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To Be Close to God

Updated on July 11, 2019
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Brian is an aspiring writer that seeks to inform and educate the public through informative and educational pieces from various categories.

The Bible reveals that God wants us to talk to Him and have a personal relationship with Him.

The account of God's action in the world
The account of God's action in the world

How do we accomplish that?

Well, communication with God can be done through prayers. When done right, it can do wonders in our life and boost our faith in Him.

Here are some of the things you can do to help you get closer to God. Being mindful of all these will hopefully enrich your life.

Ask God to Take Control of Your Life

Seek God and entrust upon Him to guide you in your decision in life. He will reveal Himself through the circumstances that you are going through. God works in mysterious ways and the unfortunate situation you encounter could be a means for you to get to know Him more in an intimate manner. If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, even catastrophic or difficult financial situation, know that God wants to reveal Himself as the God that provides.

Be grateful to God
Be grateful to God

Give Thanks To God

Be grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and give thanks continuously. Gratitude is the best attitude.

  • Give thanks to God for a new day and for the gift of life.
  • Be grateful for everything, regardless how simple it may seem.
  • Give thanks for the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and your home that provide shelter.
  • Give thanks even when you cannot see the logic behind it.

Sometimes, if things don’t turn out the way you have intended, it could be God’s intervention, as He has something better in store for you. On another note, it could also be God’s way to keep you safe from harm.

Cultivate Free Emotion

Listening and relying on your emotion is vital. Emotions seek to empower you to explore the world safely and make meaning of your experience in it. Sometimes our heads can get in the way of our hearts

Many people have minds that never cease to overanalyze when certain things happen. It is important to pay attention to our emotions too, especially if you are experiencing blockages. Our emotions are able to bring us closer to God when they are free-flowing.

Pray About Everything that Happens in Your Life

God does not limit your prayers to only those things that you seek solutions for. Seeking God should not only be during our bad times or when we are facing difficulties. In fact, we must seek Him at all times, through good and bad. In times of comfort and ease, pray to the Lord.

It could be something as simple as praying for a friend that has been there during your time of need and provided the solace and made you feel good. Attribute this to the Lord for the comfort you feel from the companionship that your friend provides.

Ask Yourself Whether God is Present in Your Action

For Christians, we are told to seek God in all things and to act accordingly as the Lord pleases. If we are angry at our brother or sister, we know that we are angry at God. In that case, we are called to forgive and if we are struggling to do so, then we can ask God for help.

In a nutshell, we are told to consider our actions to reflect our belief in God and to do what is right. If we are to make a decision or a choice, let God be a reference of whether what we are about to do will be right by Him.

Asking God for Guidance You
Asking God for Guidance You

Ask God to Guide You

Though this might seem almost superficial and cliché, asking God for directions is an important part of our lives. From time to time, all of us need to stop for directions. We may get overwhelmed from all the action that is happening around us and sometimes be at lost at what to do or how to react.

Before you round up your prayer, ask God to point out to you where you need to go. Then learn to be still to be able to hear when God speaks to you and direct you. Trust that God is guiding you in everything you do and will be there for you if you seek Him earnestly.


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