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To My Little Princess

Updated on December 10, 2011

I look in the eyes of my little princess

Sad that in love she will face such nonsense

I’ll teach her to be self-sufficient and educated

And reach for the stars

No Ken doll to stand beside her

Most likely he’s locked behind bars

Devalued and reduced in their youth

Only evaluated by the curves of their caboose

People will blind themselves to hearts of gold lovely and true

Preference is given to gold-diggers, broken, disillusions women and fools

In her eyes I will blind myself to her tears

Listening to her womb rot from wasted years

Too good, too many morals, too honest, and too wise

To accept disrespectful advances to accept “friends with benefits” advances to crawl up her thighs

There she will stand strong and quiet

While silently screaming and crying

Where is my happy ending?

My Godly partner loving and willing

The rules and defying logic to love me honestly and faithfully

Not child abandoners lying ever so blissfully

Tonight I will hold her with love

Knowing her chances will be limited to broke thugs

To avoid settling for anything less than the best

Her chances –statistically – of wearing a wedding dress

Broken spirit from being last to be desired, wedded, loved, or hugged

She will stand overlooked with a dismissive shrug

Its okay my little princess, never lose sight of what’s right

Be a great woman, loving, honest, and true and not a façade

I will teach you to be the spark that lights the world

My beautiful, intelligent, loving, kind-hearted little girl

My a sad future and fate never stop you from trying

May you continue to laugh, hope, and dream without fear before dying

My prayer is for you to have more joy and peach abundantly

To outlive, outsmart, those causing harm and frienemies

Never to lose the stars in your eyes

Laugh with abandonment, wonder and pride

Knowing you will escape these horrible odds

For you have the strength, character, and wisdom within your heart buried in your mother’s eyes

Which spiritually can reveal truth, a person’s soul, and pierce any tough exterior

Or presentation of falseness – there’s none superior

So tonight I will pray for the life my baby will lead

The apple of my eye – my creation from love’s seed


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