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Time To Stir Up The Evolutionists

Updated on June 10, 2009

I originally put this together as a summary for why I believe Christ is Lord. However, I have decided to break it up into two parts. The first identifies the absurdity of absolute godless naturalism. The second part explains some of the evidence that has led me to feel that belief in Christ is not ridiculous, but rather, the ultimate conclusion. I start out by picking apart some of the more obvious problems of macro-evolution. This in no way should imply that macro-evolution could not have happened. It could have. But for this to be possible, God would have to be behind it. god would have to have created that first cell (using whatever. . . .primordial slime, lightening, Dawkins. . ... .whatever). Next, he would have to add beneficial mutations over and over and. . . . oh hell, he might as well just produce eyes, ears, crap shoot, forget the slow ponderous process because he never left evidence for it to begin with. Oh, and changing scales to feathers and arms to wings? Might as well take your time with that one. Besides, he had plenty of time. And to keep the evolving animals (as Gould suggests, evolution took place in small groups) from getting eaten by predators, god would have had to surround them with some energy field or dome (AKA young earth creationists idea that the Earth was covered with some dome until Noah's flood). And on to the garden. But we shall begin with how I had originally planned on using this work. As a simple and crude summary of why I think Christ is Lord.

Why I believe Christ is Lord

Let me start by asserting that I have looked very deeply into this matter and find it most logical. To narrow my reasons for belief into a couple of categories would do a great injustice. I believe that there is a growing abundance of physical evidence pointing directly to a god, in particular, the God of the Holy Scriptures. However, I feel that I have been gifted with information far superior to anything that any scientist could offer to convince me that Christ is Lord. That would be the spiritual information in which I have been directed towards by the Hand of God. This information could eventually ease all of my worldly concerns and might even be beneficial to those who don’t know what to believe. This is because the truth of God is far superior to the god portrayed in the worldly synagogues. So pardon the crudeness of this work. After all, I couldn’t possibly summarize the literally thousands of reasons that I have for coming to this grand conclusion.

Unfortunately, one of the hardest things for me to explain or even admit, is my belief that Christ is Lord. In this day of logic and reason, it is asserted by most that faith in God is blind and not supported by evidence. There was a time when believing in God was considered reasonable, due to the fact that people were ignorant of our modern science. This is ironic in that one of the greatest reasons to believe in God today, is because of the overwhelming scientific evidence of His necessity. In fact, the only evidence I need for believing in God is that I am here typing this.

Before one can even believe Christ is Lord, he/she must believe that the existence of God is even possible. An atheist will say that the existence of a God is impossible. I say that our existence and that of the entire universe looks to be impossible. We’re still here, though. But what about evolution? There was a time when I thought that evolution explained everything. You start with a sea slime and the right atmospheric combinations and all of the right amino acids and proteins will evolve, come together and form a cell (with the help of a few deadly lightning strikes). But how many cells would it take? Well, you just needed one. They can reproduce (split) asexually and with the addition of oxygen in the sea, cells will mutate and take on protective outer cells that actually make use of oxygen. Eventually, you have multi cellular creatures which give birth to mutating offspring to produce different species. This of course, takes millions and even billions of years. In fact, some say, the first living cell was produced randomly, more than 3.8 billion years ago. Just one problem though. The conditions of the planet were too hostile for cells to produce or even survive 3.9 billion years ago (late heavy bombardment). We won’t worry about that now though. The thing is, is that Darwin’s theory of evolution is convincing, only when one doesn’t know the facts.

The first thing that people are usually asked when they reveal their belief in God is, do you believe in evolution? I know, because it was me who used to ask this question. If the answer is no, then the secularist will assume that you also believe in a young earth (6000 years old), a world wide flood in Noah’s day, and that dinosaurs and man lived together at one time. Or possibly, Satan planted their fossils to piss off God. No, don’t worry. I believe that the world is probably billions of years old and the universe is much older. I believe that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago (created on the fifth day). I believe that the universe is about three times as old as the earth and I think it started with a giant explosion. As far as the world flood is concerned? I believe that it flooded the land in one particular region and killed everybody in that region that couldn’t escape to higher ground. A historian (possibly Josephus but not sure) wrote in the early second century A.D. that some had done this very thing. There were people in other places, such as China and Egypt. So, it had to be a local flood.

