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Time To Trash The Good Books - Religion

Updated on February 13, 2011

It’s around three o’clock on Saturday afternoon, and I’m relaxing on my couch; channel surfing. Nope, don’t feel like watching an old movie (not a big John Wayne fan), and cartoons (which I normally love watching), aren’t running any that I like right now. Then, well frankly, after all the renovations we’ve been doing on our home, I really don’t feel like watching anything DIY. Therefore, that’s out too. So, what do I watch? What do I watch?

Wait, what is this? My attention is caught by a religious man sermonizing to his flock. I’m watching him quote from the “good book,” eulogizing phrases and mesmerizing his crowd. Much more than that though, I’m fascinated by his frantic gestures, his animated, almost theatrical, facial expressions and the nearly feverish look in his enormous eyes.

As I sat there staring, it occurred to me that what he was quoting is from a religious book that is hundreds and thousands of years old. I’m thinking to myself, shouldn’t the “good books” be thrown in the garbage just about now or at the very least be rewritten.

I mean honestly, who in their right mind relies on antiquated books that have been very controversial their entire existence, and whose pages and passages have been changed, mutilated, adjusted and even left out purposely throughout time, starting from the first “good book” right up to the newest versions, all to suit the whims of man, the evil goals of ruling religions and for greed and domination of race and humanity.

Now before you go ballistic on me and get all up in my “colo” about religion, realize that if we were talking about any other ordinary books, and not about the “good books,” you would agree with me and have condemned them long before now as being hate mongering, anti-some religion, anti-homosexual, anti-woman, anti-race, and anti-everything; in effect just festering pieces of ill-written, morbidly biased writings not worth taking a second much less a first read from.

I’m all for religion and spirituality, God-loving literature and spreading the works and words of love (hey my favourite words of love are taken from a “good book”), but really folks, don’t you think it’s time we trashed the “good books”? By-the-way, how the heck did they come to be called the “good books” anyway? No, I don’t expect you to answer that; it was just a rhetorical question.

The “good books” have inspired so much hatred, so many secular and holy wars have been fought and continue to be fought in their names, sadistic acts have been perpetrated against humans and animals, and most ridiculous yet, their wordings and interpretation seems only to be understood by those considered better, or so-called more knowledgeable than us, or sanctified above us.  You know them; priests, bishops, pastors, preachers, rabbi, shaykh, imam, fathers, holy men, pundits, and so on.  Wait do the “good books” say we’re all equal?  Yeah, yeah another rhetorical question, what can I tell you, sometimes I’m all dramatic like that. 

If you ask me (and even if you don’t), I think these ancient works are seriously in need of updating, dare I say politically correcting, revamping, nay, all out rewriting to bring them up to this century’s screwed up but more improved standards. Maybe it’s even time for women to rewrite them to be the inspiring, empowering, loving and uplifting pieces of literature, devoid of misinterpretations and clearly understandable words without need for any special education or divine interpretations that they should be.

I know, all you “good books” thump-ers, church, synagogue, mosque and houses of worship lovers are hiking up your religious sleeves, digging in your puritanical heals and putting up your moral dukes ready to fight for your religious beliefs while screaming that I’m a sacrilegious heretic.

To you all I say relax. You take the religion thing far too seriously. This is arguably a free world, and I’m just expressing my freedom of speech rights. After all, you have that right too, which is one of the reasons why your “good books” still exists.

You see from my vantage point, the “good books”, written by men’s hands, have been used to fit any number of his particular, sinister purposes, be they to rule, abuse, infuse, refuse, coerce, victimize, ostracize, denigrate and propagate bullshit. Gee, I kind of like that last sentence I just wrote. All that preaching I’m hearing on the TV must be rubbing off on me.

Anyway, so I say to myself. Self, shouldn’t the “good books” be ridiculed and trashed by now. After all, every other piece of junk literature out there which has tried to spout similar doctrines with unverifiable claims while not being under the guise of “religion” and “historical keepsakes” have been rightly named hate literature and trashed; so why not the “good books”? Ok it’s another rhetorical question. Guess I must have a thing for them.

