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Time,Space and Causation are invalid without an observer! (SEER)

Updated on June 4, 2016

Time,a mystery!

Time is imagination!

Is it possible for time to exist without any observer? Hence it implies that an observer alone lend credence to “time”, as we imagine! Yes, time is ‘imagination of the mind’ just like ‘space and causation”. For all such entities to be relevant, an observer is absolutely necessary! Without an observer, time, space and causation are ‘invalid arguments”

Hence an observer is ‘co-terminus’’ with the existence of the above dimensions relevant to the study of Physics! Also, the capacity to perceive ‘time’ must be inbuilt in the individual who observes all this! In computer terms, the individual has inbuilt program in the mind for observation of external phenomena! And, the external phenomena exist only for the observer.


Whatever we perceive is already inside us!

In several sections of Hindu philosophy, it is affirmed that ‘whatever we observe in the external world, is already within us. We cannot observe anything which is not inside us! By this we can arrive at certain fundamental truths about the human beings and external universe.

In children schools, a child is taught through figures and toys. The child recognizes some shape and color and retains it in memory. When the child happens to view real cow or cat, it is able to recollect from the memory, and associate the animal with its name which it had earlier learnt through the books and toys. Hence memory is essential for perception and recognition. But many times, we look at new things which we might not have seen earlier.

But the philosophers affirm that whatever we visualize in the external world is nothing but the reflection of the inner picture! The reason is simple. Whatever is in the ‘macrocosm’ it is also in the microcosm. Human body contains all the five elements seen in the outer world like earth, water, air, fire and ether! In a way, the human body is a miniature cosmos! Also, the outer universe is the manifestation of inner Self. One example for the above is ‘milk, and the milk can be converted into curd, butter and ultimately as ‘ghee’. In a similar manner, the manifested self has become the creation and cosmos. In the most primal state, it was formless and attributes less. But in interaction with the energy principle, it has taken forms and qualities.

Wisdom through penance!

The SEER alone is Real.

Mind originated from the Self and creation started due to the disturbance in the static state of self. Students of “Mechanics” can understand the principle easily. For instance, there is an iron ball which is at rest. When an external force is applied on the ball, it starts moving. Till that time, it was at rest. This is termed as ‘simple equilibrium of forces’ only when the ‘equilibrium is disturbed, movement or displacement happens. In a similar manner, The Self was static all along. But the energy principle “mind’ creates disturbances in the motionless self. Actually, the mind cannot induce anything in the formless self since it is subservient to the Self! What we term as ‘disturbance’, is really an illusion like the mirage observed in deserts. The mirage seen in the desert is an “optical illusion”. It is an image created through the interaction of sunlight, heat waves and some sort of humidity through vapor particles!

In similar manner, the creation and cosmos is a great imagination by the illusory mind, which is akin to the mirage effects of the deserts. It is seemingly real but not real. It is like the illusory ‘snake’ seen during twilight hours, when there is a coiled rope on the midway! What causes this effect? It is the veiled ignorance which Como fledges the actuals. The Vedanta philosophers of the East are very clear about the truths. They affirm that the creation is like a cinema show over the pure white screen (Consciousness) . The screen alone is true and permanent, whereas the pictures come and go! Here also, would like to cite the ‘observer ‘without whom, the “seen” is not valid.

Finally, the Upanishad teachings declare that the “Seer” alone is Real and all else is FALSE!


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