Now, about evolution. When considering Darwin’s convincing studies, one should understand that no rational creationist denies that animals go through modification over several generations (micro evolution). So, in other words, Darwin was absolutely correct about the evolution that is corroborated by good science. As far as one species transitioning completely into another? I’m afraid that there just isn’t any evidence in the fossil record to support this. Besides, the oldest estimates of time between earth’s first and most basic cells (probably blue green algae) and now, doesn’t give nearly enough time for the evolution of human intelligence and conscience. Now, Darwin admitted that the fossil evidence didn’t show transitional species but felt that with time that this evidence would be sufficient. We’re still waiting. It may also be argued that species in transition would be at such a disadvantage that they would be routinely picked off by predators. Regardless, the icons of evolution are a dinosaur species with feathers, a bird species with a long tail (I’ve heard that one of these was a fake though), whale species (probably the worst candidates for evolution due to their size and lack of numbers) with legs and the whale’s hip bone being similar to a land species (like a cow). Let’s not forget about junk DNA (though they keep finding uses for much of this “junk”). Also, and probably most importantly, they hadn’t invented the electron microscope in Darwin’s day, yet. I can’t even begin to understand all of the parts necessary for a cell to be functional (take the genetic codes for example). I understand though that a cell has as many necessary components as a large city (many of them irreducibly complex). And how about the “cellular motors” they’ve recently discovered. I don’t believe that in 100,000,000,000,000,000 years a cell could put itself together by chance. And how much time did this first cell have in the supposed “just right conditions”? Apparently, less than 100,000,000 years (the window of opportunity would have been a small fraction of this). Which is probably why evolutionists insist that all life came from one cell. It just couldn’t have happened more than once. My opinion on this matter can be summarized as follows: The random process of a cell putting itself together is exponentially impossible. But I will continue.

So now you have the first cell. The rest should be easy, just start replicating and mutating. Well, between 3.8 billion and 540 million years ago, the evidence shows mostly single celled life. Then came the “evolutionary big bang”. Yes, the Cambrian Explosion. Within a time period of about 6 million years (I’ve heard as little as two million years) at least 80% of all known animal phyla came into existence. Also, all explanations for the development of the eye, ear and every other major organ, falls way short of rationality. This is because these organs would require thousands of seemingly useless mutations to form one beneficial organ.  And for a scientist to point out some meager advantage along the way to a fully formed organ only shows their desperation in misleading those who doubt their theory.  Because it would still take at least 100s of mutations for the meager advantage they speak of.  And that's if those positive mutations even exist.  And I still wonder why we don't see a smooth transition in all life of today and in the fossil record.  Now Gould's Puntuated Equilibriam would be a possible answer if those supposed transitional species found didn't turn up multiple copies.  This means that if you find one transitional species, you better not find another in the same exact shape.  This would mean that it probably isn't a transitional species.  I don’t mean to short change evolutionists, as I don’t have, nor would I spend the time giving all of the evidence for it. Their work is very important to prove its’ futility. They have learned many things and will continue to accumulate much more evidence for evolution. Unfortunately for them, I think science in general will continue to undermine their work (not purposely, but honestly) with more mounting evidence which demands a creator. Ironically, most of these scientists claim to be evolutionists.

Regardless of the false conclusions of evolutionists, (yes, I believe they are false. In general, evolutionists are the most dogmatic people, arguably more so than Christian fundamentalists. When questioned about problems of macro-evolution, many of them claim that these things have been thoroughly refuted and do not pose a threat to their theory. At best, they are blind. At worst, I think they lie.) I think evolution of life itself, is of no consequence when it comes to denying a creator. When considering the astronomical odds of having a planet such as ours, with just the right elements for intelligent life to live on it, it takes great faith to believe that it happened by accident. Even the accidental collision between planetary bodies which formed the moon (yes, this is what science now believes) was necessary for human life. And what are the odds of that collision forming the moon? Practically, none!! We require the perfect planet, the perfect sun, the perfect moon, the exact order of large and small planets in our solar system, the perfect galaxy and the perfect location within it (in other words, a perfect Designer). It just so happens that our solar system is in the perfect location of our Milky Way galaxy for astronomers to study the universe.

