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To follow the Master!

Updated on July 20, 2014

Follow the master and finish the game!

Today, in everyone's mind, there is a great battle going on! During the Mahabarath war fought in Kurukshethra (in the present Haryana in India), the Lord sided with the Pandava brothers and he has accepted the humble position to be a charioteer to the great warrior Arjuna! He has told Arjuna that he won't wield any weapon. Arjuna had accepted the condition and he was overwhelmed to have the Lord himself as his charioteer. I talked about the great war that goes on for ever in the minds of people. This is the war between the wicked forces and noble one. The Pandava brothers suffered ignominy at the hands of their wicked cousins Kauravas. They could not claim back their legitimate share of the kingdom. They even asked for five villages. The wicked Duryodhana, the eldest of Kaurava clan has said, "Not even a pin head size of land will be given" The inevitable war broke. Still Krishna tried to broker peace but he was insulted by the wicked people in the court room of Hasthinapura. None dared to advice the scoundrels who had laid their hand on the queen of Pandava brothers. Thus a great war ensued during the Dwapara Yuga when Sri Krishna was present. During the battle, he has blessed Arjuna with the holy song of Bagawat Gita on the duty and righteousness of war. When the war ended finally after eighteen long days, almost all the warriors who fought on the side of Kauravas perished. The 100 brothers of Kaurava clan have been killed.

Now there is a great moral in the epic Mahabarath. "Do not covet others properties". But all over the world today, people surreptitiously covet the properties of others. Hence the good and docile people suffer at the hands of the wicked one. I said that a war is ragging on in the minds of people which is between the good and bad. As in the war of Kurukshethra, our five human values are constantly at fight with 100 wicked ideas. The human values are Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence. The hundred wicked thoughts are the permutations and combination of attachment and hatred. Lust, anger, jealousy and greed is wielding their influence on human mind. Hence, the saints and sages of the land have prescribed certain codes for human life and behaviour. Sadly, due to the harmful influence of Western culture, youth of India has forgotten the grand old traditions of this glorious land and they were meekly copying the harmful western culture in dress, habit and talk. Stark materialism has entered into the mind of such youth. There is no reverence to parents and elders. Veda chanting has declined. Rituals have been given the go by.

The young people are spending most of their time in chatting, listening the horrible music, viewing prohibited sites which induce the baser instinct. There is no restraint anywhere since mobile and internet is freely available everywhere. The very purpose of electronic gadgets have been forgotten. Youngsters are wasting their precious time in such meaningless pursuits. Once Sathya Saibaba has cautioned the students to throw away their mobile phones since it was seen that the students are mostly engaged in frivolous talks wasting their precious time. It is pertinent to note that western devotees are more sincere and focussed on their service activities when compared to that of India. Initially they take time to believe. Once developed their belief, they won't let it go on any account. But the devotees in India are "part time devotees" They conveniently switch between spirituality and materialism. Hence always keep God in the conscious and perform your duties. This way, we won't falter.

Once Saibaba has told the gathering of devotees and students, "Follow the Master, Face the devil; Fight up to the end and Finish the game; He explained it further that the Master is the Self within. Follow the promptings and whisper of the Self. Face the devil means to face the evil and bad thoughts; To fight until the end is not to retract from the fight that goes on in our mind. Ultimately, the good will triumph over the bad. Then we can finish the game.


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