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To Boldly Go...

Updated on February 2, 2013

In the series Star Trek, the crew of the Enterprise made up a unique group of individuals that were selected to travel the universe, to boldly go where no man had gone before. During their travels they would set foot on strange new worlds, encounter situations that no others had encountered. They would meet new and interesting alien life, some would become friends and allies, while others would become powerful and deadly enemies. In particular, the crew of the series, The Next Generation, were forced into confrontations of a particularly powerful foe called the Borg.

The Borg existed in a massive ship in the shape of a cube and was structured in what was called the Collective. The Collective were of one mind set, and all served a singular purpose that Star Trek fans would later learn in the cinematic movie Final Contact was controlled by the Borg Queen. All the Borg had the same goal, to travel the universe, mechanically and genetically enhance other beings, turning them into subservient drones of the queen's Collective. All the Borg had mental connections and received their directives / orders from the queen.

The concept of the collective mind is powerful and its imagery is overwhelmingly scary. The collective is similar to the hive of the bee and her drones. All have one task: serve the queen — even to their death, if needed. How powerful would we be if we, as Christians, came together in unity under one collective mind? The queens of their prospective hives or collectives held an important role in the creation and sustaining of the hive and collective, but just as important are the drones and Borg warriors. The cycle of life is circular in both groups — one could not exist without the other.

Imagine if we had such a mentality as this as Christians. We must ask ourselves, whom do we serve? Whose mind do we have and try to emulate? The difference, however, as a Christian we have the power of choice, and the choices we make leads to destruction of our minds and souls. On the other hand, the choice we have also sits with us to serve the collective for the betterment of the community and the world in general. Each of us has a role we must play, and if we serve with love and humility, if we are faithful, God will reward us with His grace, mercy and love — even when we fail and are sinful — He is faithful, merciful and loving because those qualities are His natural personality traits. The key is getting the collective mind, not as a drone, but as an individual with a mind of Christ, and as we all come together as a collective with a singular mind of Christ we are powerful and unstoppable.

The problem though, often lies when the queen, the leaders of the church, try to do all by themselves and for themselves with no one to answer to. The leaders of the churches often begin to rely on themselves and try to accomplish all by their own strength, wisdom and achievements. We often forget where we have come from — and as I have written before, the policeman often forgets they were once the troubled teen, the teacher had once been the student, the priest had been the altar boy.

One of my spiritual guides once told me a story of a student of the seminary who became a priest. And, as the Orthodox custom, we are called to kiss (in reverence as a sign of respect) the hand of the priest (we are kissing the hand of the servant who represents Christ) when we hand him something. The newly ordained priest kissed the hand of the altar boy instead of the other way around. But, that story stayed with me even today, it comes to mind that as priests who serve God we should be willing to kiss the altar boy’s hand. We should be willing to wash the people’s feet, we should be willing to come off the seat of authority and get on the floor and play with the children with their toys.

Jesus, the Master and Creator of the universe, served all of us when He roamed the earth — (and, of course, He still is serving us.) He never once bragged about His power or His accomplishments, He only always praised His Father in heaven. He never shunned anyone, He never turned His back to anyone or turned anyone away — He absolutely loved every one of us. He even knelt down on the floor and washed the disciples' dirty feet! Why then do the people of authority forget this lesson of love and humility? We should not praise our own actions, we should be thankful of the glory of God. Do not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing, in other words do what you do for the glory and thanks of the Lord. When we do something do it in secret our Father in Heaven will reward us openly. However, Satan suddenly plays his tricks and our pride and ego become bigger than the God we serve and soon God’s glory becomes our own.

We are called to be an army of the Lord, He is our commanding officer, and He alone deserves the glory. Nothing we have done or can do comes close to measuring up to the gift of His death and resurrection. If we would take the time to understand the collective mind of the Trinity, we would understand that we have an individual God who makes us all unique in every way — it is written that He even knows how many hairs we have on our heads!

The truth is, our free will gives us the choice to express our love, our faith, our downfalls and sins in whatever way we desire. We can choose to strive to be more Christ like in our lives and our endeavors or choose to follow the vileness of the world,either way we will reap what we sow with the freedom we have been given. God never told us there would never be hardships; He told us that He would be with us to weather the storm. We are never alone and with Jesus we are always with the collective of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit dwells in us, God the Father keeps His ever vigilant watchful eye on us, and Jesus, our advocate against Satan, continues to defend us against Satan’s accusations — all Three protect us, all Three watch us as one.

The world, which is governed by Satan, wants us to be part of his collective. Businesses want us to be drones with no will, churches want us to follow their leaders blindly without question and the desire for money and power blinds us to the fact that we are servants of God. Society desires for us to serve our lusts and selfish interests for the collective of darkness and evil — the hive mind of evil is one that sucks you into it for the sole purpose of destroying you. Satan’s desire is for us all to destroy ourselves by going along with the flow and not stand against the tide of evil’s influence. We are to be submissive to our flesh and ignore our souls.

What are we as Christians called to do when the whole of the world is our enemy? How many people, Christians included, follow blindly down the path of destruction and ruin?

We need to pay heed to the love of God. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, we are unique in every cell of our bodies — we are who God wants us to be — He knew us even before we were in the womb and He sent His Son to save us from the collective of the world by bringing us into the collective of the Trinity by the blood of Jesus at Calvary/Golgotha! How much more could we ask for?

The other fact that we often overlook in the hive mind is that the collective have one singular task on their mind: to serve. What a different world we would have if we served and actually allowed our servant’s heart to shine through. The difference with the collective of the Trinity and the collective of the world is the simple fact of the heart of the one whom the individual serves, but both sides of the equation have the one singular task in mind — Satan to kill — Jesus to save.

The task of Satan is usually to get us all to commit ourselves to not only one task, but to so many tasks that we burn ourselves out, we get overwhelmed and then our pride takes over and then failure comes, followed by depression, then anger, and then lashing out leading us to ruin and sin. The cycle happens over and over again until we are part of the collective of the world relying on our own strength and glory.

Imagine how powerful our faith if we had one singular thought of faith, hope and love? We could be, and if you are a true Christian should be, striving to be Jesus in life with all of mankind. The collective mind of the Trinity is for us to attain the gift that Jesus freely and willing gave us the day He gave Himself up for our salvation. We are called to immortality; we are called to be the elect who can live forever more.

We should boldly go where only One man has gone before.

Jesus was pure of heart and completely faithful to His Father’s will for us. Jesus was the only one who was able to live on this earth and not commit one sin. If we completely submitted our hearts to Christ and His authority over our lives and minds we would have true freedom with a mind of Christ — we could boldly go where Jesus went. The problem is that we allow ourselves to remain in our fallen condition, we allow ourselves to remain in the weakness of our fleshly desires and we hold ourselves back from true happiness by listening to the collective of the world.

But, through grace we canand will overcome the world — for He that is within us is greater than he that is within the world.


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    • shofarcall profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi IK,

      Holy Spirit has us along a similar line today......check out my hub from today concerning our weapon of choice - sword or towel.

      This is a good hub Iron Knight, relating to the servant heart. God Bless.


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