But what about the origin of our universe. Perhaps our universe has just been infinitely imploding and exploding (oscillating universe theory) until everything was just right. This violates the second law of thermo dynamics. The energy would eventually be reduced to uselessness. Well, perhaps there are an infinity of universes through infinite space and ours was one of the lucky ones. OK, but I still don’t think that our universe could happen by chance. They say the odds of our big bang event forming the right elements has to be exact in two categories (one deals with expansion and the other deals with slowing the expansion). Any how, I hear that one of the categories has to be perfect to within one part in 10^60. The other category has to be perfect to within one part in 10^120 (that’s a lot of zeros). In fact, the first three minutes after the big bang required the exact amount of matter producing materials to form a universe where life could be possible. I don’t think that our universe could happen by accident, even with an infinite number of chances. The big bang theory was originally scoffed at by scientists and so named by those same scientists, because it points to a creator. The big bang event represents a far greater problem than those of several random acts. It had to be perfect the first time. It required the exact amount of mass and the right materials to form our universe as it is. I believe this to be impossible to exponential proportions.

Well anyhow, I am really asking for it here. Is this scholarship? No. The scholarship is all over the place proving in millions of words, what I briefly described above. Am I a scientist? No, read where I said the scientists were. Unfortunately, I feel that dogmatic evolutionists are made blind just like those fundamentalist Christians that I talk about. They insist on the Theory of Evolution and nothing will change their minds. It's all part of God's plan.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Hell N0 

      7 years ago

      Note to hubpages. You mean to tell me that this last guy can put up 4 pages of atheistic blow and I get cut off before I can finish? Man that pisses me off. Anyway reviewpal, you might want to learn your own truths and stop being critical of things you obviously don't understand. If you don't understand the scriptures and the evidence for God all around you, then perhaps you should throw yourself on the mersy of the One. When He's ready for you, He will reveil himself. He did to me about 6 years ago.

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Hell N0 

      7 years ago

      Where do I start reviewpal? I think what you fail to realize is how much I have fought religion in their idiotic rants against scientific discoveries. I don't deny evolution either. But for you to declare "science" as proven fact shows that your 128 IQ could be better served in waste management because calling science fact when it is the study of evidence shows you are ignorant. To say evolution happened is to state the obvious. To say science knows for a fact how evolution happened in any case is doing more of a disservice to human knowledge than the Catlics did by shutting down scientific progress. I maintain for good reason that evolution could not have been a purposeless step by step progression where new information is dependent on thousands of successive mutations taking place. I beleive there are goals with evolution and everything was planned and put into place as it needed. It is you and the "intellects" that have decided god could not have planned to create us with such a propensity to experience pain and evil before reaching a grand destination. And it is the churches and religion in general who have decided that god wants us to kill each other and force our beliefs on the world. You claim that aerobic will be the language of the future because of their resources? They are too busy living in the dark ages to control the world. And let's discuss who you think runs this planet. You really think the smartest people are in government? We in the USA (I hope english isn't your first language because your 128 IQ has been lost in the middle of your crappy grammar), just had one of the stupidest presidents ever, leave office. The only reason he was president is because of the Christian right. And scientific progress? We don't even fund stem cell research due to some perceived moral issue. Are you sure the smartest people run this planet? Politicians are not in office from being the smartest. They are most willing to lie and keep a straight face. Sure they're smart but they don't use their intellect for the sake of humanity. And Bush was a dumbass anyway.

      Let me just say, that despite great intellect where it comes to human progress, there is little of that necessarry when it comes to understanding the things of God. The scriptures are full of hidden truths that the most of the world cannot see. This is expecially true with the churches.

