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Tim Tebow: More Than Just a Name

Updated on December 17, 2016

For Real

How Expressing Your Faith Hurts You

It took me 10 years to cheer the 49ers once I became a resident of California, and I vowed that would never change. I flirted with a change in 2011, with the emergence of Tim Tebow. Unfortunately with the Broncos latest superstar multi-million dollar switch, I am making another change, Money isn't my determining factor, character and integrity is. Truth be told, despite their loss, I returned to 49er fanship during the Super Bowl.

The Broncos, with their inspirational young quarterback, temporarily made me proud, I liked Elway during his reign, but I thought he was a man of his word, and was highly repelled when after telling Tebow he would be starting, he sold him down the pike. Regardless of the media slants by sports anchors who run their mouths quite liberally, Elway did nothing but exploit Tebow for the exposure. Welcome to major league sports in America. With respect and seemingly hopeful solidarity, John showed a vote of belief in what could be, highlighting Demaryius and Tim as victorious and promises were made, to save face, for Elway that is.

After the game, I found an intelligent interview about who Tim Tebow is, this time with him present. Not that he needs to defend himself against all the ruthless and senseless attacks on his personhood, he clearly has nothing to be ashamed of. He would be the first to admit, he is not perfect.

We were all subject to the ridiculous post-game broadcasters biased and intolerant non-acceptance, after which they repeat their poorly coordinated Tebow chant. At this point, I asked myself, where do you draw the line? These are supposedly grown men, "professional athletes" commentating with an obviously envious slant about a dedicated Christian athlete who exhibits love and respect for others.

BTW, you might be interested in Tim's post-game comments in comparison to yours, they were extremely gracious and affirming:

  • We couldn't have done it without all of us working together as one... And yeah, @DemaryiusT is a beast! GB²

    Sun, Jan 08, 2012 - 11:09 PM

  • Praise the Lord! Thanks to all my great teammates, coaches and fans...This win was for Bronco Nation!

    Sun, Jan 08, 2012 - 11:07 PM

What should be celebration and righteous excitement for a game well-played and won through a spectacular performance by players who play rather than outweigh, is minimized by a bunch of "were thens" who move their mouths quite rapidly without saying a word, and practice open racism towards white people. . Why is it so acceptable to beat down a young man with so much love for human kind, especially the underprivileged and dying, while people like Shannon Sharpe serve themselves until their time runs out on the big screen TV. Much ike Jerry Jones, only without the crassness of his abrasive immoral vocabulary, for which of course he makes no apology.

Reminds me of the saying, "Better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt." I think Abraham Lincoln said that, and it is in need of practice in many situations these days.

In response to our desire to see more of the wonderful details of the game and our new, God-fearing quarterback, who encourages everyone on the team in deference to his own talent, we are held hostage to a barage of opinions, which clearly inflect bias intended to minimize who Tebow really is.

We are still waiting, and we probably will be for a long time, but no matter what the media presents, Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos gained ground and won against the odds. Tim in his personal witness to what a difference God can make in the life of every individual, bears up the fact that there is a unique purpose to the life of every human. The Denver Broncos,missed that something more dynamic was happening here, one of spiritual magnitude and that is far beyond all the brawn and muscle that one can pay to muster up.

Hat's off to you Tim Tebow, for the humility that accompanies every victory, and for the many observations the world is making as they watch your every move both on and off the field. I know in my heart that you understand the world you have been brought to serve, and I am sure you will run the race with excellence. It is a high calling to walk as you do in the light of Christ and the spotlight of fame.

My prayer for you is that you will just continue being who you are in the face of everything the world wants to take away. You are a blessing to every real Christ follower on this earth, and we need a leader. You were created for such a time as this, and we are delighted that you are here.

A sidenote to commentators:

How long must we be subject to race and religious bias and contempt for living out our faith while every other religious belief is tolerated and embraced as superior to the Christian faith that was the foundation of this once great nation?

We are censured, ignored, silenced and ridiculed for having an opinion about moral behavior that is exemplary, while politicians with no ethics or commitment to values drop like flies, steeped in disreputable behavior and finally exposed for the shams that they are.

Where is the intelligent reporting that builds up the honorable and respect that makes our nation strong? Where are the accountings and highlights of all things done good or well in America, as opposed to the fascination, imaging and promoting of criminal behavior and the gore and violence that accompany them?

No matter what comes, I will continue to keep my eye on what is good. I will look for the good in humanity, not the depravity that is prominently displayed to our children and grandchildren.

It's time for a change. I am sure you will find it in this refreshing young soul, and his love for God and everything around him. You just might start taking notes!


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    • SimpleGiftsofLove profile image

      SimpleGiftsofLove 5 years ago from Colorado

      Yes, John Elway lost what little respect I had for him over this deal. A man's word is supposed to be good. Just more illustration that if you have money you can change justice and pay for whatever illusion you want to create for yourself. However, that's only here on earth. In God's economy, none of that matters. That's our only consolation. On that level, Tim Tebow is already a champion because he puts God and others before his agenda. Something John Elway never seemed to have learned, and therefore is to be pitied rather than applauded. When wealth is used for self-serving, sometimes good people are just pawns.

    • profile image

      jmspringbok 5 years ago

      I pray that Tebow will be traded to a team that appreciates him. It made me sick that the Broncos traded him. He could have learned so much from Manning. I hope he ends up in Jacksonville.

    • SimpleGiftsofLove profile image

      SimpleGiftsofLove 6 years ago from Colorado

      Yes Will, Don't you just love it? He's doing what we all should be, rocking the world for the right, true and admirable! Just rewrote the article, it was late last night and I was giddy with the victory!

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Tebow infuriates the secular left, and it's so much fun to watch!