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To All Beautiful Things He Makes Beautiful Things, New Year, Fresh Starts

Updated on February 18, 2016

Here We Go Fresh Start ...

I suppose one could write off the woes or foes of the previous year but why? Suppose instead we could look inwardly to that dimmed part in our soul compartment, the one that we fight against, quietly? We know it’s there, it may be a distraction, out of or beyond our control, it may be a thought or feeling we try to push away because it's poison and yet it nags for our attention. To leave it unexplored could be the best option and yet so difficult. Maybe it's a judgment we don't want to make? Could it be a release, not necessary, and yet boiling to the surface and then spewing in a chaotic event? We don't want to react to negativity, but we do. What can we do with these dents in our shield? Dents of rejection, discontentment, fear, righteousness, anger, should we react? Will it change the situation? Sometimes yes, but often it is best to quiet our hearts, just breathe and be open to the peace and solace that come from relationship and intervention of the Holy Spirit. If we are brought to a situation, God has allowed it. We know good or bad all things can be used, but to hear such a statement in the face of the frustration, can cause us to dismiss this fact. We may dismiss to a point where there is fallout and pieces of residue build up. If the residue is left it can begin to cloud and slowly dim the brightest of lights. Things can grab hold, pull us down, causing us to remain stagnant. These little dents happen to all of us while on the roller coaster of life’s highway to heaven. We should not be ashamed of our imperfections for awareness of ourselves is key to our progress. Attention to the imperfections of others often leads to our own demise, and yet again, we do just that. Is this attentiveness to others, in a negative light, a means of protection we hedge around ourselves? Yes, we do this, unintentionally perhaps, but truth be told, we love to share in the joys of others and sadly we point awkwardly at their missteps as well. Again, is this a means of keeping ourselves from looking inwardly to our own need for continued growth? Is this a way to keep us from doing the constant work we need to be doing, to be a mere watermark of His image?

When in the immediacy or even long duration of a situation, the purpose may take a time to be revealed. We can go to those around us, a parent, friend even a leader or confidant, and this is okay, but why not go to the ultimate teacher and healer of all circumstance? There is perfection in no other source while finding fellowship and compassion are likely, amongst, like yokes, there is but one whose likeness we ultimately seek. We can rest assured in the knowing, that to go openly and broken to our Father with all circumstance, will allow for an inner peace and immediate cleansing. In this cleansing, a healing can begin and all can be made new. The best understanding is in knowing that healing is always available and unceasing for anyone who seeks it first. Sadly we may not always do what we know in our heart is best. We remain, always the child, and thus possess a constant and insatiable hunger to learn, but also a subtle rebellion of independence or free will so to speak.

Imagine a gallon of milk. It is pure and white and provides nourishment. This same container of milk can be shared poured out from one and given freely to others. Now imagine this container of milk sitting out for a bit on a counter. In this container, there is very little milk left, but there is a small amount and it is turning. Moment by moment it is spoiling and curdles smelling foul. So eventually, we come upon a new batch of pure milk and pour it in on top of the lesser amount left in the container. Perhaps we were trying to save space or make room. We neglected to let go of the spoiled milk before adding the new to fill up the container. What if we had the awareness that this could then infuse the entire container of new milk and slowly create a distasteful product. There is, in each of us, a part that battles with the ways of this earthly world. No matter how founded in good or Godly intentions, we will have held a negative thought or feeling about something. We may not want this action or reaction and yet it creeps in and digs into our soul like claws of disgust. It could have great power if we permit it to remain.

So, when facing another year, start by remembering to empty the milk jug, cleaning it and then taking a great big gulp of the new. Take out your virtual memo pad and start writing down the words of affirmation to cleanse your soul daily, for every action there is a reaction, and every minute you can choose to empty your heart and soul of things that may have left some negative residue. If it becomes a habit you can “Put on the armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.” (Ephesians 6:11)

You too shall then be shielded by faith. Remember you must fill the void in your hearts with a relationship, your very own personal relationship with God. You will not find it in the expectations of others. You may see glimpses of relationship in like yokes, but it is only by knowing and trusting God, talking to Him and prayerful adherence to His message for each one individually, that you will know Him. Put on your own armor, for if you borrow that of another so-called Christian, it may not fit. He has a set of armor that is distinctly your own. Seek ye first the kingdom of God. He makes Beautiful things...

Peace in your stages ~

Extra Reading From The Word

For more prayerful consideration ~ See NIV Ephesians 6:11-18

© 2013 The Stages Of ME


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