    • reviewpal profile image


      7 years ago

      for some reason it cut the end of my reply and i did add that i do envy you in your beliefs and i truly wish i could believe as you do, but my education does not allow for it, the fact that yours does is not a bad thing at all and in truth it was refreshing to read your last paragraph

    • reviewpal profile image


      7 years ago

      Ok fellow carbon unit, some of what you say makes sense, but i had an i.q of 128 in my first year at college and if you read and understood my personal theory then you would realize i am far beyond anything your intellect can throw at me, i dont want to start throwing achievements at you i generally avoid it for good reason, but you did say i do not have an ability to think in detail, when i read you creative paragraphs to a few good friends they said "he does'nt know you then?" because i have a degree in social politics and i have studied physics for many many years (i am 37)along with universal theorys and laws too numerous too mention, i also teach still life and photo realism drawing, and i have painted a st pauls cathedral that now sits in canterbury college's west hall, i only speak 3 european languages but i am planning to learn arabic(it's gonna be the language of the future because they have all the resources we need and they do not have enough infrastructure or intellects to make the most from it, but it wont be much longer, because of the internet they are demanding human rights everywhere because they want thier intellectual rights observed as well, academia will become the new trend for the people that otherwise would have put up with corruption and religous genocides....etc converting athiests and theists alike into one school of thought) but you do have a higher intellect than i had supposed so i will set a contextural notion for you, i hope you understand what i am saying and not what think you is proven facts brought about by studying theorising and then attempting to prove said theory through varying methodology no matter it's age, science is not a popularity contest, something i consistantly told my students, but religion has no facts at all "none" things like the turin shroud, dismantled unceramoneously by carbon dating, or the sea creature (the name of wich escapes me) that science was attacked with saying it could not have evloved, and it was proven wrong as is everything else thats in darwins theory is, these are example's of the idiosyncratic thinking of the religous, if it continues it will hold humanity back even more than it already has, the pope telling people not to wear condoms because of an unproven document or doctorin , he is effectively a murderer but that wouldnt be unusual for religous thinkers would it, they have tortured molested and lied thier way through history, this behaviour from human kind only comes about when a man or men think they have access to a higher power than everyone else, if that were so, then the church heads would have encouraged free thinking and science but they knew if the common person were to unlock something they could not explain then it would make them look inferior to a meer mortal , they suppressed some of the greatest minds in human history, think of how far we would be now if the church had not held back gallileo, or even copernicus being believed and understood by all in his lifetime, the example's of religion trying to stop science becoming common knowledge are too numerous to quantify, i am NOT arguing thier is not a creator just not as anything spritual, many things are understood by science because it furthers human kind not because god chose, the creator cannot be prayed to as such but you can talk to it , it's us and everything in the 11 dimensions that make up the creator and human beings are the whole universe and every other universe sits inside a bigger bubble (another dimension, one of 11 dimensions, we think but it could easily be more) you are thinking in too smaller terms when say about chance because our universe would be as a one mollecule is to our brain, just one of stupid numbers, probably infinite as there would always be universe being born as thier is stars as thier is planets as thier is babys, and then in a quantum physical world and the fact that cells divide and multiply, it's all the same main frame just a diffrent detailing/engineering , i truly believe in the god hemet, it is the right tempal lobe that has a reaction to certain magnetic fields( and some people are very susceptible and that is a believer) and many people believe it to be real i think this is further evidence that we are living inside a membrane of a greater brain of wich our universe is only one you talk of out dated theorys, thats is the pot calling the kettle black is it not? religion is both old and out of fashion, religous people are considered the nice but dim members of our evolving societys.

      Think about the most important thing in life, love, it is the biggest feeling you can have , may it cause you pain or give a heightened sense of well being and purpose, we feel compelled to make love for a good evolutionary reason, the best procreative species get the best results "humans" and that is why we are hardwired to make love by our own chemistry we will go against our better reasoning to conquer love "love conquers all" is it not true that charles dickens said "love is all there is and everything else is just a distraction" and he is one of the greatest authors of all time, it all points away from a wonder being and much more towards happenin's or events becoming more complex over time, wether the primeordial soup theory or cell duplication theory turns out to be right does not matter, what matters is realizing the dellusion some people display and undoing the harm it has done, in an age of reason not religion, that time has passed and it is the smartest people that run the world now the battle is not completely won but we are worlds ahead and religion is now ,thankfully, the backdrop to an ever intellectualy evolving society, the very fact that religous people think they know better and therfore makes them have a bigger purpose, is the very definition of dellusion, we athiests say it nice to feel important but it is much more important to be nice,

