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Tips for a Beginner in Cartomancy

Updated on April 4, 2011

Cartomancy is an art. When you read the cards, you are selecting them because of your intuition, and subconscious mind. Your inner mind knows everything. The cards are a tool to pull what is hidden from you, into the open. The cards speak of warnings, people, seasons, and love. The cards say many things. When you focus, and pull a card, and you lay it onto the table, you are reading it from within. Caartomancy is sometimes referred to as “reading tarot from a regular card deck.”

Reading a deck of conventional playing cards should not be called Tarot. Divination is not the only nor is it the original use of Tarot. Tarot cards were actually made for games still played in continental Europe. Tarot is a variant of regular playing cards. Both Tarot cards and conventional playing cards have been used for both divination and card games.

Here are some tips for beginners when reading cartomancy:

two of clubs
two of clubs

Never Read Cards for Yourself


Tip number one***Never read cards for yourself. If you must ask a question, speak to someone experienced in cartomancy. Or speak to someone that understands you are a beginner in cartomancy. Make sure this person understands that what you tell them is for experimental purposes. You need to later get an update from this person about the reading.


ten of hearts
ten of hearts

cleanse your deck after each use

Tip number two***Learn to properly clean your deck. There are many ways to cleanse a deck of cards, such as:

*While shuffling the deck, picture white light washing the cards, letting the bad energy out and into the ground. Shuffle, and visualize, until you get haunch all of the energies are out of your deck.

*You can store your cards with a crystal, to wash out energies between readings.

*You can also place your cards under moonlight at night to wash any energy away.

jack of hearts
jack of hearts

stories in the cards

Tip number three***When you are learning to read, try to put together stories in the cards. Put them together just like you are putting together the words when you are reading this sentence. Reading a king and queen together of the same color indicates a possible marriage. However, if you read the cards separate from each other, they would have different meanings entirely.

four of hearts
four of hearts

meanings for cards are different

Tip number four ***Understand that there are several different meanings to cards, as well as methods of reading them. If I see the three of hearts, it can mean an affair. However, when a beginner is learning to read cards, they may look up the three of hearts and see that it means a social event, which is a different meaning from the first definition. There are also several other different meanings for cards, as well. It is important to understand the cards you study now, will come to you more natural later in readings. Develop your intuition.

ace of diamonds
ace of diamonds


Tip number five***Keep a journal of the cards you chose and for what reasons. Refer to this journal on a later date. Study what you have written, and what has happened in regards to your reading.

queen of diamonds
queen of diamonds

Everything has meaning

Tip number six***Card suit has meanings, and so do numbers in cartomancy. The spread you use, and the way you read all has a meaning. There are many different combinations, definitions, spreads, and types of readers in cartomancy. You should work with what’s best for you. You will understand what works best for you over time, and patience.

nine of hearts
nine of hearts

Trust yourself

tip number seven***It is better to use your first instinct of a card for a reading. For example: in a reading, you pull the three of hearts, and you understand this could mean xxxx, or this could mean xxxx. Something in your gut tells you the first choice is correct. However, you go with the second choice because it sounds more logical, and because it sounds more logical, you choose to override what your gut says, and convince yourself that the second choice is correct, although your gut told you to go with the first choice. Don’t do that. Follow with your gut when you are reading cartomancy. You will also soon learn what your intuition is trying to tell you.

Even if it doesn’t make much current sense, go with it. Record your choices and review your information on a later date. You will make a connection with experience in cartomancy.


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      2 years ago

      I enjoyed reading these tips

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This is literally copied off of another site.


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