It amazes me though that the most educated and civilized, along with the rest of us of course, are not scoffing at and insisting that the “good books” meet the rusty tin of dated garbage cans. Instead, folks tightly clutch on to the “good books” proclaiming them to be “the word.”

Get real, the “good books” are not the words of God, they're the words of men twisted far beyond recognition and devoid of any proper meaning. The “good books” are the words of men who profess to hear and understand God. Is that possible and how probable? Do you really believe that they heard the "right" words? By what method have you been able to ascertain that those professing to be oracles and prophets truly are? Oh right, a true believer doesn’t question, only follows blindly (can you see the rise in my brows and the lean of my head here?).

I don’t think that one should not believe in God and His wonderful works and words. Instead I say, question the “good books” as being such, and do not blindly place your beliefs in them and their speakers.

I say that if the people speaking the “word” insist that God will deny you His love, because you do not follow their particular religion, question the speakers and their “good book”. I say that if the people speaking the “word” tell you to hate and destroy your fellow human, because only the speakers’ followers are good, question the speakers and their “good book”. I say question the people and their “good books” every time they tell you to do something against love.

I say it’s time to put down the damn books and start thinking for you. Stop trying to find something and someone else to think for you, because you don’t want to take responsibility for your own actions.

Stop segregating yourselves, stop categorizing people, stop thinking that you’re better than others and stop believing that your religion is the only right one. Open your heart, open your mind and open your eyes.

Go find a true “good book” that empowers everyone equally, uplifts every spirit for an improved, happier purpose, one that exudes unconditional love endlessly and offers good will to all. That is what should be called a “good book:” Happiness, Hope, Love, Faith, and Peace. Well hey, it’s just a thought.

____________________________________, my pen is a mighty sword!

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    • callmefoxxy profile image

      callmefoxxy 6 years ago

      Hey ChrisEddy. Thanks so much. Good to hear that it stirs your thoughts and tickles you. Love that you took the time to leave a comment too...

      callmefoxxy, my pen is a mighty sword!

    • callmefoxxy profile image

      callmefoxxy 6 years ago

      Hiya Micky Dee. Love YOU too. The words of love we need ARE in all "good books!" Yes indeedy, they are. Too bad peeps twist and use for evil only the contentious words. Thanks for leaving your comment. I love feedback.

      callmefoxxy, my pen is a mighty sword!

    • Chris Eddy111 profile image

      Chris Eddy111 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Well sis, in "my book",that's one hell of a good hub. God, you make me think and laugh. It's all good. I'm all for the "good books", if they are saying that we are "ALL ONE" and deserve to be treated in the same way. ONE LOVE. PEACE AND AMEN. Keep that pen handy callmefoxxy 'cause it is mighty.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 6 years ago

      When the Man throws me in jail for something I didn't do, and there are all kinds of "jails", I rely on God. The words of comfort are there beside a lot of words that are "perpendicular". I see Christians (I'm Christian-maybe) upholding scriptures that are translated by other people who are guessing about scriptures. some are concerned that Jesus is coming in 2012. Well ALL believers and non-believers, Jesus is not coming in 2012. There is too much confusion is our world for s flesh and blood leader to emerge. If Christians really believed that Jesus was coming, they would not vote for the pigs they are voting for. They turn their heads at the Injustice System of the Untied States that has never worked in 200 years. Then they turn to the same people who cannot run a court-room to run our lawmaking body and the executive branch. Well- there will NEVER be a savior to come out of Harvard or Yale. This is America. The world is America. The world is like America. The world is ruled by a wicked 1%. A wicked 1% owns most everything. People think they are "voting".

      Until America, Canada, England, the world recognize that the Golden Rule, that Jesus proclaimed to be the law above laws, is held to the highest, including by every facet of BUSINESS, this world will be in slavery. The words are in every religion. Until we lift every brother and sister up in this tiny Earth, we will see slavery.

      So the words we need are in the Bible, Koran, Torah, and other great works of literature. I find in all that I've read in the world- nothing beats "loving your neighbor as yourself" and "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you".

      People are choosing to read "points of contention".

      People are choosing leaders from the appointed candidates.

      God bless you dear callmefoxxy! I love you girl!