      Think of the pain religion cause's and if we waved it away with a magic wand , no taliban blowing themselves up to kill other no pope to lie to the masses, no hitler because the jews would not claim any religous purpose and also other races would not be seen as inferior because of colour or creed when thinking about an atherian race he was saying his way was the way that had been ordained by a higher power, the plans for germania were found as proof after the war, do you see yet how dangerous lying about religion is, we are slowly waking up and gone are the days that religous leaders can get away with thier dirty deeds, because the people will not tolerate it anymore, they do not rule we do the people all of us together whatever you believe

      if god doesnt evolve( because i am suggesting all organized religion is concocted, as do many) as we do then he is eternal and that means he knew we would go threw pain and delliberatley put us in a position where the twin towers (a senseless loss of life, because of religion) and plague and the dark ages the colleseum the massacres the wars and much more , would happen, how evil is that???? thats why it makes more sense, by far, that the creator is us, because reality does not exist if you dont think ,so by definition he can only exist because we imagine it to be true, essentially no thinking no us and in turn no him, where is the judgement for evil men taking place, nothing ever happens to someone that murders by god so we do it because really about 9% of the people in the world run it and they understand this at such a fundamental level that they know god will not punish them in this life or any other imagined one and so we take responsibility for our own good, when we die we contribute to the continuos cycle of degradation of all things planets and humans alike, there is a purpose but only in elemantal terms, we are transforming into something from something for a reason that only the universe knows, although not sanctioned it is alive and it has a sort of autocratic functionality to it that we do not understand, this is the edge of what we know, including dark matter being the substance that makes up for the shortfall in how the universal parts hold thems

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Hell N0 

      7 years ago

      Reviewpal, I will say you are wordy in your unprovable theories. So there are multiverses which live and breath so to speak in a purposeful yet thoughtless attempt to puke out universes, each with 1 in about a googleplex chance of having life somewhere in them? Ok, those odds are a bit high. Let's say that those would be the odds of a universe having multiple planets that could sustain life. Hope that universe is this one cuz we are screwed if we don't get to one a them planets in the next few hundred years. Of course they would be too far. But let's think about cultivating the moon and Mars first.

      I think you fail to see that the great inovators of this world could not have learned all of what they know simply by being lucky. And you keep speaking of DNA as if this is some way to dismiss God? Now you can speak of codes all you want being a process of time and chance but there was a rather small window for DNA to come about in the early earth. It could not have happened through a thoughtless mixing of chemicals over millions of years. It would take at least trillions of years for any of that to happen in my oppinion. And Darwin did pretty well with his theory considering he didn't even know about DNA. I think we now know that his ideas of how evolution took place falls way short of scholarship. But it makes perfect sense when man knew nothing of the complexities of cells.

      If you were to read most of what I write you'd know what I think of the churches flooding the land. You'd also see why I think the scriptures are not a selection of folklore thrown together to help people find meaning in their lives.

      Most of the deep thinkers I know who are atheists are generally in their 20s. Most older people are either egonostics or they just don't think that deeply. And this includes the college professors who claim to be atheists. They are full of knowledge but are blind to spiritual things. They are also so set in their atheistic beliefs that they wouldn't believe even if God tapped them on their shoulder (actually they would, it's just God aint ready to show them yet).

      Anyhow, good luck with your studies. But be carefull with how you view theism. Some of us have the ability to think about complex things and don't use out of date arguments against scientific discoveries.

