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Connecting to the Cosmos

Updated on April 20, 2015

Thinking of the stars


Connecting to the Cosmos

I was out for a walk one night looking up at the stars, in particular, the constellation Orion. I was meditating on the amazingness of existence. My thoughts were how is it possible, these stars have been here since the beginning and will be here after I am gone. I am no more than a blip on the timeline, yet, to me my life is the most important thing because that is really all I own.

I have read so many things, heard so many things, seen so many things, met so many people and been so many places in my life, yet it is nothing compared to the history of the world. While walking I took a pause just to listen to the silence and appreciate the great existence that connects All. At that moment, I was in pure peace and bliss, my heart was light and my mind calm. At that moment, I had no desires, no concerns, no fears, pains, only joy and bliss.

I was thinking about the ancient ones and what really went on in the past, how were the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, built to line up to Orions belt. Our modern technology would have a difficult time duplicating the Pyramids of Giza, yet they still stand as an ancient wonder. Then I thought about what the future generations would see when they look into the beauty of the night sky. What would hey think about the stars, what would they think about the wonderful people of this timeperiod.

Time and Spaceis how were are connected in the Cosmos. A marvelous planet of over seven billion people all unique and special. A wonderful world filled with numerous species of life in various shapes and sizes, relatively small compared to the cosmos, yet amazing. There are creatures that function on the land, air, and sea. There are living entities that could change color to adapt to their surrounding for survival purposes.

Wow, this thing we call life that connects us all to the cosmos is so precious. I was walking along meditating on the nighttime sky thinking, I wish everyone could have the bliss that I experienced from looking at the stars.

I began to appreciate more why sages and mystics would go to remote areas such as the forest, mountains, caves, or other sacred areas to meditate. At that moment, I wanted to go to a nice forest myself to further appreciate connecting to the great and grand cosmos.

When I was younger I could not imagine being alone in a place sitting in stillness fully concentrating on any one idea. This was actually counter to my run around and enjoy nature. I thought it would be so horrifically boring and painful if I ever had to do something like that for any reason. Sitting in one spot was only for me if I did something wrong and I was on punishment.

The environment that I grew up in was full of external stimulation. Television, sports, video games, and other distractive activities would occupy too much of my time. Now that I am more advanced in my years and experience on the planet, I could appreciate more of the things my elders were trying to explain to me when I was younger.

Life is not just about having the physical sense gratification and the adoration of others. It is more rewarding to find the connection with the cosmos because the joy that a person could find within themselves is indescribable. What is even better is once you find that joy from within no one else can take it away from you. Once you have that connection the stresses of this world will not seem as great, because the bliss from knowing how much of a miracle life is will make all other matter less significant.

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