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Five Reasons to Give

Updated on December 30, 2012

Giving should be an everyday agenda for all of us. It is unfortunate that the promotion of giving has become so commercialized in an effort to increase sales during the holiday season. What about the remaining months of the year? How can we continue that same enthusiastic push to give? Well, it begins with one person encouraging another person; who will then encourage another person until it becomes contagious. In my own personal effort to spread the message, here are five reasons for giving…

It’s better to give than to receive. This is a very well known quote but more specifically the Bible says it this way, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Why? Because the focus is to benefit someone other than yourself. By nature, we can be very selfish. As long as our lives are comfortable, then it’s easy to overlook and even ignore the needs of others. Genuine giving is taking something that you have and transferring it to someone else without any expectation of receiving anything in return. It is more commonly associated with material items or money but giving of personal qualities, skills and talents are equally significant.

Treat others in the manner that you wish to be treated. What would happen if everything that you currently own was unexpectedly taken away from you? How would you feel? Would you hope that others would reach out to help? Of course you would! It is always important to keep in mind that trouble and hardship can happen to anyone, at any given time and that no one is exempt. In other words, imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes when considering giving. As a side note, be certain to exercise wisdom in giving to avoid becoming victim to those who would knowingly and unknowingly take advantage of your generosity.

Give and you will receive – This is a very basic Biblical principle and law of reciprocity. What you give, how you give and how much you give directly affects the measure by which you will receive. The more you bless others unconditionally, the more you can expect in return via various mediums. It could return in the form of money, a new job, a free service, a much needed promotion, etc. If you have a tightly closed hand that rarely opens to release blessings to others, then you can expect to receive with that same closed hand. The lesson in this is that your hands must be open to give and open to receive.

Be a blessing to others – How does God bless people? He blesses people with the help of people. You are the instrument that God uses to deliver the blessings to others. You have His eyes to see a need, His ears to hear a cry, His hands to take a hand, His feet to carry and His heart to respond. When you bless others, God blesses you.

It just feels great! This is probably the best reason to give. It feels so awesome to know that you’re doing something that will always remain a part of someone’s life. You can never underestimate or know the affect that your giving will have on someone. It can be years later but they will remember the deed that was done on their behalf; and if you really want to experience a high from giving – try it anonymously. It will bless your socks off!

The Bible says that “God loves a cheerful giver”, so from this day forward, make giving a consistent and enjoyable part of your life. Reflect on CHRISTmas as a time to celebrate the greatest gift given to the world and that gift (Jesus) needs vessels to keep giving far beyond the holiday season. Sometimes you don’t need to look far for someone in need - perhaps your family, a neighbor or a friend who recently lost their job or home. There will always be opportunities to help others. Keep your eyes and ears open to identify a need but more importantly, keep your heart and hands open to meet the need.


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    • Tracy K. profile image

      Tracy K. 7 years ago

      Thank you!

    • unBroken1 profile image

      unBroken1 7 years ago from Florida

      Tracy K, you are so right!

      Great hub!