    • reviewpal profile image


      7 years ago

      I am a physics expert, and after reading the above i feel very concerned if this is what people think, there is no god , and jesus was a moralist who had wisdom from the far east that he used to make his theory believable, i think he genuinly believed he was doing the work of a god when in reality he was a philosopher and should be named alongside plato, homer and socretes, early philosophy was the begining of how we all live today, theism has inherant problems that have been unpicked by science darwin himself was a deeply religous thinking man but towards the end his research he was forced to conclude that even thought thier should be a creator of all things , the bible could not be an accurate description for almost nothing, the mistakes in the new testamont are stupendous in number and if i were to quote them you more likely see it as retric from someone who doesnt have a faith, i have faith in the fact universe has an ultimate goal or a meaning and we are all on that journey together life is merely a distraction from what is really important to the universe's, there must be a creator and i agree but it doesnt have any influence over us if it is all powerfull why not send us here with a great brain straight away, and dont argue that we werent ready yet because we arent ready as a race for many of the disasters we have created , there is a creator, and this creator is us, it is the universe that is growing human sized synaptics for a greater good ,a brain, in order to answer its own question how can the universe talk or think i hear you say, it cannot and that is why we are here if the universe could answer it's own question there would be no us( we are the result of the universe trying to understand itself), it is everything, we as humans have been grown and evolved by the universe in order that one day, if we make it, we can answer the question whats the meaning of life,( like a garden growing plants of different complexitys we are grown in the universe by code that comes from the outer membrane of the outer shell of the multiverse that holds all these membranes(the universe's) think about it we are like an extension of the creator just like everything else and that is why we all evolve together planets and humans alike why evolve planets then blow them up when no one can see that you are making it happen? and everything the hawkster and darwin have said should be taken to our grave, if humans do not grow up in time and realize we have to find other planets within the next 1000 years we are doomed as a prospering race, have you not read about easter island, thier will be no resources at all by then ,survival of the fittest will become the name of the earth life game and no amount of praying is going to help it praying is a form of meditation and thats why it helps people, just like your computer healing a virus, as long as it has the right program in it before the virus attacks, it will more often than not be ok, the body also has a repair system and we need correct nutrition and intellectual stimuly to grow and procreate the mind/brain needs help too and this is called meditation like shutting down a pc to give it a rest, another thing is there are multiverses and so this means there is an infinite amount of possibilities for life so it HAD to happen somewhere and if it had not then you would not be here to ask the question, the odds you talk of about, the chances of existing, is pointless and naieve there are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on the earth , if you throw enough coconuts eventually you will hit the target no matter what, the universe's have created so much over so much time the odds of us not being here and other life forms are much much less than your supposed odds for all coincidences to come together for us to be here by at least several million trillion , the maths on these odds are so great i cannot create the mathematics to answer this due to the fact the numbers would be more than 20 digits long this is is the best tool we have to understand ourselves the very computer you use for this site is made possible by people just like hawkins, einstien, faraday, galileo, da vinci,these are the people that fire our imaginations through the generations in order that we might dream bigger and bigger every generation has had them notice ther were no scientists or botanists before philosophers and appear after religous leadership is finally squashed for the western civilizations and thats because the philosophers were the predecesors of scientists, theres more, the enlightenment happened just as religion began to fail, not a coincidence because there would have to be too many to make it statisticaly reasonable, if the church's had thier way we would all be living in the dark ages, and dont get me started on the appression of women by the church a god who values one type of child more than another, more than that, we as men can exploit them and disinclude them from the church heirachy, if we as a race do not wake up soon to the reality of poverty and disease and the lack of resources we are big big trouble how will god help us then even jesus couldnt turn water into oil so what would he do if he did come back and saved us where would the earth go will we all leave for heaven and hell together when the fuel runs out because if we do not whoever is left behind has had it, with no resources, gene rodenberry was right in his vision we must become smart enough to leave this solar system to find other life and if it does not exist then we have the resources to top up our own world forever, religion holds us bake and this is age of reason not religion that time has gone we are ran by the smartest not the god like or the biggest or the man who claims he has spoke to god, you may say we are in denial but we have hard facts that can be proved hence the reason theory becomes fact when it s proven, religion has doctorin , old wives tales of a ancient era when they didnt understand the elements or how life worked what d.n.a was and so much more we !! the children of the future,us for them, are going to listen to them???!!! , its crazy its like the romans taking morale guidance from a caveman, it is just unthinkable, when sir christopher wren created st pauls cathedral in all its glory it was'nt an achievement of gods it was him and his enviroment and d.n.a had combined to make the unique person he was, humankind is responsible for all the churchs and we should all acknowledge and bow to the people who made them ,the architects builders ....etc

      the smartest people will get presidence when the resources become too scarce not to fight for them and that is not what any of us want!

    • jacobbsladdr profile image


      9 years ago from Washington DC/Northern VA

      As always, Hell No, you have presented a Hub that is chock full of truthful study and knowledge.

      However, this comment is not an attack on James A Watkins but just so you know... Your statement about "God, being God, could easily make the earth APPEAR to be billions of years old and then tell us it is 6000 years old to see if we believe his Word" is unscriptural.  God is not the author of confusion. to state such thing contradicts multitudes of scriptures.

