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Time is Speeding Up

Updated on February 1, 2016

When Time Speeds Up Take it Slowly

There’s a speed up in human evolution occurring right now. I’m feeling it bad but also have some high expectations I may get to see some astounding changes that will work towards our good if we don’t get in the way of it.

If yourself or those in your circle are still in 3rd dimension being you may be thrust out of your comfort zone into the 4rth dimension of being, which is like a bridge to cross to 5th dimension that all must cross; it's a place where polarities begin to collide and also disentangle from it's all about me, to it's all about us. If you are experiencing people acting strangely, this is a sign you are sliding into the 4rth at a reasonable clip but not quite into the 5th dimension yet. Some associates may not like it if they see you are barreling down the 4th dimensional tunnel and leaving them in the dust. Chin up, things only get better after getting worse. You won't be given any spiritual task you are not up to handling. Jealousy, competition and greed are still very much like prison walls we work within in these times. The powers that be let us graffiti on the walls. I say let’s turn the graffiti into art. The relief days will come too. There’s a certain rhythm to our ups and downs, wait a few days, the weather is sure to change. Forgive me if I sound like a horoscope reading. I basically speak for myself, and most times, to myself in order to take my own advice.

Just a friendly warning some people feigning friendship may try to hang onto your shirt tails and drag you back to their level and out of sympathy you may get involved when you promised yourself you wouldn’t. Forgive yourself and move on. You won’t make the same mistake twice. You know in your heart your intentions are good. So don’t feel bad if another distorts your intentions as other than good. It’s just the colored glass through which they view life. Indeed, we may not have to die before we see world changes for the better. Right now, I'm just worried about next door. It's one step at a time around here.

Stranger Than Fiction

One tries to mind their own business and stay out of others business but you may find people dumping on you just because they’re in upheaval at the moment and you happened to be there. They may never ask you about your own problems and don’t give into the urge to commiserate. We all have a lot on our tables at the moment. It may not occur to whomever is in your face at the moment to give you equal time on that score; it may not occur to you or them you didn’t have any problems to share until they showed up on your doorstep. Suddenly, now you have a problem. Communicate clearly but wisely if you can. Tough work I know to draw a line and ask others for your privacy while you figure this out. For another more spiritual advice, you cannot share a grievance. All that can really be shared is a good feeling, a spot of love is like water in the desert around this joint. What it took you years to learn, they may want from you without having to study for all those years. You are learning patience, and in your patience you own your soul.

If you have a weak moment you may dump on them and they may say, what’s this? It’s not like you. Know the difference between dumping and sharing. Perhaps they want only sympathy. Stay strong, friends don't always have the answer you need to hear, and if you even have a friend whose ear you bend, you're already a winner. Empathy and sympathy are not the same thing. Nobody really wants sympathy as nobody wants others to feel sorry for them. Too much sympathy coming from anyone is suspicious behavior at the least. Many a man friend has thought I was hitting on them because I was too nice or said something too gushy. Be clear in your communications. We take each other wrong all the time. Even hospitality can be taken wrong unless you live in the deep south.

Too much sympathy will put a noose on your neck because they’re going to want more of it and this will eventually put a drain on you. They may look in your window when you’re undressing and then brag boisterously that you knew not that you were being watched; you didn’t know you had a problem of not knowing. Now you do, say thank you, I’m a bit smarter now that I heard you boast. Don’t be afraid, just draw that line, put up that curtain and don’t make assumptions about anything at all.

Death Is All Around Me But I Will Be Still

They may borrow your shower when theirs isn’t working. They may charm you out of a quarter or your life savings. Lot’s of horror stories out there of generosity gone terribly wrong. You may send them a plumber and they may refuse to pay him thinking it was something free they were getting instead of just a good deal. They may fight with loud voices barking out obscenities day and night, and then ask you if they are bothering you. They may lay down at your door, drunk out of their minds and ask for an ambulance. They didn’t understand that they would get ill if they take anti-abuse pills and try to drink on top of the pill. They may think this is normal behavior and that good neighbors don’t mind calling the ambulance once a month for domestic abuse and intoxication. They’re wrong, I do mind if this is a repeating pattern spanning 8 years of living here. I have sympathy burn out it’s true, so I have to give this to God. And believe me, your neighbors may fail you, but God never does. What’s worse if I asked you what’s going on in your life, I’m thinking it’s far worse than my troubles.

People may walk down the street shouting or mumbling to themselves. Be strong, what you’re seeing is the show. A film that never made it to the top. A B movie. It will pass and another movie will be shown, one you can understand. If you get a feather in your cap, remove it and tickle yourself with it. If you are talking to yourself saying this is not the way it’s supposed to be, then ask yourself who put you in charge of the world and how it’s supposed to be? Grow your own garden of the soul, give away the fruit you have too much of and don’t worry about being compensated; that comes later.

You may take people to court for their behavior, only to discover the judge and the lawyers are corrupt as well and it’s tooth and nail fight all the way. You may ask the authorities to save a dog from misery and punishment and the authorities start looking at you, to see why you even care about a dog, after all, they may say, you are illegal too, you have too many cats. You may see needless death that could have been avoided, right in front of your eyes with the law saying you have no rights to rescue the afflicted because there's a no trespassing sign up. You may see the law telling you that you cannot practice medicine, but it’s OK for the doctors to kill you with their own cure as they got the license to kill right? There is nothing that hurts me more than to see good doctors and nurses confiding to me they cannot believe they work in a system that is not curing people but making them worse. The system is losing it's best workers.

