and after reaching 1 lakh i stopped thinking if he tells me agin i will do 1 crore...and just after august dream again he made me sit in his room and old to sit and write..and that was nothing but likhitha japam....and to be frank some times i feel so boared to write but i cant escape any more as i gave word...and my writing used to be very neat initially now just opposite...this is just to tell again and again how he gives messages through articles or what ever form....thank you brother for sharing such lovely and wonderful interaction....sairam


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