      Honestly, that statement sounds like something Carrie Bradshaw and SirDent would come up with. Their arguments are just as unscriptural. It seriously appears that Christians do NOT think before they speak and blaspheme God. God is not a man, God is not limited to mankinds limitation and God's ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Do you understand what that means? It means that your statement above is not how God operates. It's how mankind operates. God is not a man that He should suffer the same limitations and sinful nature. God does not suffer from pride and ignorance. god does not need to prove Himself, nor does He need to boost. God is Spirit. God is NOT 1 part of a 3 person entity, nor is He playing catch up because Satan put a wrench in His original plans.

      Regarding the Flood story... just because a story is promoted all over the world doesnt make it true. The myth of Atlantis is promoted all over the world and its not spoken of in the Scriptures. There is absolute proof that the flood was regional and not world wide. The Scriptures state it and the physical evidence states/proves it. The Flood was not a flood of the entire planet but only a local region where Noah lived. Fairy Tales are the same all over the world, that doesnt make them true. Unfortunately Religious zealots are all over the world too, combine that with a carnal/sinful nature and the ability to spin a tale and you end up with unscriptural stories taken out of the bible and promoted as fact when the truth is they are false.

      I really fail to see the point your trying to justify by talking about the epic of Gilgamesh among other flood stories.

      If I had a glass of wine and added a couple drops of pure sewage water into it, would you still drink it? If you said yes your an idiot. If you said no, then I ask, why do you follow any religion that has only a few bits of truth mixed in with raw sewage/lies.

      It is the same concept. I prefer my wine undiluted and free of the sewage and lies of the devil. My wine/truth comes from God's word and the blessings of understanding His Word without contradictions, without confusion and without mankind's unscriptural nonsense.

      Fundamentalists are some of the extreme sects of Christianity that promote an equally false doctrine as many non-fundamentalist religious groups. Catholics, Baptists, JW's, Mormons, 7Day Adventists, Methodists, etc.

      Thankfully, we know why God has allowed His word to be raped and plundered by mankind. We know why God has allowed mankind to add and take away from His word. God's very Elect/Christ's Firstfruits are called out of each of these religious groups and given His truth through honest scholarship and study. This is why we are told to "come out of her" mystery Babylon the Great lest we share in her destruction. God calls His Elect out of Babylon in every age. These Few will be given the understanding of the Scriptures. these Few will be persecuted for their knowledge of God's truths and these Few CANNOT be deceived by mankind's unscriptural church doctrines

      Christians don't have a clue about the truths of God because God doesn't want them to. So what do they do, they make stuff up and then claim God told them. It's so unbelievably UNscriptural. Thank God that His Called & Chosen cannot be deceived. But His Few know that God Himself has caused those people to be deceived. God has purposely blinded them to His truths for a time. It is needful in order for God's plan to proceed.

      Christ's Elect love the truth of God's Word. Being blessed with understanding of God's absolute truths is comparable to nothing. Christians who claim to be saved are deluding themselves. They are NOT saved until they are judged. Mankind is not judged until the 2nd death. it is appointed for every man to die once!

      Repenting does not make you saved. Accepting Christ does not make you saved. Judgment and being purged of your carnal nature makes you saved. God does the calling and God does the judging. Mankind cannot do anything about it. That's the way it is and God does not change... EVER.

      Thank God!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Your right. It's all in God plan. God is certaily in complete control. Neither do I believe in evolution.

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Hell N0 

      9 years ago

      There's nothing wrong with the word fundamentalist or what its definition should be. But the word has been used to label a group of people who are absolutely clueless about the scriptures and science.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      9 years ago from Chicago

      Satan COULD have messed with our minds about those fossils, but he couldn't have put them there. God, being God, could easily make the earth APPEAR to be billions of years old and then tell us it is 6000 years old to see if we believe his Word? Or what our eyes see and our human learning tells us. He just has a thing for these tests of faith.

      Actually, the flood story is found in many parts of the world besides the Middle East.

      HEY! What's the matter with a fundamentalist!? Do you know what that means? It means one who believes in the fundamentals of Christianity (defined as the basic truths from which all Truth can be derived). What's wrong with that?

      You gave an excellent and exhaustive exposition, brother. Heavy reading. Good work. Thanks.


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