It's Temporary Insanity

Do you see how crazy it can get out there? In these times of change, even the unconscious ones are feeling the pressure, so have empathy but don’t get sucked in. Shine your little light, but know it’s God that will do the work through you. You simply can’t take credit for the miracles you want to see, if indeed the changes come in your short lifetime. Just get out of the way, so God can do the work. You want to be part of the solution, not add to the problem. God can hear the collective scream of pain and it’s loud and fierce. All you have to do is hear the neighbors fighting and occasionally intercede if it looks like someone is about to die for no good reason. Think about God’s job, he/she/it just never gets weary or he/she/it wouldn’t be God.

Nobody owes us a thing in this world. No rose gardens are promised. We wanted to be here at this time and you know you will stick it out. You know something grand is about to happen. You’ve done the work; you’ve done your part, now just breath. Just breath. The attitude life owes us something is simply not true, in one way or another we earn every step we take forward by the unconditional love we extend and the nonjudgemental attitude we have practiced. That’s God working in us, so get the ego out of the way as that thing can be an impediment to miracles. But you will in this time see that attitude arise that the world owes them something. Remember that’s behavior and God sees only opportunity and potential, while certain others are operating from opportunistic principle and manipulations and assumptions and the attitude that whatever they have, it’s just not enough.

Count Your Blessings

If you think about it, that’s how we are. It’s never enough, until you yourself decide it is enough, because tomorrow is not promised to you either insofar as staying in your comfort zone goes. This is an uncertain world and we don’t know who to believe. Hang on, sometimes it does get pretty dark before the dawn, but I’m sure we’re not alone, and never were alone. We have today and we could arise from bed. It is something to be grateful for. Many cannot arise from bed.

Count your blessings quietly in your closet. Don’t bring them out and flaunt them. It’s between you and God and it’s sacred. If you speak out of turn of what is sacred, our dualistic language and 3 dimensional thinking puts a stain on what is sacred. Counting your blessings everyday cultivates gratitude. Gratitude is unconditional love. With gratitude your spirit grows generous, but do not extend pearls to pigs. They need something to eat, but not your pearls nor your revelations. Speak to them from their level, but know when to vacate the premises lest you suffer their ravenous hunger and get bitten. They may not be your own, but they do belong to God who knows exactly how to fix whatever looks wrong from your perspective.

It Only Hurts For a Minute

Some don’t know any better than to use others. They are operating on subconscious levels of behavior and if you point out their error they will fight you to the bitter end and think you are attacking their innocence. Even a psychopath feels justified of his deeds and innocent of crime. It is the same for all who offend that they haven’t examined themselves sufficiently if they claim innocence in the face of the world’s woes.

If you want more holy instants, just keep vigilant for them. They will come to those who prepare for them and to those unprepared they will scramble to catch up. Holy Instants are catching, just like a virus, only it’s a beneficial virus. Do what you can for them but don’t overdo it. If you succumb to fear, to illness, to despair, that’s adding a little more darkness to an already dark and uncertain world.

There are some never think to blame their own self for what’s on their table. Their mind can be a runaway train and you better get off the tracks. How many saviors does it take to save the world? Only one, you. You don’t save the world, you work on the way you see the world and that is saving yourself. The others will catch on in their own time. Stand your ground, you rule your own kingdom.

Keep Your Cool When The World Gets Nutty

Don’t be over friendly just because you feel so holy. It can be mistaken for “kick me, I’ll forgive you.” Be strong. The worst thing we can do is make assumptions that the behavior is the person. Loath the behavior but give the person to God. Patience is a virtue, but some jobs are not yours to undertake. Others will be making assumptions about you, and where they want you to go, you don’t want to go, so don’t waste your time. We’re in the speed up and it’s easy to get distracted. Don’t have so much pride. It goes before a fall. Practice discernment and look to intuition while being open minded for the changes upon us.

If you’ve held someone’s hand for years and they still don’t know who you are, because you don’t do or say what they expect you to, you have to let go; someone else will hold their hand as soon as they’re ready. If you don’t have what they need, that’s OK, someone else will. Most of all don’t panic in these days. Basically, it’s all a show. You’re going to rise from your seat at the end of the show and go home and wonder that you were really sucked into the drama; you thought it was real. It was entertainment and sometimes very painful to watch. If you’re stuck in a movie house, you start wondering about the people who produced this bad movie, but the fact is, even though you paid for the ticket, you can cut your losses and walk out anytime; after all there’s other movies and one is better suited to your makeup and you will find it. You’re making new choices. We have free will to make new choices. It’s that simple. Together, we make a new world. It’s time. Let’s get out of kindergarten and go on to first grade. Let’s at the least try for a C grade and pass. Better yet is to get a B or an A. Just depends how much time you want to put into the study of having a life on earth. Don't sweat the small stuff. Somebody loves you while others may be hating you. Get love in all your getting, but make sure you give it back where it came from, and before you know it, we'll be enjoying that new world we want to see.


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